Volume 9, Issue 3, page 14

HE TRANSLATION of a work from one language
Ito another does not present what the original author said, but only what the translator thinks he said. If three men translated the same Latin book into English,
the translations all would be different,
each expressing what the translator thought
the original author said.

Three lawyers will study a law enacted by
Congress or a Legislature, and each present a
different opinion on it. Three men will describe the same accident they witnessed, and
each tell a different story about what he saw.

It is practically impossible to get in a
translated work the actual thoughts of the
original author. We get only what the translator thinks the original author said. And if
the translator is a prejudiced Christian, working for the benefit of his religion, he sees
only what he wants to see in the work he is
translating, and makes his translation such as
to serve his religion to the best advantage.

An unprejudiced translator expresses what
he regards as the sense of the words in one
language by equivalent words in another. He
cannot copy word for word what the original
author said. He must express in another language what he thinks the original author said,
or, perhaps, what he wanted the original author
to say.

That is one reason why all English versions
of the Latin Bible were different and failed to
agree. The condition grew so chaotic that in
1611, the English clergy, in alarm, rose no
and decided to stop the farce. After more than
1200 years, Christianity, "the only true religion", and its Bible, the "Divinely Inspired
Word of God", were in a confused, chaotic.
mixed-up mess. To kill off the many discordant
versions in circulation, 47 English preachers
went to work in a desperate effort to stem the

Orders were given that they use the Bishops'
Bible and to alter it as little as the original
would allow. A very indefinite order. So they
made God a Bible, and called it the Authorized
King James Version. But it had not been " authorized" by anyone but the clergy. Nor was it a
true and correct version of the ancient scrolls.
It was a conglomeration based upon the Latin
Vulgate, the Bishops' Bible of 1568, and other

Since 1611 many translations of the Bible
have been published. The version in common use
was not translated from the original, but is a
revision of the version then in use.

What the original scriptures said, no one
knows or seems to care. And the Bible in use
presents the opinions and conclusions of those
who translated the various manuscripts, and
these opinions and conclusions must be made to
harmonize with the views and orders of the
Mother Church.

Wm. McCarthy, who died in 1959 at the age
of 93, wrote: "There have been more than 1800
from school than was learned within classrooms. They want a practical philosophy in
their advisors, not theory based partly on
imagination and possibly entirely so.

The counselors themselves are fearful. They
are afraid of the processes they use, fret lest
their interviews spill over into an area where,
they are warned, they must let other hands
complete-or at least meddle -- with the process.
The limitations on their work look in all directions. They must not accept such-and-such
cases. They must not proceed via such-and-such
method. They must at all times protect themselves from many different pitfall possibilities. In court, their secrets must be told.
They have no legal or medical client immunity.
Theirs is not a religious confessional.

Fear is not an attractive lode. It dissuades,
generates added fears, drives people away.
The sources of fear must be removed before
people will want to accept counseling services.

The problem of what to charge enters the
scene. Persons whose work is helpful, who develop a large clientele, who seem headed for
Easy Street, decide they must have more money.
Promptly their business fades, a contrary reaction sets in. How much would YOU charge for
an hour of "skillful listening"?
Many of you recall the heyday of the Dianetic cult. Many of these enthusiasts were
idealists. Many were avid for money. The wide
disparity between prices and results first
attracted, then repelled, the "market ". Some
good work was done for no charge. Some useless,
even harmful activity was charged at $25 an

Is it possible to bring an acceptable,
helpful counseling service to the public, to
arrange protective devices, to attract a market, and to obtain these worthwhile activities
with self-policing routines?
The need for really good services increases
daily. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions,
please write me, care The ABERREE.
body, it remains pretty much in a confused
state. It goes to an astral plane of its dream.
It is incarnated when desire becomes strong.

If you are attuned with the quality of inertia, you will tend to move in an apathetic
manner, in delusion and a state of indifference.
you are acted upon by outside thoughts and intentions, doing as you are directed to do by
the superior imagination of others. Your
thoughts turn to nature spirits and low level
energies, when you think of the higher life.
Food selected by this person is lifeless and
almost unfit for human consumption. Attitude
toward self will be to cause pain to body and
mind thru self-punishment. This soul is wrapped
in delusion. Leaves this body in condition of
semi-dream or complete unknowingness. Rests
awhile and is incarnated to continue on until
the veil begins to lift.
conflicting versions (of the Bible). They were
compiled from more than 8000 manuscripts. Of
course, God inspired them all. Poor, weak God
has inspired anything and everything the
priests have asked him to -- so it seems" (Bible,
Church & God, p. 167).
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14 The ABERREE JUNE, 1962