Volume 10, Issue 5, page 8

high, and his emotional lifewave was going from
high into low.

It has been claimed by some that you can
win at cards or gambling by the use of biorhythm, but this isn't so. However, in the
case of a contest where two persons were involved -- one at high tide and one at low tide --
the one who was in the high position would win.
If both were at high tide, the outcome would
be determined by other factors.

There are many fields in which Bio-Rhytmus
may be used to great advantage. A salesman
wishing to make a big killing should attack the
prospect when at low tide and when he himself
is at high tide. Then the prospect's sales
resistance is at low ebb.

It even works in politics. The presidential
election in 1932 had candidates Herbert Hoover
and Franklin Roosevelt. Their respective
grades, rhythm-wise, for that date were: Hoover
minus 9.4, and FDR plus 14. You recall who was
the winner. Of course, this system won't work
if someone juggles the ballot boxes. Having
said this much, I 'd just as well stick my neck
out and report on the most recent presidential
election: November, 1960. Kennedy was a plus
4.2 and Nixon a plus 10.0. Several psychics
are on record as saying Nixon won. (ED. NOTE.

It may be he DID -- by NOT getting the office.)
Mr. Kennedy will be a plus 7.9 on Nov. 23,
1964; when I find out who his opponent will be,
I am ready to lay bets on the outcome.
From a bleak backdrop of rocks, sand, and
contorted Joshua trees, a white dome rises
from the desert near Yucca Valley like something from another world.

A chain link fence bearing a "high voltage"
sign rings the structure. From outside the
fence a larger sign proclaims: "The Integratron -- A 'Time Machine ' -- for basic research on
rejuvenation, anti-gravity, time-travel."
Its creator says the "machine" is based on
a formula he received from a contingent from
outer space. Its design has been recorded in
the sign writing of the ancients. Its function
will be to recharge the human body like a battery...with a side effect of being able to turn.back time.

The man chiefly responsible for the "Integratron " is George W. Van Tassel, a man known
widely in connection with the subject of flying
saucers and visitors from outer space.

Van Tassel, who operates the near-by Giant
Rock Airport -- a mecca for the believers in
visitors from outer space -- is president of the