Volume 10, Issue 6, page 17

my...set is 'unconscious'. Our
physical senses receive sensations (information, what we
don't already know) passively.
If our sense organs are o(aerating, we receive sensations
whether we nay attention to
them or not...Neither a tranced
person nor a hypnotized person
is unconscious. They are amnesic. They sense and perceive
communications when communications occur but do not remember
them later (if they are conditioned not to remember.)
Crawford seems to object to
increased sensitivity by means
of either hypnosis or psychedelic chemicals because the
subject can't 'turn it off'.
the subject cannot refuse to
receive Communications. It
seems that Crawford is afraid
someone or something will harm
him if he can't 'turn it off'.
This consideration is not motivated by respect for natural
law. It is motivated by fear.
Crawford denies the existence
of unearned reward in the form
of communication with a creative source. He therefore denies the whole concept of grace
which, by definition, is an
unearned reward of exactly
this kind. Crawford is inconsistent in that while he condemns unearned rewards, he does
not condemn equally unearned
ounishments . An accident that
results in injury or loss is
an unearned punishment, just
as an accident that results in
gain or wellbeing is an unearned reward...
"Communication with discarnate entities or other nonhuman beings is, in the opinion of many, no better or worse
in any case than similar dommunication with human beings.
Communication with human beings is not necessarily rewarding either. Discarnate entities, tho not strictly human,
are after all just some more
people. I 'm sure that Crawford
has had many communications
that were unearned -- with census takers, policemen, doorto-door salesmen, T-V advertisers, etc. Does he have to
make himself worthy to watch
T-V commercials? I agree that
whether any communication is
beneficial , detrimental, or
nothing depends on the condition of the receiver's mind
when the communication occurs.
If the mind is in an ignorant,
disorganized, or contrasurvival state, the communication
is not rewarding, no matter
what it is. Sensitization of
the perceptions by externally
applied psychedelic drugs or
rituals is qualitatively the
same as sensitization by internally altering the body
chemistry and nerves to an abOCTOBER, 1963
normal state, as with Yoga or 'guilty' registrations related
religious worship or prayer. to an entirely different
Crawford ' s distinctions are 'crime'. The gal had previously
misleading and invalid. I will stolen a 49-cent bottle of
continue to recommend psyche- perfume in a dime store. And a
delic drugs." -- Fred Hand, 2718 little smoothie who had read
Wagle, Houston, Texas. 'clear' on the polygraph was
0 0 o the actual thief -- as I ascer"After the FDA went after tained in a few minutes.
Hubbard ' s bootleg E -meters , "But now for some lightning
some operators have been de- bolts. I have a woman examinee
veloping a traffic in old sec- now using a personalized selfond-hand single-dial HM-4 Elec- hypno-recording who disclosed
tropsychometers of which there that she had spent close to
are hundreds around , claiming $5,000 with Scientology in a
these are legal. regional area on behalf of her
"Also, there has been a disturbed husband. He got
good deal of buying and sell- worse. So she took him to
ing of various old 2-meter Washington, D. C., Scientology,
Electropsychom ete rs to a 11 where it was declared that the
sorts of incompetent users. local auditors had done everyThe FDA action is directed thing all wrong, and had been
against this traffic in old running the 'wrong goals'. She
obsolete models. Neither I, spent another $5,000 there,
the inventor, nor my company, she says -- and her husband vanArcon Manufacturing Co., is eshed. Physically vanished. So
concerned. far the FBI can find no trace
"As to lie-detectors being of him. you can imagine the
fakes, this is true. J. Edgar reaction of the FDA!
Hoover, of the FBI, says, 'The "Another vicious use of an
term "lie detector" is a com- electropsychometer in an inplete misnomer.' Accurate re- surance swindle led to the desalts depend almost entirely struction of a commercial pason the competence of the user. senger plane in flight, and
I have a fast-growing service the death of its passengers.
in this field, but I label mine "These are only a couple of
'Truth Detection'. I am using examples. The dossier is long.
special techniques that I have The government is going to
never published, and which are stop Scientologists and some
never disclosed. Examinees are other persons from using elecoften not aware of the real tropsychometers, b o o t l e g or
purpose of the examination, real ones.
which is usually labeled as "I note Richard Lundberg's
'personality appraisal ' an d long scribble recommending that
'character analysis'. I get auditors use some sort of suaccurate data." -- Volney Math- Perperceptivity instead of Eison, 1208 W. 30th, Los Ange- meters. They'll have to, now!
les 7, Calif, I wonder if Lundberg is also
"I wrote the above letter in favor of medical doctors
before seeing the references using superperceptiveness inin the September ABERREE about stead of X-ray. years ago when
lie detectors and electropsy- I trained in the use of the
chometers. medical X-ray, I was impressed
"First, further about the by the power of the equipment
lie - detector business. I had and the danger of its misuse.
an examinee recently who had We used to bring examinees in
come out of a formal lie-de- from the nearest park benches
tection test in a large poly- for text x-rays, paying them a
graph office labeled as a 'nar- dollar per exposure. I discovcotic addict'. My examination ered that one of these examidisclosed that he was actually nees had been glomming on to
an amateur dianeticist who had the 'easy money' by getting
been trying to help a preclear, himself picked up for exposure
a third party who was an actu- tests some 30 or 40 times.
al addict. After a lot of un- When I informed the head docsuccessful auditing, the ad- tor about this, he yelled,
dict finally stole a lot of my 'For X's sake, get that bum
examinee's stuff, including his back onto his park bench betypewriter and E-meter, and fore he drops dead in here !'
hocked these for money with The fellow no doubt was draped
which to buy dope. The entire on a morgue slab a day or so
situation was completely over later.
the head of the polygraph op- "The electropsychometer is
erator. likewise a potentially dan"In another case, there was gerous type of x-ray, whether
a loss of cash in an office. in unskilled hands, or, much
There were four girl suspects. worse, in skilled vicious
One of these girls came out of hands. The use of all present
a polygraph examination label- models will be stopped. A new
ed as the thief. Actually, her instrument is now being patThe ABERREE 17