Volume 8, Issue 5, page 16

seeing a few of those somewhat poorly-laid-out Moral Re-Armament
ads that appeared recently. Noelle wrote for more
information. We got it! Then we got books too. And I must tell
you we are astounded! and fantastically enthusiastic about
what h a s and i s happening thruout the world caused by Moral

"The founder of MRA (the first letters) is a Dr. Frank Buchman,
whose official residence is in Tucson, Ariz., (altho he
seldom is). He 's usually at the MRA Training Centers in Caux,
Switzerland, or Mackinac Tsland. Mich.

"Over 40 years ago Dr. Buchman surrendered his personal will to
God and dedicated himself to following God's will
within his heart and conscience to bring to all individuals and
nations a Moral Re-Armament when God's will and not man's
will directs the affairs and d e s t iny of the world . (Lenin
was still in Switzerland at that time.)

"And so he did, slowly at first, starting with the 'oxford
Movement' in England--and later when Communism began to
spread its class war, everybody - will - share - the - wealth
ideology of Marxism, MRA offered an alternate ideology (as
expressed in the 4 moral principles I wrote of earlier~.

"Communism gained fastest of course (more cash), but in recent
times it is losing to Moral Re-Armament thruout the

"You don't 'join' MRA. You belong to the movement if you practice
the 4 moral principles absolutely and (here is the
similarity between it and Subud, somewhat, and also any other
spiritual practice of any worthl if you allow yourself to be
God-directed. How? Every sincere Derson in MRA practices his and
her 'quiet times ' each day, particularly each and every
A.M. upon awakening (before 'munching'). one simply quiets
himself and listens to the Voice of God in his heart (or
conscience, or whatever one wishes to'call it), and writes down
on paoer (not just listen and remember) all the thoughts and
impressions that come. old dishonest acts may come up. One writes
them down (and later makes amends, I i k e returning
the candy, or equivalent, swiped as a kid from the corner store,
or the 10 grand filched from the First National--'cause.this is
living those 4 moral principles --absolutely!)

"After all the 'junk' of past wrongs, people you've hated, etc.,
have Poured out,


and you've written them down (so as not to easily forget), and
after you have made amends , apologized to all, etc., then
your 'quiet times' can be directions from God as to how to live
your life day by day... so your decisions will be based on
what is right, not who is right...

"Impractical? I thought so. I don't any more. Why? Because of all
I have read about who is in MRA and what it has
already done. It seems that the list of people (of international
stature) who are part of this movement r e ads like Who's
Who of the Non-Communist World...

"Only in the United States do we not get front page news coverage
of MRA. In fact, we don't even get obituary page
coverage on MRA.

"I've known for a long time
that we bad our news media
pretty well controlled by in-
ternational Communism (a nd
selfish interests), but never
to the extent it has become
apparent to me now. How could
anything as vast as MRA in the
world be suppressed so com-
pletely' ' I it's fantastic! ...

"Every time inthe past that noted Europeans like Adenauer and
Japs likeKishi have stated things about MRA while in the
U. S., it has been completely deleted... Senator Wiley was an MRA
man, andno matter how many times he mentioned it
(even in The CONGRESSIONAL RECORD while on the Senate floor),
news media have deleted it. Good grief! God help us!
Some of the Hungarian refugee representatives, after arriving in
the U.S., stated publicly that 'there are more Communists
in America than in Hungary'. (We didn't read of that report
either, did wel) ...

"The Communist line now is to convince Americans they are licked,
Communism is inevitable--and iswinning
everywhere. Isn't that the same line of the American news media?

"This is quite funny, too , because a friend of mine in Tucson, a
noted T-V commentator, who subscribes to Paris 'La
Soir', Zurich's top paper, and the Manchester Guardian-and can
read them all--told me two weeks ago that all three papers
have it on expert authority (European spy network) that the
Russians never did have a man up there. They've burned 7 men-
already in attempts and the American astronaut was the first.
Also, that their satellites are not heavy like they claim, also
that they don't have as much military strength as they claim (all
the way from phony rocket

bases to guns and planes), and the same papers think it laughable
that the U. S. is fooled by the Russians, who are the
greatest liars and phonies in the world...

"They spend so much in the ideological battle around the world,
they haven't a hell of a lot left for actual armament
(which they never expect to have to use anyway). But the Iron
Curtain keeps this info. from us, and they might as well have
it because our boobs in government think so. So it serves the
same purpose.

"And I might add that our apparently controlled news media --
particularly the news services from which all T-V, radio,
and newspapers derive their main info., also act as an iron
curtain here." --Dick Fojut, Tucson, Artz.

0 (D 0

"Like I dig that spade Santa the most to say the least. But-dem
blueeyesl Some thetas sho nuf did some integrat'n ...
Once in New Orleans I passed for Negro in order to see a movie
only being shown in one negro theater. Luckily I still had
my Mexican tan.

"Enjoyed sovery many things in your July -August issue. Really
there was two months' material in it.

"Very much fun. the auditorial,"A True God Can Neither Be Defined
Nor Labeled'. End of first column Page 3-'He (M.F.L.)
suggests an abandonment of " what- I -was- taught" religion and a
little independent thinking for ourselves'. In 'The Sun
Also Rises', Hemingway places just such a 'religion' in one
character's mouthing, 'if it feels good after youVe done it, it's
good. If it feels bad after you've done it, it's bad.' And guess
what, this Empiricist is here to say to all --it works! just to
what end I don't yet know; I haven't reached the end. if indeed
there is one.

"I agree with you 'We'd not include the preamble that"The human
mind cannot understand the way a DivineMind may
think".' If I can conceive of God, who am I but God,
selfconceived? Is not 'God' the self I deeply know I am, but
deny, reject,
and thus, worshiping this God would be to deify myown
self-negation. How can the 'human mind' conceive of 'the Divine
Mind' except this Divine Mind be the reality, unlimited Presence
of 'the human mind'. A Divine Mind can only be what the
human mind conceives, or else how can the human mind know of a
Divine mind?

861 completely enjoyed your

T h e A B E R R E E SEPTEMBERt 1961