Volume 5, Issue 5, page 15

ly three absolutely first class specifically psychological ab- with their Abraham and the
telepaths -- precogs, motivs- errations or physical ones. I Hyksos, and they celled the
tors, etc., in or from Hous- didn't use to believe this, expulsion of these invaders,
ton. One of my small tasks is but have had to work on them the Exodus. I could go on and
to keep them in touch with and know others who have, and on.
each other in some combina- now do. That's mostly what I've "The Chaldeans used t h e
tion. Two of them and I are been doing, and getting sun- number 60 as their unit. They
working toward what Coultef burned." -- Fred Nand, Houston, called 60 years the Soss, the
calls a synergic group, which, texas. Ner was 600 years, and the
when going, will make even t. Sari 3,000 years. Thus Berosmost other such groups look "Am only half-way thru AB- us's kings reigned 36,000
trivial. Like most high-volt- ERREE (that name (now) has a years. Here again the Jews
age Psi-people, these (espec- sort of singing quality that I took the Saros of 3,600 years
ially the two here now) are sorta-kinda like); anyway, I and made them DAYS, and the
particularly sensitive to ere- want to stop right now and add same with the rest.
tional shock, because their a word to George R. Clements's "The book, Manetho, by W.G.
attentions are wide open to letter re the church, etc. I Waddell, professor of classics
their surrounding people and will try to be brief and con- in Fuad el Awal University at
groups; a Psi-person feels the cise, otherwise this could be Cairo, Egypt (Harvard U.Press,
emotions of others as readily k-length. 19401, gives this plainly and
as a non-Psi hears sounds or "At the time Alexander the with proof. Prof.Waddell says,
feels heat... Great conquered Egypt. Mane- 'Accordingly, the beginning of
"There are, apparently. I tho, the priest-historian, Egyptian and Babylonian hisdiscover, also spiritual aber- wrote a history of Egypt in tory is placed at 2242...'
ration or disorders, which are Greek for Alexander's benefit, "From Plato, thru Solon, we
qualitatively different from and the Greek people. learn that the Lost Continent
"Over in Chaldea was anoth- in the pacific, Mu, miscalled
er priest-historian, Berosos. Atlantis, submerged in 9600 B.
eAdimmanb OYriYYleIC1dIS
These two were in top position C, This was when Solon was
to write histories , having told the 'greatest flood of
Ada word, in under advance. access to the archives. The all' occurred. T h i s checks
Egyptians were known to have with the Years of the Egyptian
RON E S T U D Y correspondence complete histories of the past gods.
course in nutrition. Learn ages which Herodotus reported, "History begins with 4000
how to improve your health as did Solon, the Athenian years B.C. circ. 5,000 years
with foods. Your tuition is refunded if your health is not law giver. of history are lost -- they
improved as a result of this So, Berosos wrote the his- were destroyed, guess by whom.
course Very inexpensive. De- tory of his people. Then along George Clements has already
tails free. Nutrition College came the Jews, they wanted a told us.

Broadway, Va. VS-t Book and they wanted, to l i of ''An issuacrtwo ago (of The
I WILL NOT heal low; I will Abraham as their forbear. Ab- ABpH~ the question was
teach you to heal yoprself. raham comes from Asia, and asked, did Jesus live? Yes. He
Additional copies of E-Therapy,
its there are many spellings, none
history. prac- was sent as a Savior to the
tice ^ay behad for 51.00 and practice This Hebrew. Undaunted, the Jews Jews, who needed him. Apollonentitles you to personal ans- took the histories of Egypt sous of Tyana lived AT THE SAME
wgrat aa o^ay a questions andte Ja probleco^g and Chaldea and used it as
thise, wri TIME, but his message was for
Apsel, 2438-A North First St., they pleased, compiling the others than Jews. You see what
Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin. VS-20 Old Testament. That they did happened to him! Eventually,
PRAYER CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. the same with the Essene writ- Truth comes to Light. We are
This recent book by Dr. i - ings (the Dead Sea Scrolls) now beginning to discover these
experimentr ata the beU is admitted, because the Truths because the old and
of Redlands which demonstrates Scrolls prove it. outworn or outmoded is being
the traqsforming value of a "Manetho wrote the Book of cast away that a New World of
union of group psychology and
prayer. The Prayer Foundation Sothis