Volume 8, Issue 5, page 7

Mystic Sees Unity of Religion, Government, Economics

Thy Kingdom

Come, ThyWil I Be Done...



Essene Mystic

"INCE SEVERAL are in the discussion Her third puroose.
about God, may I present one man's The Creator is
consistent-first, last, and
opinion? Words are but symbols of all thetime. This consistency is
evident thru-
ideas or mental concepts. The word out creation if one will but
open his mental
mean as many things as there eyes and observe -plus a bit of
M thinking.
~rd MN to cogitate. Therefore the Each level of life should
work with lower
writer will begin by definin~ the levels of life to aid in its own
words he uses. Mankind works with mineral, vegetable, and ani-
LIFE is motion and the two words mal levels, but many
unfortunately work little
are almost synonymous. The dead move with themselves toharmonize
with the Creator's

not. Everything which moves is alive on purposes.

some level of existence - from the elec- A bit of
attention directed to the history
tron-positron (female-male) to the high- 9f man may serve to
clarify one's understand-
ing of world events of today and understand
est God in the Cosmos. results of today's causes.
The CREATOR-known by many names. The ALL- The first race of
mankind was 100 percent
ONE, EVER PRESENCE, Supreme Intelligence, Je- selfish. He captured
his woman with a club.
hovah, JehovIH, The CREATOR-SUSTAINER-DESTROY- Soon he developed
family consciousness, fol-
ER, ONE in Essence. THREE in aspect. lowed by tribal
consciousness, city conscious-
GOD - There is one true God of the Planet ness, andnational
consciousness. international
earth and countless false gods. The true God or world
consciousness is inembryo today mani-
is supreme executive officer over the earth and fest in an attemot
to found a League of Nations ,
its heavens, a"one-time mortal with thousands United Nations -
both of which are failures .
of years' experience". Earth's ambassador for Following the third
act of a 49-year war (1914-
Jehovib the Creator. 1963), we will have a Brotherhood of Nations
SPIRIT -There is a force which holds; in which will be a glorious
success. So man has
affiliation many lower orders of life to con- been affiliating
with ever-larger organisms
stitute an organism. When this force leEves thruout history.
the corporeal body we say a man is dead. This The Creator, while
one in reality,is always
force is spirit. three :in aspect. This fact is a key to under-
MIND is that with which LIFE maintains con- standing much of life.
it isapparent all about
tact with its environment. All life has
motion us- Father-mother-offspring; positive- nega-
and mind. An acid recognizes its opposite in tive-neutral. The
father (LIFE) Creator im-
an alkali and when brought together, there is Dregnates mother
earth and we are His -Her
an eruption. The electron recognizes its mate children-the
Brotherhood of Man. Today we see
and combines with it to give birth to an atom the last hot war for
a thousand years or more.
LIFE, MIND, and MOTION are universal, operat: It is between
reaction and progress, dark and
ing on an infinite number of levels, progress- light, the four
false religions embodied in
ing from the mineral thru vegetable, animal their churches. The
General Staff of the

mankind, spirits, angels, gods, etc.. ever: Christians is the
Jesuit order of the Roman

lasting. Catholic Church, which now has complete con-
To understand world conditions of today, trol of the United States
and is using our
one must recognize thepurposes of the Creator. money, our armed
forces, and our manpower in
if a man accomplishes anything. he must have a an attempt to
conquer the world and make it(
purpose, so it is safe to assume that the Cre- all come under the
dictatorship of Rome.
ator had three purposes in His-Her creative To t b e surface
thinker, the Jesuits are
activities. evil, for they will bring more suffering to
1. The progression of LIFE (His-Her life in the world in the next
few years than they have
all creation) thruout eternity from the basic in their four
centuries of existence. However,
unit of life which we recognize as the basic they are unknowingly
serving the Creator in
components of an atom. His destroyer aspect by clearing the world
2. The unfoldment of mind and consciousness institutions blocking
the progress of mankind
from that of the basic unit of life at its to the answer of
Christian prayers,"Thy king-
lowest level to cosmic consciousness of the dom come, Thy will be
done, on earth as it is
highest God. in heaven".
3. As mind unfolds, the affiliation of life Today, the Jesuits
represent the symbolical
units into ever larger organisms: electron to ruffians of Masonry,
the three who murdered
atom to molecule to cell to organ to organism. Master. Today,
these ruffians are embodied in
Affiliation with other units of life is His- priest, politician,
and banker, and the Jesuits