Volume 10, Issue 10, page 21

potentially dangerous, of
course they are. Can you tell
me something effective which is
not potentially dangerous?
"In regard to the last part
of your editorial note, I do
not know of any safe way to
transcend the human condition.
I adduce the high incidence of
physical illness and impairment among spiritual development and self-improvement people. Or among devout Christians, for that matter. Besides
which, the belief that we are
gods (rather than we are of
gods) is an unsane assumption
of the class the old Greeks
called 'hybris' which, you may
recall, was the first phase of
a particularly nasty personal
debacle called 'nemesis'. More
accurately (and s a f ely) I
think, we are the children of
gods, in the religious terminology. Children are not their
parents ; when they are parents,
they are no longer children.
Personally, I can say that any
godlike beings I've ever encountered were so much more
than I am that to compare my
present human self with them
would not only be presumptuous,
it w o u l d be embarrassingly
"I agree about being discreet with psychedelic drugs.
I've got discretion I haven't
even used yet!
"I express blanket disapproval and opposition to paternalistic pressure groups
like the AMA, FDA, and various
other 'A's' -- both legal and
self-appointed -- that coerce
people 'for their own good'.
Freedom of opinion and belief
is the freedom to be wrong.
Freedom of religion is freedom
to be heretical. Freedom of
action is the freedom to take
risks. No state anywhere, at
any time in all history, has
ever denied its people the
freedom to do what they're
told and shut up! No one ever
abridges the freedom to obey
and agree. I t was the denial
of the freedoms to be wrong
and to take risks that dislodged the IFIF from Harvard
University. It seems like quite
a while now that a significant
portion of my efforts have been
devoted to giving aid and comfort, protection and encouragement, to nonconformists, dissidents, and cultural deviants
of one kind or another, as well
as to discriminated minority
"But finally in regard to
the psychedelics, I consider
that my Thing is a lot safer
and more rewarding than Katalso goes faster. As in the
21 stock market, there is room
for both speculation and investment. Which one uses depends on requirements and temperament. Hubbard's Thing is
also a speculation, but I consider it has higher risk and
lower potentials than mine,
and is thus a worse speculation:" -- Fred Hand, 2718 Eagle,
Houston, Texas.
"Let us consider that you
and I are God. This calls for
a creation. What shall it be
made from?
"Why, just manifest your
consciousness into hypnotized
words unlimited. Each word will
be the real material thing.
Now, that wasn't too difficult.
How is it going?
"Oh! Oh! You made a slight
error. You sent out the word
'free will ' and they are getting into trouble with it. You
cannot recall a word, so this
requires strategy. You may send
out a word to convert your
people (I-dentities). But it
will have to be some special
kind. So you create an Only
Begotten Son, your own special
I-controlled I-dentity. He will
have some power (hypnotic) to
"After a time you recall
your special 'I' back into
your consciousness as part of
you. Then everything goes along
for a time before it gets hopelessly out of control and you
withdraw your entire creation
back into your consciousness
and become a static, inert,
God at rest.
"It has been work for a God
to manifest a creation. But
after a period yo u realize
that a God must be active. You
create the great blob of light
and explode it into space, thus
starting a new creation cycle.
"How do you like to be God?"
-- A. B. Pierson, 1439 Mill St.,
Selma, Calif.
e o
"In reference to the letter
by George Lagus: He says 'it
can't be outlawed' because
'yeast will produce alcohol'.
How drool ! That is the very
answer. Strange he can' t see
it. Just ration yeast and you
automatically abolish bootlegging. Taking the yeast from a
bootlegger is like taking the
spark coil from an auto.
"Incidentally, The ABERREE
is to be complimented upon
prophesying as early as last
June the death of President
Kennedy. Too bad you and the
prophet F l o y d Gurley w e r e
jerked upon the carpet by the
F.B.I. At least, they were
T. Henkle, 916 Morningside,
Kansas City, Mo.

after a lot of advertising for
a patient, he finally lands
one: a victim of arthritis and
a crooked spine -- plus a news
reporter to observe and see
that he makes good his boast
that he can heal -- with or
without FDA blessing. "If I
flunk at this (the healing) I
bite the dust hard; if I succeed -- well, I've succeeded before, but it's difficult to get
people to accept, " he says. In
other words, it's like fighting
a swarm of mosquitoes -- you can
kill a lot, but if you let one
get away, it may be the one
pregnant female in the bunch
that can bite you and give you
malaria. If he wins, he plans
to buy a Multigraph outfit,
which, in our opinion, is like
saying, "If I get out of this
bog, I see another one ahead
to get mired down in."
I Ivor Darreg, of Los Angeles -- who likes to chew up the
dictionary and spit it out in
big gobs -- says he has been a
"pogonophore" for six months,
and credits this growing of a
beard for a sudden reversal in
the condition of his health, as
it has been "improving steadily, slightly, and slowly ever
since (he started growing the
beard)." He may have something
there; Castro seems to do right
well, despite the intimidations of the U.& Navy and our
spy factory, the C.I.A. And do
you ken how Santa Claus can go
it at high gear, year after
year, despite obesity that' d
give any ordinary beardless(?)
man a heart attack in half the
seasons? As Darreg points out,
he knew there had to be some
secrets the Beatniks hadn't
been sharing with us! (And we
recall from our younger days
a bearded bum who insisted he
started to grow a beard because women were doing to the
men what Delilah once did to
Samson -- and he wasn't going to
stand for it. Come to think of
it, he was about the strongest
man we ever knew -- in more ways
than one. ) ...