Volume 9, Issue 3, page 7

Many "Illuminations" Called Delusions
True Mystical Ecstasy Can Be Helpful But
This Manifestation Often Is Merely Hysteria
NE OF the things that makes the path
of self-realization so attractive
is that the student is trained to
look forward to the day when he can
experience an ecstasy which, in itself, is proof of his mystical experience. It is not generally known
that the manifestation of ecstasy
is often confused with a state of
hysteria. To be sure, many people
feel "exalted" while in deep contemplation, but it is a short experience. It
does not make them better in a practical
sense. It may afford them a bit of relief
from the turmoil of the day but it does
not answer the problems which face them.

True mystical ecstasy can be helpful in
that it is an indication that one has broken
from conditioned patterns, but it should be
regarded only asa step in the right direction.
Joyous ecstasy should be balanced with calmness, then it becomes bliss. Bliss is deeper
and more satisfying.

Just because a person has the experience of
joy and sees a degree of light does not indicate that their experience is a superconscious
one. The test is this: A superconscious experience will bring with it a feeling of power
(lasting power) and will reflect in a practical
way to make one a better person in this world.
It will dispel ignorance and bring a sense of
peace. It will open new areas of consciousness.
A subconscious experience will leave one feeling "left out" and confused. It will not give
power. It tends to weaken the body and mind.

There are many cases of men and women who
exhibit what appear to be instances of mystical experience. Yet, they maintain some obvious
delusions and actually display a certain fanaticism in a religious sense. They insist upon a rigid and meaningless code of conduct for
their students (and quite often for themselves
as well), they display ignorance of natural
truths. Many have had pronounced psychological
quirks in relationship to money or sex. Others
have made a display of their self-denial and
ability to endure pain. Still others have displayed obvious dramatizations of spiritual
ideals as is indicated in those who have the
stigmata and regular sessions of re-enacting
the passion of Jesus. These manifestations are
outright examples of the subconscious attempt
to duplicate what is believed took place at
another point in time and space. While it may
be true that the individual in question is
sincere in a conscious way in their attempt to
identify with what they believe tobe an exalting experience, it is really an indication that
they cannot face reality but desire instead to
lose themselves ina picture of what they think
another person's sense of reality was.

It is helpful, of course, to contemplate
It is helpful, of course, to contemplate
the life of a person who lives flawlessly because it gives us a point of contact. The problem is to use the point of contact as an aid
to arriving at the experience of illumination.
Instead of this, many students lose themselves
in the personality or life pattern of the
ideal. They reinforce the pattern of the person they idealize but they suppress their own
creative ability. While it may give one a feeling of security to identify with a stronger
personality, it is a temporary thing. I t is
really an escape from reality rather than a
conscious experience of it.

The most a clear mystical experience can do
is, clear the perceptions, clear the mental
operation, clear the distortions, so that the
individual can operate free and easy in this
world. When the mind is cleared of delusion,
it can function better. When a person comes to
an understanding of what life is all about he
can adjust himself to this world.

A true mystic is one who is concerned with
seeing life clearly. He is balanced and sensible. Since he sees from the vantage point above
delusion and ignorance, he can move as a liberated being. He is able to direct his attention at will. He is able to accomplish his
purpose with a minimum of waste motion. He
enjoys good health. He is able to demonstrate
according to his level of understanding. If he
cannot demonstrate, it is obvious that he does
not have the understanding.

Should a person use the abilities that come
with increased awareness? Of course, provided
the motive is right. If you are not to use the
ability you have, why have it, Everything we
do is as a result of the One Power working
thru us. Every person is constantly trying to
extend his effectiveness in one way or another.

Man's ability as we know it is the soul
power held in check by conditioning and concept. To the degree that we experience a release from conditioning and concept do we operate freely. In the ideal state, we would have
full realization of our relationship with Life.
For a person to operate on a cosmic level is
just as right as to operate on a limited level.
It is a matter of motive and method of operation. If you try to use people and control them
for your own ends in this world, because you
believe in control and force, you will one day
experience that which you cause others to experience, providing you do not come to a realization of a higher and better way to operate.
You experience what you cause others to experience, not because of the law of karma but because your belief is the door thru which experience enters your life. What you believe
possible for others can be true for you.

This is true when you operate on a small
scale and it is just as true when you operate
on a grand scale. Your belief is the door thru
which experience enters your life pattern. When
you operate on a small scale you do not notice
the difference between success and misfortune,
JUNE, 1962 The ABERREE 7