Volume 9, Issue 3, page 8

because the contrast is not great. This is why
people are afraid to even try to use their
new-found abilities when they experience the
initial awakening. But the fear to operate on
a larger scale keeps them from moving into the
grander states of consciousness. If we are going to grow up spiritually, we are going to
have to get the courage to act like free souls.
We cannot sit idly by and let others do it for
us. This has been the problem for too long.

When you get an understanding of human nature, you can put it to use to better yourself
in your place of employment, your community,
your home. It is not a matter of knowing more
than the other fellow so you can outwit him,
it is a matter of knowing the rules of successful living. Many fear they will make a mistake if they take the initiative. They are
content to sit by and accept the results of
others' dreams. They do not really live; they
dwell in the shaaow of life.

There is only one rule of conduct and it
pertains to any level. Regardless of what you
do, be sure you act in accord with basic principle -- what is right rather than who is right.
It is only when you allow yourself to get involved in opinion and concept that you get into

When someone asks that you heal their relative or friend, should you try? Do you know
the desire pattern of the subject? Do you know
what is best for the subject? Do you think
sickness is bad? Do you think the dream of
sickness is any worse than the dream of health?
These are questions you should ask yourself
before you get off on a compulsive healing
tangent. You may say, "Well, we are told in
Scripture to heal the sick." Who told us? What
did the speaker have in mind? To whom was the
speaker talking? What was his motive? You see,
unless we know why we do the things we do, we
are still moving from subconscious compulsion.
A person who is compelled to do anything without understanding is not moving from inner
guidance but is being driven by beliefs, is
still living the life pattern of another.

Most people could see more clearly if they
wished. They also could understand more. Do you
say, "I'm happy just the way lam." If you do,
it may be the reason you are not doing better
in meditation and contemplation. Of course, it
is well to have a certain degree of contentment, for to be ever on the search for a different experience can be a sign of unbalance.

When the ancient sages wrote that we should
not use the powers that come in meditation,
they meant we should not use them after the
fashion of the small-minded person. We should
not abuse them. We should not take advantage
of another. All great things are accomplished
due to the fact the soul force is able to manifest.

One thing many have not considered is that
it is possible to have a great awareness and
yet not be self-realized. It is possible to be
aware of how to function in a grand manner and
still be a slave to habits and behavior patterns which cause frustration and unhappiness.
Business men who are able to operate their
business on a global scale despite the fact
they have personality problems are good examples. There are ruthless and cruel business men
just as there are reasonable and kind business
men. Both can operate successfully for awhile,
but the reasonable and kind person will be the

It is delusion to believe that "God will
keep power from man if man is not pure". We
have men who work in line with basic truth
principles and we have men who go contrary to
them. We have what are called "white magicians" and we have "black magicians". The only
difference is that the latter have impure motives because they have a clouded consciousness. They do not represent an evil power for
there is only one power in the universe. They
simply misdirect the Dower. Do not make the
mistake of personalizing the power and begin
believing in good and evil power.

As the One Consciousness comes into manifestation, it takes on shading and form. It
does not separate but it does take on various
qualities. These qualities are necessary for
creation to manifest.

The first quality is the Elevating Quality.
This is the quality of lightness and the tendency to merge into the pure nature of spirit.
The second quality is the Activating Quality,
and this is important so that creation can be
maintained. The third is the Quality of Inertia. This last quality makes it possible for
Spirit to slaw down in vibration and appear as

Remember, consciousness takes shading, color, and form in order to manifest. Consciousness in any aspect is simply consciousness manifesting. It is not good, bad, or indifferent.
It just is. When we understand the nature of
the quality with which we are identified, we
also have the key to our behavior pattern.
And, as our attunement with a quality of consciousness determines our behavior to a degree,
our attempt to discipline our behavior will
tend to help us to attune with the level of
consciousness we desire, by working thru the
quality of consciousness. I'm sure the following table will give you an idea of the picture.

If you are attuned with the elevating quality of consciousness, you will live in harmony
with cosmic law and your unfoldment will be in
the total direction of total illumination of
consciousness. 'In your devotions you will contemplate only the formless Reality or, at
times, Beings of Light. You will select food
that is easily digested and attractive to look
at; live, vital foods that will transmit life
current to the body with a minimum of work for
the body. Your activity will be an intuitive
expression, guided from within. You will be
engaged in a creative enterprise because it is
your nature to do so. You will be above the
idea of "work". You will enjoy peace of mind
and this will reflect in your speech and conduct. You will get things done. You will give
where you feel led to give and you will draw
from an inexhaustive storehouse of substance.
When leaving this body, the departure will be
easy and the move into realms of light easily
effected. Future incarnation will be by conscious plan or in a situation of perfect harmony.

If you are attuned with the activating
quality of consciousness,you will tend to move
in the consciousness of activity and a need
for diversion. You will be restless and have a
tendency to dissipate and waste energy in misdirected activity. Your nature will be selfish
and your desires gross. You will experience a
mixture of pleasure and pain as you endeavor
to conduct your affairs. You will tend to be
concerned with astral forces and entities on
the astral plane. You will crave foods that
are well seasoned and heavy, foods that cause
irritation to the body. All actions are based
on the idea of personal gain and for recognition. People on this level are attuned to belief in karma, compensation, and cause and effect. When a soul in this state leaves the
8 The ABERREE JUNE, 1962