Volume 9, Issue 3, page 4

0 NE ATTRIBUTE or factor in
the human personality, as
a living soul, is the
freedom of the "will-tobelieve", and its opposite, the freedom of the
"will-to-not-believe". Keeping this factor in mind that
man is not just a body, not
just a mind, but a composite
of body, mind, and soul, I'd
like to quote from the recent book, "Cancer and Common Sense", by the famous
Dr. George Crile Jr. Dr. Thibodeau
Dr. Crile speaks boldly and fearlessly regarding the present "fear campaign" for raising money from the public. He states, "Take
fear out of the campaign and it would be no
better or worse than any other disease."
"Fear following quotes are from his book:
Fear of cancer has been beaten into them
(the public) until this fear has become as
great an enemy as cancer itself."
"They (the campaigners) have fashioned a
devil out of cancer. They have bred in a sensitive public a fear that is approaching hysteria. They have created a new disease, 'cancer
phobia' -- a contagious disease that spreads
from mouth to ear. It is possible that today
'cancer phobia' causes more suffering than
cancer itself."
"The trouble is that cancer has become the
whipping boy for all diseases, a symbol of the
fear of death."
"It is quite likely that the propaganda has
had as serious effect on (the campaigners)
themselves as the public. This is inevitable."
"Never has the weapon of fear been used
more actively than in the campaign against
cancer. No constructive and helpful philosophy
of life has ever been built on fear."
Scientific dogma can be more tyrannical
than any religious dogma. Thru our materialistic sciences we are denying ourselves access
to the greatest power for health and well being, and our organized religious groups are
not meeting this -hallenge adequately.

Faith in material substance and external
circumstances is a"false and heretical doctrine taught by our schools and the press and
accepted unconsciously.

Where do we go from here? Make an aboutface! The turn must be made in each person
alone. The mass reorientation can be accomplished one by one. Begin to express this freedom of your "will-to-not-believe" toward the
present propaganda of fear of cancer and other
diseases, and some day you will not have to find
yourself repeating the words of the Biblical
character Job: "The thing I greatly feared has
come upon me." For the nature of our consciousness is that we pull in upon ourselves
that which we fear.

Express your "will-to-believe" that there
is hope for good health and a good life, and
that there is salvation from the ignorant violation of the laws of Nature and the laws of
Nature's God, and you will be expressing " willto-believe " in accord with the Master.

I EN YEARS ago, the "only " counselors in most
cities having academic classification as
such, were attached to schools. There,
they acted as social secretaries to leading pupils, drove students to affairs and
programs in other schools, served as flunkies when needed.

On the sidelines, at that time, were about
10,000 amateur counsellors, each armed with a
scarce smattering of some attempt to organize
the data and experiences which might be encountered. Some had been in "training" two months,
some only one. Per hour of class instruction,
some of these earnest, ambitious people paid
as highly as any group in history. Few had a
proper foundation of knowledge for the advanced
instruction they received. Hence they did not
correlate the class instruction with the greater iceberg of knowledge available from earnest
reading of a few books in almost any public
library. It was as tho a calculus student had
not heard of arithmetic.

These amateurs had no academic status whatever. Moreover, since they had not gone up thru
academic routines, they could not get academic
people to watch and observe the phenomena they
were encountering. The few who did watch were
promptly expelled from the main academic herds.

Our civilization is .regarded by many sociologists as a breeding ground for anxieties.
We have an enormous number -- in the millions --
of people in beds at public expense, whose
illness is not physical. There are uncounted
others privately maintained. Anv counseling
routines which really work are needed. Many
possible techniques and routines are helpful.
The market for this kind of service is immense.
It has been estimated that any town of 2,000
or over could support a full-time counselor.

Yet in our public schools, where every day
exposes some instance of need for counseling,
the assigned counselors occupy themselves with
testing programs, personnel records on students, and random home visits of a socialworker character. Personal counseling, badly
needed, has not been sold, has not been developed, has not achieved practical operational
status. Few teachers have been trained for the
specific work of counseling. Principals, whose
main route forward has been thru the playgrounds, eschew psychology in all forms, distrust those who wish to employ it.

What prevents accentance of the ''acceptable" offerings available:
First, we have public ignorance of what is
possible thru counseling.

Second, is the distrust, by the individual,
of the process of detailing personal secrets
and situations to any other person.

Third is the training and personality of
the "trained" counselors. Most are school
products, instead of "life" veterans.

People are wary of the kind of training
available in schools. Notwithstanding the increased enrolment in colleges, most former
school students are "sure" they have learned
much more of the practical side of life away
4 -- The ABERREE JUNE, 1962