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prolonged exposure.1 As for
that complete identification
with Mama,. what's wrong with
the Old Man playing with the
little 'chip'. Might cut down
on the population in Pershing
Square, or save misery and
money later in life.
"I feel better now." -- C.H.
Murphy, Anaheim, Calif.
"Dianeticists, Scientologists, and ABERREE-readers-atlarge will be interested in a
Pelican paperback entitled 'A
Life of One's Own', by Joanna
Field. This is published in
England at 2/6, probably sells
for 500 over here. Neither the
title nor the blurb adequately
represent the contents. The
book is a record of the author's self-processing over a
period of years, and at the
same time, a study of the varieties of attention -- 'narrow'
vs. 'wide'. An intelligent,
fascinating, and helpful vol.me. " -- Samuel L. Randlett,
Nashville, Tenn.
"Rev. Wayne Trubshaw in the
'Lost Christ Teaching' h as
made some statements of facts
that need a more thoro investigation. He discusses mental
laws and electrical laws, among
others. As I am a designer of
transformers (up to 5000 K V A
rating), I believe I am qualified to speak on the nature of
Fine-tooth combs the world
for 20th Century facts of
life which ^ake ^an something entirely new under the
san. And refute and cast in
their teeth the tragic mistakes of Theology and Medicine. re plain English. words
never before uttered by the
tongues of ^en.

Re - education for New
Life, Man's Great
Development $ 35
I Have Overcome% the
World 35
Life Is an Open Book 35
The Need to glow 35
Cause, Mentallll-Health 35
The Perfect System 35
Bellamy Economic Plan 25
IThe Brave New World 35
These Are the Last Days 35
Why Civilization Stumbles 35
Formulator Eternal Life 1 00
Excepting the Formula..
4 for 1 00
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Author, "Escape This Life
Alive", $3.75
P. O. Box 629
El Monte, California
electrical law, and having devoted 14 years to the study of
mentality, I also feel qualified to speak on mental law.
"Rev. Trubshaw says that
mind is merely a servant. But
many neurologists have questioned the concept of an entity -- mind -- standing alone. Rather, they view mental function
as activity of the nervous
system, i.e., mind is process,
or in Sherington's classic description, 'myriads of flashing shuttles weaving and undoing an everchanging tapestry'.
The Hindus compare the mind to
a team of runaway horses. So,
with this part of Trubshaw's
discussion, I must agree.
"But our friend gets a bit
mixed on his next metaphor. He
discusses a candle vs. electricity as things utterly different. That is not the case.
Electrical forces in the outer
shells of the candle's atoms
hold those atoms into molecules. The flame appears when
the electrical bonds are released by heat of combustion
and the electrons fall back to
ground state, radiating electrical waves which our eyes see
as light. It is also interesting that in backward countries
such as Siberia, lamps are
common which by an arrangement
of wires in the shade, produce
sufficient electrical power to
operate a radio, using the
thermo-electric effect. So, he
is erroneous when he says the
tallow of the candle is false
to the law of electricity.
"Since his premise is false,
his conclusion arguing from
analogy that we cannot advance
from mental principles to a
higher law is also certainly
false. But arguing from analogy
is always a procedure fraught
with the possibilities f o r
further error.

In my 14 years of study, I
have given considerable attention to the Hindu systems of
thought and action. I confess
there is still much that is
obscure to me, particularly in
regard to the effects of mantras and yantras, but certain
patterns are beginning to jell.
Some mystics do advance tremendously, but most merely talk
big. Nonetheless, it is my
firm conclusion that processes
involving the awakening of
centres called chacres do exist, for I have experienced
some of the effects. But the
description is cast in thought
forms that are seriously faulty, being of primitive structure. In other words, these
works must be studied in depth
to be beneficial.
"The mystic discriminates
between mind action -- 'chit' --
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