Volume 9, Issue 6, page 8

Y FIRST experience with the IDEA of fortune telling was the story by the lady
who married my father, that she had been
told by a palmist in her 'teens that she
would marry a widower with two children.

Later, she met my father, but because her
mother objected, they did not marry. Instead,
he married my mother, who died two years later,
after my sister was born. Two years later he
met this old flame and they married -- fulfilling
the prediction.

Then I read a few books which dropped my
old faiths into limbo, until came Dianeticsand a host of unearthly experiences on and off
the couch. What was happening could only be
accounted for by dropping the idea of a physical basis for memory, and adopting a working
theory of Mind as something not bound to ordinary matter, merely serving thru flesh.

With others who entered Dianetic work as
materialists, I changed. I began to comprehend
Divinity, and the world of extra-flesh resources, finding that others had mapped these into
many corresponding stories and a beginning
"science" of parapsychology, fitting loosely
into the realms of mysticism.

Since those early, comprehension-jarring
days now more than 11 years ago, I have investigated as much phenomena as possible. There
are frauds in the field. There are also sincere
workers, many of whom will not accept payment.
(I believe there are frauds who also do not
accept money, but get their kicks other ways.)
Those who have watched a capable psychic
reader in a public demonstration are often
struck by the sheer versatility of the performance. Stranger after stranger in the group
is selected for attention, often with amazing
results. I have watched these strangers during
these recitals, and have seen many cases of
stunning acceptance, agreement, and new belief. For many of these visitors, the recital
was their first experience of EVIDENCE of life
beyond our kind of material, or continuity of
life force, personality, memory -- and often of
wisdom. The evidence at many of these sessions
backs up, for me, much of the stories of Arthur Ford and others. It gave correspondence in
evidence to some of the theories of Swedenborg, Eileen Garrett, and others.

Fortune telling may be variously explained.
Whatever the explanation, there is some linkage with a different channel of communication,
a different linkage with mind-stuff, call it
what you wish. The client may bring to the interview a "capsule" which is readable by the
sensitive. There may be other explanations. I
have brought strong, unexpressed thoughts, and
had these thoughts picked up by a sensitive
and woven into her story. I learned to bring,
as far as consciously possible, a blank mind.

Perhaps the truest reader for me has been
Phyllis Tackett, introduced thru Ray and Marie
Scharpen while they were in Albuquerque. Phyllis told them on one occasion they would receive a bequest from Scotland -- which they
could not believe at the time. But within six
months, here it came.

On one reading, Phyllis told me she "saw"
One evening a call came to us that a friend
of one of our students was hemorrhaging rather
badly, and we were asked to see if we could do
something to help out. On arrival, we found
the woman confined to her bed and quite distraught.

One of us was needed to keep anxious relatives out of the way while the other did the
auditing, so it fell my lot to do the processing since it seemed she would respond more
quickly to the situation with a woman auditor.

Her attention span was much too brief for a
duplication process, so I ran a mock-up process on blood -- just mock up some blood and do
anything with it you decide to. She mocked up
blood in cups, dripping livers, buckets, curds,
clots, and chunks. Most of it she "pushed into
her body" somewhere. After 15 or 20 minutes of
this, she told me about a time in her childhood in a war-torn country. The entire family
was starving and the father had gone to a distant village to look for work. They became so
desperate that he came back to do what he could.
The only food available proved to be a dog.

The preclear saw her father kill the dog and
ready it for food, of which she ate. The incident was so revolting to her, however, that
she was rejecting blood -- hence the hemorrhaging.

An hour was as long as we were able to work
on this, but I was told the following day that
she was up and about and that "something" had
stopped the flow of blood. As my husband and I
often remark, "It must have been something she
et." A. A., Seattle, Wash.
me with a desk full of yellow papers. At the
time my business used yellow order blanks, and
I supposed this meant many orders. Two years
later, as a cost accountant, I glanced up at a
desk full of yellow ledger sheets -- and I knew
what she had foreseen.
lb avoid her prediction that I would buy a
new-type car, not yet on the market, I bought
a Lincoln. But in a year I traded it for a Convair -- then new.

Another great reader was Madame Mack of El
Paso. Her short, to-the-point statements usually hit the needed nail all the way in. El
Paso has been kind to the truly sincere, capable readers, supporting many groups in Spiritualist churches, whose members tested and
found reliable their several ministers. Anyone
watching the meager cash receipts at these
sessions, barely paying the rent, must agree
that sincerity and a wish to serve others animates these people rather than any greed.

One factor always in obscurity on these readings is the time the incident seen is to take
place. Investigators in the field say that
time is amazingly flexible, even fluid -- backward and forward. The behavior of data in relation to time is time of the. items that must be
considered in trying out an explanation for
what happens.

After some hair-lifting experiences while
being audited by a great counselor formerly in
Chicago, I mentioned the idea to him: "Maybe
this time track thing goes FORWARD into Time
as well as backward. Have you any data on it?"
And he replied: "It happens all the time, Lee."
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