Volume 8, Issue 5, page 20



Pected two or three times a week. Strangers might wonder why we
always entertain our company in The ABERREE office
back of the garage, on hard folding chairs, and trot coffee out
in a basket, instead of taking them in the house where the
seats are softer and the coffee can be made. But there's a simDle
answer-the office is air-conditioned, and the house isn't.
And some of our discussions get pretty warm ...

Iq We don't know if it was some local pipsqueak with a sunstroke -
and it does get hot in Aridzonia-or if, as Mrs. Lee
Kelley of Phoenix sugge_sT`s-TfFePosE_aT authorities are trying
to end vitamins-by-mail sales ~nd restrict them to
doctors And drug stores, where the profit is much greater.
Anyway, Lee says they are giving up th-eir vitamin business,
because at half price, there just isn't enough profit to pay them
to take time from their gold mining business for yak
sessions with 11 very important" government officials, i. e.,
local postmasters ...

I Louis spent part of his travel /vacation- from -seeing time
taking a post-graduate course at a Colorado university-but
was able to find time between classes and evenings for some
"Mysticology " and being lionized. Says he's lost some
weight, too. so the picture of him being used in The ABEMM may be
losing some of its accuracy.... 41 Mrs. John
Springfield, Canoga Park, Calif., has just undergone an eye
operation, which she reports as"not too serious". Meaning,


we suppose, it was successful, because only the surgical
failures, and those on the wealthy customers, rate "serious"... I
One more ABERREE Pet planted out in the garden to feed the roots
of plants. This time it was Titan, apparently the victim
of spraying neighbors, who their work off on a bottle of Poison
than hoe. This leaves only Teufel III (or IV), and we
suspect he Is going to get a bit spoiled -if he'll stand for it.
This may be imagination, but the mockingbird that used to make
Titan's lifemiserahle by Chasing him around the yard, seems the
most disturbed at the loss of his victim. He even sounds
lonely as he flits exploringly around, diving in and out of shady
Places, looking for his old "enem.VII

I The XWERREE isn't too widely known, not even in Enid I so when
John Katonak of Lorain, Ohio, tried to locate "The
ABERREE-1 think it's put out by Ma and Pa Perkins", he got only
puzzled -stares for his pains. Eventually, he found us by
checking at the library, which gave him an old issue-which he
promptly took back to the book store which had been
unableto supply him the information he wanted, and suggested to
the very religious clerk that she "learn what's going on in
your town ". It was quite a disturbing introduction, we learned
later, and no one seems to find it half as amusing as Ye Ed
does, who gets a chuckle out of it every time he thinks about it.
It developed Katonak was seeking a publisher for his book,
"World Catastrophe Coming", and knew of The ABERREE only thru read

ing a neighbor's copy. Which is why we fell heir (temporarily) to
a 600-page manuscript. We sidetracked an evening's
work to read his theory that the Bible is a composite story of
Egyptian Pharaohs, and had nothing to do with God at all. He
Presents some pretty convincing arguments, but since we are
neither book publishers nor doomsday prophets, we must
have been a terrible disapDointment to someone coming half-way
across the continent, looking for "Ma and Pa Perkins". .


when a nation resorts to war in settling its differences, it is
using high calibre weapons to cover up for low-calibre


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