Volume 9, Issue 3, page 18

"Evident isn't it that some
are trying hard to get the
message to us.
"If you know of any other
messages re Hitler being alive,
I'd like to have them." -- Mrs.
H.M.Grahan, Ruidoso, N.Mex.
(ED. NOTE -- We have a story
in our files on the death of
Hitler -- which is really weird.
But it's so long, we've never
yet found space for it.)
"Yes, The ABERREE letters
are interesting, but it is the
Editor of ABERREE who is due
the credit. He has the ability
to select and publish the material that attracts the better-brained readers, and that
published material produces
the reaction in those readers
which brings forth those letters.
"Do you know why we have no
Science of Life, no Science of
Living, no Science of Health,
no Science of Longevity? These
make money for no one. Even the
workers in these fields would
go broke if their economic support depended upon the dumb
masses who want health and
long life but are unwilling to
pay the price. That price is
to live in harmony with the
various provisions of the Law
of Creation.
"On the other hand, think of
the rich field that sickness
produces. The profits produced
by sickness are so great that
they support an army of workers and thousands of imposing
institutions, all of which
would vanish in bankruptcy if
a world of health should rise.
"I've toiled in the field of
health for 50 years, but always carried a sideline for a
living, and that sideline was
real estate. I did not depend
on sickness and health for a
living, and that was the reason why I proclaimed the facts,
caring nothing about where or
how the chips fell. And while
I've been flooded with letters
of praise for my conscientious
labor, the old barrel I provided in which to deposit the
cash donations still remains
empty, while the medical drives
for dollars drag in millions
of dollars annually." -- George
R. Clements, Sebring, Fla.
(ED. NOTE -- The following is
taken from a personal letter,
but is being reprinted because
it points out the dangers any
of us could face in the hands
of non-understanding medical
practitioners. Had the writer
been less overt in her refusal
to submit to what hermind told
her was inept diagnosis, she
might have become another link
in the long chain of artificial
zombies which psychiatry and
its 'trained seals' are forging. Fortunately, there are
intelligent healers who can
correct accidents to the human
body without destroying it.)
"The stuff (letters\ really
stacked up during my two weeks
in the hospital, and two weeks
a-bed at home. I went in for a
thoro check-up to learn why
t h e s e screaming headaches.
Asked for examination of head
and spine, including x-rays of
same. 'Their' x-rays showed
nothing wrong. 'They' stuffed
me full of sleeping pills, capsules, and hypos. No medication whatsoever, not even an
aspirin, and aspirins did at
least keep the actual pain
down at home, even tho the ache
remained. It's all in your
mind, 'they' said. Brainwave
test showed excessive tension,
which was natural when the neck
wouldn't even support the
weight of my head. Still, it
was all in my mind, 'they' insisted. I couldn't stand
straight without placing my
fingers on the lower neck bones
just above the shoulders. Nothing there, 'they' said. Spinal
tap that almost ruptured my
back for life showed clear and
cool. 'Nothing there.'
"Friday morning from 1 a.m.
until 8 a. m., which was 13
days after admittance, I fought
with all the wits God gave me
and then some. 'They' wanted to
put me behind lock-and-key for
shock treatments because I
blew up. Quietly tho, because
I didn't raise my voice during
the whole argument.
"I had the head nurse, the
head supervisor, and the whole
5th floor staff standing on
their ears. I wanted relief
from my headache and I meant to
have it one way or the other.
The head supervisor was the
only one who half-way listened
to me. Finally told the nurses
to put the hypo up, and NOT to
commit me until the doctor had
arrived; saidI was talking with
too much intelligence according
to my charts. She gave me a little gray six-hour knockout that
lasted me for all of one hour
and 15 minutes. Back in the
hall I go, raising some more
hell. Orders had been left by
the doctor to have me 'shocked'
at 5 a.m. I talked them out of
it even tho my consciousness
had receded to a tiny light
'way back in my skull a million
miles or more. At 8 a.m., I
pulled a sneaky trick and
called my husband's boss. Orders had been left that I was
not to use the phone, so I had
to catch the second shift off
guard -- while they were coming
on and the first shift was going off.
"Nursie snatched the phone
out of my hand just a second
too late. I already had said:
'Get Ernie and tell him not to
stop until he gets to my bedside'. Fifteen minutes later,
Ernie was checking me out.
Like he said -- I might be crazy,
but I wasn't insane. Shock for
"My personal doctor had
turned me over to the psychiatrist, who gave me such a hard
time. I told HIM I was fine
but HE needed a damn' good
"Went to a chiropractor who
took another batch of x-rays
and learned that my spine was
twisted and the skull was out
of place due to a blow on the
head last year while staking
my garden. I was chopping
stakes when one flew up and
hit me in the forehead, knocking me cold for a couple of
hours. It wasn't the blow on
the forehead that did the damage, but whiplash effect that
threw my head backward. It
twisted the spine and slipped
the skull down to where it was
pinching the main motor nerve
leading into the brain. He is
untwisting me now. But the
first treatment released the
nerve and stopped the pain immediately. Now, even the aching is gone except for short
periods when I get overly
tired. And 'they' wanted to
give me shock treatment at 5
a.m. on Friday after giving me
spinal at 8 p.m. on the Monday
before -- with my spine in THAT
condition. I guess you know
where that puts psychiatrists
in my books." -- Louxina Julaine,
Tampa, Fla.
"I like Louis. The editor
is O.K., when he is asleep,
but he doesn't sleep enough."
-- Mrs. M.L.Riggs, George West,
(ED. NOTE -- We agree.)
JUNE, 1962