Volume 9, Issue 3, page 13


I HRUOUT the ages of civilization, the collective animal mind has gradually come
under control, at least so that one's person, one's property is kept reasonably
secure thru the force of public opinion
and the police. Yet the daily press carries stories of criminal assault, rape, corporations forming "trusts" to line their own
pockets at the expense of the public. There are
reformers and fanatics who insist that they
alone have solved all of the problems of the
world, or of the soul. There are advertisements
of reducing pills, etc., for those whose uncontrolled eating habits have brought on obesity -- to say nothing of the drunkards or other
uncontrolled animal desires that have brought
them into courts, and hence into the headlines.

Man as a species has not made much progress
toward godhood, but there are individuals who
have achieved high development, and a vast
number whose minds are slowly awakening.

The time has come when man must awaken to
the knowledge of himself, and realize that he
must advance in the short period left of the
current cycle. For with the cycle comes the
end of time on earth.

When the first souls came onto the earth,
their consciousness was increased by knowledge
of the earth, and as they advanced and became
aware that they were souls, their spiritual
consciousness began to awaken. Ere many eons
had passed, man realized that there were two
voices which took opposite views of whatever
action he was about to take. These voices are
yet heard by man, and he has been taught to
call them the Voice of Conscience and the Voice
of the Tempter. They are the voice of his animal mind, reasoning to gain its desires, and
the voice of his soul, which knows right from

As with every center in the universe, there
is a positive and a negative aspect to both
animal and soul mind. The positive of the soul
mind is will power, that of the animal mind is
desire, the negative of both minds is intellect. But the intellects are vastly different.
The animal intellect can be taught, but it
cannot originate in any way. There is, no limit
to the intellectual power of the soul mind, for
it can develop to godhood.

In the soul mind of man are all things of
the spirit: knowledge of right and wrong, aspiration, inspiration, and perception.

The advanced soul is to be recognized in
many ways, for his development manifests in his
love for his fellowman, his love of all beauty,
the way he lives and his kindness and courtesy
to all with whom he comes into contact. He has
conquered his animal mind, and is no longer
striving after the luxuries and sensuous pleasures of the world, but spends his leisure hours
in quiet pursuit of knowledge. His individuality is pronounced. He does not seek to keep up
with his neighbors and is content to live
within his means. His home isfilled with books,
his pictures are beautiful and thought-provoking. He listens to fine music and spends
long hours in self-study and meditation.

The unconquered animal mind manifests in
That which is is sufficient unto God, and
that which has been or will be is also sufficient unto God.

God does not impose Man's state, but God
grants unto Man the creations of his usages.

God is that which is that was that will be.
God is, and for God, beingness is enough.

The now of beingness grows from the then of
beingness and brings forth the will be of beingness.

All men are of equal worth to God; only Man
imposes the degree of his worthiness.

By his fear of God, Man makes God fearful;
by his fear of Man, he makes Man fearful.

Man's joy is the joy of God, but only Man
creates Man's joyousness.

In the now of his beingness, Man creates
the now of the beingness of God and the now of
Man's beingness is created by the now of the
beingness of God.

The patience of God is infinite; the bounty
of God is unending; the love of God knows no
measure save as it is measured, and the hatred
is as much as the hating. The glory of God is
in the degree of the glorification of God, and
the debasement of God is to the depth of the
pursuit of luxury, selfish striving to keep up
with and surpass his neighbors, and in rousing
their envy of his possessions. He is usually
overweight, reads nothing but the sports pages
and comics in the newspapers. His pleasures
are gambling and drinking, attending sexy
shoss and movies. He values his "social position" and strives to imitate those whom he
considers his betters because of their financial
position. He often crowds out his soul, for he
gives full freedom to his animal mind, as long
as he feels sure of not being found out.

So much for the outward manifestations of
the two minds.

Almost nothing is known about the mind of
man, for his earth consciousness is limited to
his individual development. The animal mind
controls the functions of the body, but when
this has been conquered the man begins to have
conscious control over his body. The will power
that has subjugated its animal mind grows ever
stronger as it is used.

The conventional terms for describing the
mind are conscious and subconscious. The subconscious is the storehouse of all memories of
thought and action, not only of the current
life but of the soul thru all its incarnations.
It never rests, and gives warning of danger on
all levels of consciousness. The conscious mind
is ever increasing in its scope, and the highly-developed mind begins to function above the
earth plane, altho man is seldom aware of its
activities while he remains in earth life. It
is this activity of the soul mind that is
called sunerconscious. The advancing soul becomes aware of things of the spirit plane in
visions, dreams, and in contact with other
minds thru telepathy. When a soul reaches this
development, and seeks contact wit' the Planes
in his quest for knowledge, he easily contacts
spirits of the very high Planes, whose task it
is to guide and advise souls who have made
themselves worthy of guidance and help.

JUNE, 1962 The ABERREE 13