Volume 9, Issue 3, page 17

tensive treatment they have
received is the 'warmed-over
Hubbard version', starting with
the Walshes' Totology and continuing thru Schroeppel's Advanced Perception and Wefherill's Humanetics, it is only
fair to present some straight
Hubbard. (1)
"We've had endless variations on the Hubbardian theme
from Mathison, Coulter, and
various and sundry experts
with as many results -- some
excellent insights, many corruptiors of term and definition
which becloud understanding,
the what we're doing at Beachhead in the Sky Retreat, that
is, proclaiming our astounding
new discovery -- the inviolate
truth which in this case is
some fragment to be found in
Book One and so forth, all the
while castigating or praising
the fellow who started the
ball bouncing.
"Among your readers there
are probably those who've never read the 'bard's stuff and
are wondering what the hell
Scientology is (2)
"How about the straight
scoop? How about an historical
survey of the ideas, literature, and history of the subject? There are a number of
your contributors who've known
the subject intimately since
its beginning and are capable
of doing this, and in particular, Alphia Hart. (3)
"By the way, whatever happened to the Zero fellow --
Friedman?(4) His material was
some of the best ever to appear in the mag." -- Carl Harr,
Portland, Ore.
(ED. NOTE -- (1) -- Since Hubbard himself admits that his
"new" stuff corrects some errors in his earlier data, what
"era" of "straight Hubbard" can
one publish without including
some of this material which it
has been "discovered" doesn't
work -- or is dangerous? (2) Half
or more of The ABERREE's readers heard of Scientology and
Hubbard for the first time in
The ABERREE. (3) A little more
than a year ago, we published
"A Book Auditor Looks Back,"
which gave some early history
of Dianetics, and have other
articles promised by !della
Stone and Jim Pinkham, if and
when they get around to writing them. As for the "expert"
you named, he'd prefer not to
write on a subject with which
he has not kept up -- since you
and he were in class together.
(4) The "Zero fellow" you menJUNE, 1962
tion has lost himself behind a like intelligent responsible
photo copying machine and a people. What a change from Sudozen aliases. However, maybe
he'll some day complete some del~hia, Penn bud !" -- John.A. Jehle, Phila of the assignments for which e 0 0

he asked-and for which we are "After reading The ABERREE
still waiting. Getting back to since its inception, and other
t he subject ofScientology, opinions and instruction in
how about YOU trying your hand various and sundry libraries
at some "pure Scientology" - bei over the country betimes, this
ng careful not to violate
any of the many copyrights and is a picture of man (including
protective devices to keep the myself) as I see him at this
material out of the hands of moment:

non-paying readers, of course.) As in some dim baronial hall
0 0 restrained,

"I have not figured what A prisoner sits, engirt by
your magazine is all about but secret doors
I find it interesting, informa- LAnd waving tapestries that ar tive, and certainly not with- gue forth
out audacity. Strange passages into the outer

(ED. NOTE -- Well, we try to air.

be interesting, informative in this dim, strange room

and audacious. Does that help?) which we call life,
"I especially enjoy your There sits the soul and marks
Prognostications. May we have with eye intent
bigger and better ones!
"Since That mystic curtain o'er the
you are compiling portal, death;
the June issue and Kennedy Still deeming that behind the
plans to go to Mexico in June, mist there lies
"Kennedy et Ke make a prediction: The lambent way that leads to

will be killed by lasting light.
an enemy as sure as fate, and Poor fooled and foolish soul!
I very strongly suspect it will Know now that Death
happen in June. Certainly he
will never leave the office of Is but a blind, false door that
nowhere leads,

"I alive! And gives no hope of exit final,

I stuck my neck out on free." -- S.F.Buckner, Oklathis prophecy and you may print homa City, Okla.
it if you like in your June (ED. NOTE -- Sounds as if
issue.' -- Floyd M. Gurley, Col- you've been reading more "varony, Kas. o o o sous and sundry libraries" than
"I agree 100% with Louis. you have ABERREE -- or , at least,
taking them more seriously.)
After a membership of two 0 0 0

years, I have resigned from "Is Hitler alive? Psychics
Subud. I have seen and heard get the message that he is. In
things in the latihans which 'Psychic' by Peter Hurkos, he
can best be described as 'pos- says that when on a case in
session by demonical forces'. Spain,he mentioned that Hitler
This is an archaic term, but was alive in South America. At
maybe those old-timers weren't once two ex-SS Germans told
too stupid. It's not my posi- him if he repeated that, they
tion to give advice to anyone, would kill him and they shadbut I relax my rule this once, owed him till he left Spain.
To Subud members: Use your This if true would prove con head, because it's your neck. elusively t h a t Hitler w a s
"To close on a brighter alive, otherwise they would
note. There is a group called have ignored the remark.
Humanetics, mailing address, "FATE reports on the psychWynnewood, Penn. They promul- is finding of a Mrs. Savage,
gate their ideas by mail, no now 83 and bedridden in Lakedues, no initiation, no mem- land, Fla. In 1954 she stated
bership fee as such. They are that Hitler and Eva Braun and
supported by voluntary contri- Boreman were alive in S.A. Now
bution, no one is making a fast FATE carries another report --
buck. Their ideas are clearly this time of a man who has
presented, logical, and easily prophetic dreams, which are
understood, even by children, fulfilled with startling reguNo spooks, no phony metaphys- larity. His latest is hearing
ics, no oriental hanky-panky. a voice in his sleep that reI know no one in the organiza- peats endlessly, 'Hitler is in
tion personally, but they seem Uruguay'.