Volume 8, Issue 5, page 14





HE HOLY BIBLE, the most fraudulent book man
ever has known, called "the Inspired Word
of God" to dupe and deceive the masses,
has gone out to the world and chained in
darkness, as the Mother Church intended, a
larger number of people than any other
book ever has done. And these tricked, duped,
and deceived victims of the Mother Church must
live in that darkness until they sball have
evolved to such mental ability that they can
winnow facts from fiction and truth from fals-
ity, and come to understand the falseness of
the " Holy " Bible.

H M. Tichenor said: "The Bible binds in slav~ry the body and
brain of men... No ruler nor exploiter. . . could
outrage the race more than have the Christian exploiting and
warmaking powers" (Sun Worship. p.15).

The men who made the Bible knew no more than we do about who
wrote the scrolls from which they compiled
the Bible, nor why they were written. Then they destroyed or
concealed the scrolls to hide from the eyes of the world
their true and actual contents. The ancient libraries were burned
to destroy all literature that might expose the
fraudulent scheme.

The oldest manuscript of the old Testament extant is dated 916 A.
D. The older scrolls have been destroyed or
concealed to hide the facts which the Mother Church did not want
the world to know.

The Old Testament is presented as being wbollyiewish in origin.
But the Jews for years were captives and slaves
of other nations, and they built their writings of the old
Testament upon legends, traditions, myths, and folklore of
these other nations.

For almost 400 years after the time of the gospel Jesus, there
was no Bible. Parts of the Septuagint had been
compiled and translated into Latin, but no complete version

When the first draft of the Bible was finished in the Fifth
Century, it was called the Vulgate because its language
was so common. in those days, the "common herd " was regarded as
a profane and vulgar lot. Then, at the Council
of Trent, 1200 years later, the Catholic bishops decreed the
Vulgate to be the "Inspired word of God".

And these are the ancient writings that dealt with astrology,
mythology, and the zodiac, and also consisted of
poetry, fables, fiction, drama, legends, tradition. etc. There
are still five poetical books in the Bible that were not
changed to prose-job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and
Canticles, or Song of Solomon.

These unmetrical hymns, of poetical character, were originally
arranged for chanting, and are still so used in
many churches for the direct purpose of arousing theemotions and
unbalancing the mind -a trick easy to do when it
is known that 90 percent of the brain cells in the best of us are
latent and dormant, due to ages of brainwashing and

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HE FIFTH National Synergetic workshop-held
in Columbus, Ohio, June 23-27-was the best
yet, by far -and they have all been won-
derful. Prior to this workshop, a new Syn-
ergetic stable had emerged. This manoffered
to come to the workshop, there publicly
identify himself, and submit to testing. This
man was not the first Synergetic stable, but
he was the first to take this step.

His "moment of truth " came Saturday night . There, after I'd
made a brief introduction, he spoke to the group,
and then opened himself to questions.

The audience was a highly intelligent group

average I. Q. estimated about 130 - mostly college graduates,
including two M. D.'s and a Ph.D. There were
some of the best Synergetic coaches in the country present. There
were no crackpots. Their attitude was not
hypercritical; neither were they buying a "pig in a poke". They
were friendly, curious, reservedthe reserve a residue
of many past disappointments. Their questions were probing,
thoughtful. They knew what to look for.

The stable responded in a quiet, confident voice. He radiated a
friendly goodwill; it is difficult to dislike this man.
His manner is outgoing. There ts a sparkle in his eyes. You can
feel his warmth and courage.

He is not at all like Ron Howes-and I like Ron-who upset the
Dianetic world almost adecade ago by announcing
that he had been audited to the state of "clear". This is simply
a statement of their differences. This man never
deliberately pushes anyone's buttons -but he can read you like a
book. But you know he I ik es you, and it doesn't

At the end of the session, each observer was asked for his
response. Many accepted him as a stable. Some
reserved judgment. Only one expressed disappointment-and I
understand she later changed her mind. All were
impressed, however-especially those who knew him before .

A tape was made. If the quality is O.K.. it will be transcribed
and published.

This man's name is Lew Mortensen. He lives in East Petersburgt

My own evaluation, for whatever it is worth is that he is,
indeed, a Synergetic stable.

This was by no means the only high point of the workshop. There
were so many, it is not
feasible to describe them all. A more lengthy report will be
given via CHANGE.

One observer's evaluation is worth quoting. He said: "I came into
Dianetics to see a clear
, and I was disappointed. I went to see Ron Howes - and I was
confused. I came to this
workshop to see a stable-and I am convinced."

Here is a message to all who responded to the thrilling call of
Book I, "Dianetics". There
is no intent to invalidate anyone, and I speak the simple truth.
in that book was a challenge
to "build a better bridge". I responded to that challenge, and
kept on despite the discovery
that the first bridge had never really been built. Now it has.