Volume 9, Issue 3, page 15

DEAR LOUIS -- You mentioned
in your column one time that
"We do not have to like people,
but WE MUST love them". Its
still puzzled. Would you explain this? -- Y.G.U., Atlanta,

DEAR FRIEND -- You're stuck
on the word love -- so, let's go
into the basic structure again.

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DEAR LOUIS -- I'm sure I have
known you in a past incarnation. What do you receive on
this? -- J.Y.S., Greenwich, Conn.

DEAR J.V.S. -- I'm sure I've
come into contact with a few
thousand people in this and
other incarnations. However, I
seldom recall the relationship
-- or the situation, if I do.
So, let's just say hello again.
DEAR LOUIS -- I have read a
great deal of Roy Eugene Davas's books. What is your opinion of him and his writings? --
R. E., Washington, D. C.

DEAR FRIEND -- Roy Eugene Davis, in my opinion -- and this
is both on the subjective and
objective levels -- is a wonderful light in this time -- and ,
he will continue to be. He can
open many doors for the sincere
student. There are very few
metaphysical writers at the
present time (that is my opinion), but Mr. Davis is an exception. He writes in a clear,
concise manner.
DEAR LOUIS -- I have been
reading some books on magic --
incantations, etc. Do such
things as this exist or is this
mystic mythology? -- J.B., Boston, Mass.

DEAR J. B. -- There are two
aspects or levels of magic --
the white and the black -- and
they are applied both on the
spiritual and material level.
Yes, such does exist; however,
mythology is the language of

JUNE, 1962
tate on this and give us some
light on same? U.S. (PWe read
and re-read your column and
want you to know that we are
blessed by your work.) -- MM.,
Hamilton, Ohio.

DEAR M. M. -- I am blessed
with the wonderful people I
work with -- for, as you know,
the most beautiful music in the
world is nothing without a
person to hear it. So, let's
say we are all thrice-blessed.
Now to your question, which is
very profound in its implication. Let us first look upon
the two basic factors here; the
pearl is the mystic symbol of
perfection -- or, God the Father .
The swine represents man in
one of the lower animal states.

Cast our pearls indicates that
we are lowering our cosmic
pattern -- and, in so doing, we
are running into all sorts of
trouble. This is not a complete
answer, but I promise I'll do
an article on it one day soon,
for, I think that I could
write a book on this. The whole
can be summed up by saying --
Live and let live. You live on
your level, and if you want to
expand, expand up, not down.
This whole comes under the
cosmic law of non-interference .
opinions -- if he feels it necessary. Being an ABERREE reader, he should feel quite comfortable changing his mind
from chapter to chapter, or
even from page to page.

Dr. Fodor has written each
incident as it impressed him
at the actual time of occurrence, with the result that he
TAE HAUNTED MIND, by Nandor arrives at differing conclusPodor. 314 pp $5.00. Garrett ions, depending on whether it
Pubs., New York, N. Y. happened during early investiIf you don't mind being gation, or after the passing
batted back and forth from one of years and the growth of his
viewpoint to another, like one knowledge. His explanation is
of the pieces on a carom board, that he was trying to keep the
you'll probably enjoy "The "spirit of adventure" alive.

Haunted Mind ", by Dr. Nandor In the summary, he points
Fodor. At least, it has the out that biology will have to
virtue of stimulating the read- revise some of its concepts
er's own thoughts, either in and admit of a force in the
support of, or refutation of, human body that can move obthe theories put forth by the jects at a distance without
author. muscular contact; philosophy
Dr. Fodor is a practicing must face the problem of outpsychoanalyst, who always has of-the-body experiences and
been interested in psychic phe- ghostly phenomena; physics
nomena and was, at one time, will suffer an impact by finddirector of research for the ing that physical laws are not
International Institute for immutable, but may be subserPsychical Research in London. vient to psychic laws; psyHis studies and experiences in chology will have to come to
two such widely divergent grips with unexpected powers of
fields lead him to attempt ex- the unconscious, and the probplanations of all phenomena lems of theology will be even
from the spiritualist's view- graver.
point, as well as the psycho- Anyone interested in disanalyst's. This is why the covering some new ideas about
reader has to apply his own the supernatural should find
common sense and reason in or- "The Haunted Mind" a real adder to come to any definite venture. -- Senga.

There are material laws and
there are spiritual laws; thus,
we are the higher and lower
kingdom of Tarot -- the "as
above so below" in the Bible --
and the heaven and hell of the
shouting evangelist. But let 's
call them two points of reference -- one with density and one
without -- the invisible (Are
you still with me?). Now, love
as a general factor of the
density level denotes an emotion that is expressed in active or passive degrees. This
is the love of things -- bodies ,
actions; this is the love that
you can express with the solid
form. On the other side of the
fence we have the invisible
aspect, and this is the power
behind the throne; this is the
source, this is the ALL -- call
it what you may. So, if you
seek the light, or growth --
cosmic consciousness -- then, we
must love the God within, the
God without. Thus you love
your fellow man, and, again,
you do not have to like him.
Remember the biblical passage ,
Love thy God above all else.
DEAR LOUIS -- We read in the
Bible of "Casting our pearls
before swine"; would you mediV