Volume 9, Issue 3, page 11

Au' You, 7o
Can Do git
LESSON 3 -- (Continued)
N LEARNING to control yourself, you
also should be able to control someone
else when he doesn't own something.
Many a headache has been removed from
somebody simply because someone else
is able to control him in this manner
and handle the headache as he handles
the flows. If you can feel the flows
in yourself, try being someone else
and try to pick up the flows in him.

If you can handle energy flows well, you
can probably knock out a headache in someone else, if he isn't using it to control
you in present time.

No matter what you pick up in someone, don't
criticize it, don't imply that it's wrong or
that he should know better or do better than
that. Just simply look at it. It exists. If
you can change it handily, go ahead and change
it. If you can't, don't work at it. You may be
tempted to test your ability on someone else's
headache. If you can cure it right now without
working hard, do so. But if it sticks, don't
fool with it. Let him have his headache, because when it sticks, when it hangs on, he is
using it for some purpose against his environment, whether he admits it to you or even to
himself. Don't try to take that sort of thing
away from him. Let him go take aspirin -- it's
easier. But if someone comes to you with a
headache out of his control and really wants to
get rid of it, all right. If you can run flows,
you can probably flow that out. If somebody
comes along who is full of grief, see if you
can make yourself him and change that grief to
something better. If you run into someone who's
full of distrust, see if you can put yourself
in his shoes and change that distrust to trust.
Again, don't work too hard at it. These are
not drills, they are just little games to play
around with -- especially throwing energy at
people and seeing what happens. Throw emotion
at them and see who stops it and who soaks in
it. See who it goes thru, see who doesn't notice it. And take a good look at people; see
what their share of emotion is and how it feels.

If you can glow with a good emotion, if you
can radiate energy or radiate a glow, see if
you can set somebody down in front of you and
exchange glow with him. Sit there and push energy and glow at him and have him glow back at
you -- see if you can cycle the stuff between
the two of you, one to the other and then back
again. But when you do this, pick for your
partner someone who is in good shape.

Here's another game: When you're playing
around, play with spin and vibration. Try vibration, starting low and speeding it up, raising it all thru your body, pushing it up, up,
and up, speeding it up. Play around with spin
all thru your body, big spins and little spins.
Get a high-speed spin that covers your whole
body, starting from the feet and going up, and
JUNE, 1962
WARNING -- These lessons In "Advanced Perception" are not to be treated lightly - or delved
in by the curious for idle or questionable
goals. As the Author cautions, they're dangerous -- and it Is suggested two persons with similar intent work as a team. One of the risks involved, Mr. Schroeppel warns, Is that some who
successfully develop their advanced perception
"are going to see some things they'd rather not
see". And don't mix with any other technique,
or you may find yourself working at cross-purposes. Which Is no place to find yourself, or
for anyone else to find you -- especially an incompetent psychologist or psychiatrist. They
may get the Idea you're as crazy as they are.
then look to see if there is a higher-speed
spin on top of it, going the other way much

Always keep in mind that you're to play with
these games, not work at them, especially the
new ones in this lesson. If you don't get much
result, don't be disappointed. The stuff that
works best in this training is the stuff you
get easily. Don't get yourself on the wrong
side of a lot of failure.

As the ability goes up, so will the responsibility. As your ability to handle problems
goes up, you'll get bigger problems. Just make
sure you don't bite off problems bigger than
you are. Generally, the problems should not be
yours; they should be problems that other people bring to you for help and solution. Your
own problems should come under better and better control; you should see to it that your
world belongs to you and you control it; that
your problems don't get out of hand. But the
responsibility, the level of action, should go
up. You will not acquire the full abilities
and keep them stable without being required to
use them, to function with them. Do not expect
to gain the abilities of full perception without having to put them into action.

This lesson covers the control centers,
chakras, or sephiroth -- three names used in
three different systems for the same thing. The
term, "control center", is used in Scientology; "chakra" is the Yoga term; and the Jewish
Qabalah used the word " sephirah " (singularl. I
am going to use the term " chakra " or "control

The three systems do not use the same ones,
and those mentioned or shown in the literature
are only the major ones. You can get additional
information from Yoga and Theosophy writings ;
there are some diagrams, colored pictures of
the chakras, in Yoga textbooks and in some
books written by Ledbetter. But there are thousands and thousands of minor chakras or control
centers within the area of the physical body.
I say "within the area or % because the major
control center is sensed as being located above
the head, not within the physical limits of
the body at all.

These control centers or chakras can be
sensed or felt rather than seen. They are sym