Volume 8, Issue 10, page 14

be presented, and many of us would give up even our beloved Louis
's predictions if there had to be a choice, to be
allowed to discuss and get new insights into the thinking of
others in this field.

" There are sovery many wonderful, stimulating, helpful, and
enjoyable articles appearing all the time in The
ABERREE. It would take up too much more space to tell how much I
prize articles such as Dr. Moore's 'Disease-
the Friendly Garbage-collector', and many others. I want to use
the space to add this about Louis's prediction of the
growth in size and in subscriptions of The ABERREE : I've been
pestering the editor) this reminds me of ministers'
prayers, addressed to God but meant for the duespaying audience)
to up the subscription rate and use the money to
add more Dages. If Alphia were not a printer with his own shop,
with an Alice to share in the work and handle a lot
of the responsibilities with him, and if they didn't spend the
countless hours none of us realizes, on this, their
beloved child, we'd have to pay a lot more for what we get...

't I've been pestering him to ... ask readers to give information
on their major interests by ebecking degree of
interest in Dianetics, religion , and the like, so he could know
what is most and what least preferred ... Personally,
I'm mostly interested in two things: the behind-the-scenes
undermining of our political, cultural, and financial
structure, and metaphysics and psychic phenomena. A writer you
all like has, for instance, had a lot of experience
with psychic attack and has done a remarkable piece of research
in this fleld, but hesitates to submit material to The
ABERREE because no one knows how many would be interested. If
fewer than 100, say, readers exDressed interest
in spiritism, Alphia would be foolish to waste space on such
articles. My point is, how in sam hill can he tell how
many want what""- Narold Kinney, ingteuood, Calif.

(ED. NOTE - Thank you, Harold, for the analysis, even if its
length may choke out some more overt expressions.
As for your "hurting the feelings" of some ABERREE writers,
anyone who exposes their ideas to public gaze must
be prep~red for analysis, if not downright attack. And it's
healthy. If an idea won't stand up under fire, it has "feet
of clay", anyway. In regard to your sug

gestion of a poll, or questionna i re, it's a sad fact t hat less
than 10 percent will respond to such - even when it's
made easy. we tried it, when there was such a hue and cry to
change the name of The ABERREE to something else.
Even those with decided convictions are too often w lling to "let
Mary and George ~o it.

"Since you and the readers of ABERREE are theoretically devoted
to t h e search f o r truth, you might be
interested to hear of a dramatic medical breakthru which occurred
last year.

'It was the control of chronic obesity and overweight. requiring
the very minimum of wi II - power or won 't -
power , since the diet advocated requires you to eat three full
meals a day and never to leave the table hungry.

"It has worked for me and my friends excellently and the author,
Dr. Herman Taller, says 'There have been no
failures.' The book is called 'Calories Don't Count', and this
title promises a welcome relief from all the calorie
lists, wheels, computers, and diets based on so many calories a
day, which can break down vital tissue rather than
hard, long-stored excess fat.

4'The publisher is Simon and Schuster and the price is $3.95. 1
am not interested, needless to say, in selling this
book, but I am interested in making this wonderful 1962 gift of a
number of extra years of I i f e to your readers. " -
- Alf-red R. Pulyan, South rent, Conn. G) 0 0

"I have seen you grow up from a baby (not you), and now your mag.
is in its teens, an exciting and restless age,
always ready to try new ideas , so nersonally I would not like
you to grow up and mature into adulthood, if you
know what I mean. I am not going to criticise your contributors
as you can't please everyone every issue. Tbo I am
pleased that you have been printing some fine articles on
NaturoDathy. It may enlighten a few that it isn't all

"The Scientological flag I understand is still being kept flying
on this side of the pond -mostly new faces, they
tell me. Really the only news and gossip about theold school is
what I read in The ABERREE, so please include
something, sometimes.

"The real reason why I haven 't 'sent' before is, if you remember
my last letter, I was attending college. Well, I


now in my final year, and been too busy to keep pace with my
younger classmates (knocking 40), which is proving
to be a hectic and exciting year. Am I excused for being
late?"--John Sugarman, London, gng.

0 0 (D

"In the January 1962 issue of The ABERREEP I was really and truly
pleased to discover that a letter you
published for me some months ago had attracted the attention of
little girl Dorothy Springfield. All boys - regardless
of age - are pleased when they are able to attract the attention
of some girl. And I am no exception ...

"Any mind that is mature enough to concentrate on something more
important than digging holes in the back
yard would immediately be aware that when I wrote about God
making a New Heaven and a new earth, what I wrote
should not be interpreted literally.

"The New Heaven will come into vision when we see God as God
really is-and discover that man was truly
created 'like God.

"The new earth will be our present abode when injustice is
dethroned and justice reigns.

"We will then have the reign of the Prince of Peace.

"This dethroning will be accomplished by the all-out 'hot war'
that is now in progress.

"Concerning this establishing of the reign of the Prince of
Peace, Isaiah said: 'Every battle of the warrior is with
confused noise and garments rolled in blood; but this will be
with burning and fuel of fire.'

"'Our God is a consuming fire.'

"Do you 'dig' this Dorothy?
--Raymond Reid Trenton, N.J.
(D 10 (D

"The Old Time Religion is good enough for me, good enough for me.
This is an act of loyalty. Even if this
religion be loved, we do well to make the best better. We could
reconsider many things we are told. The Bible is
completely true , there is no erro r in it. And also implying
this Bible is the Only Communication of God to
people. Man can write and have printed many books with his ideas
in it. But God, the Creator, is permitted only one
book, according to the religious concepts of many DeoDle.

"Many people areaware somewhat that there are other Bibles
besides theirs. We are told these other Bibles have
some good in them but they are not of God. We have acquired a
belief that our neighbors are

MARCH, 1962