Did 'Demon Circuit' Damn Dianetics?

Did 'Demon Circuit' Damn Dianetics?

"Book 1" Warning and Scientology

IF NOTHING else demonstrated Hubbard's genius that part of the "First Book" would, wherein he delineates the factors that made Scientology the inevitable end result of Dianetics. This was probably the most completely misunderstood element in the Dianetic theory. Although Hubbard repeatedly emphasized the secret ally computation, and the demon circuit that "protected" it, and warned that the pre-clear would do anything to avoid giving up the clue to the ally, i.e.: the "secret phrase", the point was missed.

Also missing it was Ron Hubbard himself, who should have recognized the working of the demon that drove him to denounce his own data in the First Book and led him from his original goals into a thousand bypaths.

Yet he had pointed out repeatedly that a pre-clear will "do anything" to avoid running out an ally computation (even to the extent of "inventing" new sciences to keep from destroying the demons) or, if lacking inventiveness, will join cults of all kinds provided they reject the auditing that threatened the demon, or the ally, and also provide some patty-caking technique to rationalize the evasion.

Thus we have the half dozen or so "cults" that have caught up the once daring explorers of Dianetics.

Time and time again, in Book One, Hubbard warned against being misled into these deadends; he even warned against the major side track of all -- his own "Scientology creed" -- by stating clearly and in detail that one of the workings of a demon circuit is the illusion that the pre-clear is outside his body looking on. (See Pages 256, 276, and 320 in "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health"). At this point, Hubbard said, you have to take stock of the situation, recognize that a heavy fear charge is at hand, and realize that before a pre-clear can run this fear, the circuit protecting the ally must be broken.

(Author's NOTE -- This is based on Agnes Allen's Law, that "Almost anything is easier to get into than to get out of.")

To protect the ally, Hubbard said, a preclear will do anything -- and one thing readily done was to give up the somatic in restimulation, thus "pretending" achievement, and six months later turning up with a substitute for which Dianetics was then blamed as the preclear joined up with whatever cult suited his fancy.

Even lifelong migraine headaches will be discarded in a minute by a pre-clear brought close to the ally computation that caused the migraine, and the most bitter denunciations of Dianetics and Hubbard have been made by those persons who had to give up a pet sympathy exciter, like this, rather than run out the ally computation upon which it was locked -- justifying this a few months later by blaming all their troubles on you-know-who.

Even Ron Hubbard did this sort of thing -- though not being prone to self blame, he seemed to prefer blaming his Dianetic cohorts.

Today, the auditor who knows his background on allies and demon circuits can take modern "Scientology" straight wire and really get results cleaning up the messes made by childhood allies in everyone's life.

What is known as Waterloo Station has been used by some book auditors for years with great success and "differentiation" was one of the salient points missed, though clearly stated, in ol' Book One.

It's heartening to realize that the genius for discovery overrode the shying wild horse in Hubbard's makeup that fled in panic from the spooky images of the demon circuit and the ally computation, and that after four years of sashaying all over creation, we are now right back where we started ng straight wire and lock scanning techniquues of exquisite simplicity that are aimed directly at breaking up and clearing out the circuitry and the allies by which Dianetics became hoist on its own petard in the closing days of 1950.

The essence of exteriorization is that when a demon is at work there is no responsibility for the pre-clear's make-up. Groups driven by demons will give themselves over to exteriorization and make the auditor fully responsible. This is patty-caking in its ultimate form -- giving your control to a figurehead; taking all directions from an elected source of wisdom. "Doing as you are told" is one of the main demons, whether the director is Ron Hubbard, Ron Howes, Jim Welgos, Major Fleet, Father Divine, or "Uncle Goston".

Running these "no responsibility" cases is a waste of time for all auditors except those who (as Jim Schmitz pointed out in GALAXY Magazine and for which I wish to thank him) take delight and profit from providing illusions for people hungry for them.

On the other hand, those rare individuals who take responsibility for exteriorization can be run profitably by Route One techniques, but it's a wild and wooly affair and not one person in 500 had guts enough five years ago to plow into the demon circuits and chew up the ally computations so clearly outlined in Book One...Hubbard included.

This lack of courage and determination by both auditors and pre-clears produced a spate of 25- to 50-hour "miracle" cures that didn't last. A migraine case could skirt the terror on an ally connected with the syndrome, promptly drop the migraine in preference to giving up the ally, and come back a few months later with the migraine back, or a substitute for it well developed in the form of ulcers, arthritis, or membership in a screwball cult.

Why? Very simple. Because leaving the demon hooked up, and the ally kept secret, the emotional need to be sick is still in power, and as long as the emotional need is there the physical manifestation will follow in one guise or another -- wherever the pre-clear goes, be it in Scientology, Humanics, Human Engineering, Lifting - Yourself-by-Your-own-B o o t- Straps, Flapping your Ears, or Being a Theta Clear, and you cannot run a demon or an ally out without unloading the emotional charge in the first place, thus eliminating that basic need to be sick, or crazy.

However, after a four-year side track, we are back hammering at the citadel wherein the ally hides, and the good old lock scanning, straight wire techniques of Dianetics (now called Scientology for some strange reason) are aimed with telling force at the web of circuitry and its mantle of fear and terror, that spooked so many off before.

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