Volume 9, Issue 3, page 9

Ruthless `Humanitarian Age' Foreseen
Astrologer Says Gemini, Not Aquarius, Will
Rule Era -- with Mass Slaying of "Idealists"
SING a serious student of the observed effects on human life and
conduct of the forces emanating
from the planets to the matter of
which this earth and ourselves are
composed, it is a constant source
of aggravation and a repeated reminder of the gullibility of my
fellow human beings to see repeatedly in print that we are in the
Piscean Age and entering the Aquarian
Age of Brotherhood.

I hereby attempt to expose one of the frauds
perpetrated by contemporary astrology, namely,
the forthcoming "Aquarian Age".

The angular tilt of the earth's axis is a
fundamental factor in basic mathematical measurements and computations in astronomy.

The study of the effects of the planetary
forces thru the avenue of gravitation on matter of this earth of which we are composed can
be of priceless value to ourselves and future
generations, but before this can take place,
astrology must be rid of the enormous burden
of garbage with which it has been decorated
for at least 4,000 years.

As is now generally known, this angular tilt
of the earth's axis is scribing a circle in
26,800 years, and is known as the "precession
of the equinox". For those who are unfamiliar
with the equinox, it simply means that when
the angular tilt of the earth's axis on our
orbit around the sun arrives at exactly 900 to
the sun, it results in daylight and night on
this earth being exactly the same number of
hours, minutes, seconds. The equinox, in other
words, is in effect a mathematical function, or,
it might be said, a 90