Volume 9, Issue 3, page 10

a shred of evidence that this present-day, socalled "fixed zodiac" bears any relation whatever to the fixed zodiac used and created for
purposes of celestial measurement by the ancient race of people who, many thousands of years
ago, formulated the science of astrology.

It might be said that because the earth is
physically_ at a point in the orbit where it
forms a 90o angle with the sun to the earth's
axial tilt, that therefore this would have a
bearing on the age the earth is passing thru.
Let it be remembered that the angular tilt of
the earth's axis with relation to the sun remains relatively fixed, moving only 50.2" per
year, while in its orbit around the sun, that
same angular tilt of the earth's axis forms
all the angles possible between 0 and 360 to
the sun, with the angular tilt always remaining constant. It would be absolutely ludicrous
to pick out any degree, be it 90 or 1, and
state that because this angular tilt of the
earth's axis is passing thru that particular
degree to the sun on its orbit, that that particular degree is supposed to indicate the age
we are in, when, staring us in the face, is the
glaring fact that the angular tilt of the axis
itself determines the overall angular relationship of the sun's rays to this earth and the
atmospheric envelope encircling it and positively not any particular point in the earth 's
orbit around the sun. The equinox, to be sure,
is an extremely important mathematical function upon which innumerable astronomical measurements are made. Beyond that, it bears no
relation whatever for astrological comoutation
of the age in which we are.
fling about the "Piscean Age". Because Jesus
was supposed to have had apostles from among
fishermen, who used t h e fishermen's Piscean
symbol of two fishes as their "fraternal" insignia -- from this choice morsel of dubious information we are now supposed to accept that
we are in the Piscean Age. From this writer's
research, the angular tilt of our earth at the
present moment is nearing the end of the sign
Taurus, and with the advent of the forthcoming
atomic war, will be definitely entering the
sign Gemini. The world will then no longer be
ruled by sublime hypocrisy and fraud, but instead will come under a ruthless, humanitarian,
scientific, world-wide dictatorship, with naked
atomic power in the hands of its rulers to enforce its dictates and decrees upon all mankind, regardless of race, creed, or color. At
the beginning of the Taurean Age, which we are
now ending, it is now admitted by all historians to have resulted in 600 years of dark ages,
during which all knowledge, libraries, histories were destroyed and any and all men of
learning were ruthlessly murdered and burned
at the stake as heretics, thus reducing mankind from relative civilization to the mire of
dumb animals in the field. At this point they
were declared "good Christians". In short, the
first part of any age presents its lowest,
crudest expression of the type, and the crude
and ruthless expression that can be anticipated in the forthcoming Geminian Age will force
upon the rulers the necessity for the elimination of whole races and copulated continents
of human beings by modern methods of exterminating life. It will make what Hitler did look
like a Sunday School picnic. If anyone can, by
the furthest stretch of the imagination, dream
this sort of a new age to be the Aquarian Age
of Brotherhood, it is comparable to the ostrich burying its head in sand when danger

It is not intended to imply, nor is it conceived by the writer, that this indicates a
victory of Communism or Communist arms. It is,
however, easily conceivable to the writer that
to fulfill the requirements of a ruthless Geminian dictatorship, the atomic arms of the East
and the West will reach a stalemate, at which
point the Russian and American engineers and
scientists will amalgamate, taking over absolute rulership of the world. The only democracy
surviving will be that existing among the elite
members controlling destructive atomic power.
The concept of government under such a Geminian rulership could be expected to be cold, impersonal, scientific, and at the same time,
genuinely humanitarian. Under such circumstances, the propagation of ideologies such as
Communism, or religious hierarchies based upon
mystical, mythological religious "saviors " will
both be banned by law, with a strong possibility of the death penalty to those attempting
to purvey either concept.

The respect of men's minds and man's right
to the liberty and use thereof and his right
to physical privacy for the safe procreation
and protection of his young, will be paramount
elements basic to this new age, during which
mankind will reach the highest manifestation
mentally, physically, and spiritually, that
has ever been dreamed of, and absolute peace
will be maintained thru force of atomic weapons in the hands of one government which, according to this writer's research, will center
somewhere in what are now the New England
states in the North American continent.

So we have the spectacle of contemporary
astrology making elaborate and verbose predictions of a forthcoming beautiful "age of brotherhood" when every man is to be his brother's
keeper, and we are to arrive thereby at a state
of Utopia, with these predictions based upon
the "shadow " or mathematical function of t h e
angular tilt of the earth's axis pointing to a
non-existent fixed zodiac. It is remarkable
that astrology, loaded down with such excess
garbage, has survived at all.

In searching back thru ancient records, it
might be enlightening for those people were
they to carefully study the Egyptian ceiling
drawings in the tombs of Senmut and Seti I. In
the drawing in Senmut's tomb is depicted the
ancient ceremony of the "drawing of the cords",
which was entered into periodically by the
wise men and rulers of ancient civilizations,
to determine accurately the degree in the
heavens toward which the polar axial tilt was
oriented. This was a very serious matter to
these ancient people, because in their history
there was memory of a time when that polar axis had swung thru the heavens, changing what
is now our Midwest from the polar ice cap region to a temperate climate, and changing
what is na Siberia from a temperate climate
into a frozen ice-cap, thus trapping huge mammoths with buttercups and fresh grass still in
their teeth and freezing them instantaneously
so that they were found in a perfect state of
preservation in this century, with the meat of
the bodies still edible for the dog teams.

In the ceiling of Seti I, only a few hundred
years later, we note that the knowledge of the
drawing of the cords was lost. Archeologists
concur that by this date, some 3,000-odd years
ago, the subject of astronomy -- and at that
time astronomy and astrology were synonymous --
was already in decadence.

It is time, if we are to make proper use of
this sindy. that we once and for all stop prat- Todays are what tomorrows are made of.
10 The ABERREE JUNE, 1962