Volume 8, Issue 5, page 17

ambiguity in conversing with your friends. But then I have great
f u n w it h paradoxes, koans, and the absurdities
of convention and tradition. As God viewing our absolute universe
we can know that all is purely arbitrary,
involuntary and voluntary, irrational and rational, illogical and
logical, vice as virtue and virtue as vice,
consciousness which is unconscious; nothing which is all and all
which is no thing, the living word forever
undeflned. And ain't it grand!

"Enjoyed the july-August Crawford article - the guy's book should
be very solidly here -now. Sure hope you can
print more of him. And what about Hardin Walsh?

"Dropped a card to Dorothy Springfield thanking her for her fine
contribution to 'This Is What Happened'. makes
me feel guilty for those of us who love The ABERREE should
contribute more than a selftsb , small subscription

"In closing, one suggestion please - a few more articles slanted
to the here-now-youdo-it approach. Like body-sol

id, less transcendental esoter: ica and 'scholarly' Bible
analysis. Yes? "--Randolph Ray, Laguna Beach, Calif.


"The fact that Morris Katzen is teaching alchemy (all chemistry)
which is the ability to transmute the lead (the
weighted physical body) into gold (the purified soul or body of
light), indicates that his teaching may be valuable in
God's work. However, there are some statements of Mr. Katzen that
are not compatible with the whole truth. in the
April ABERREE, he makes this statement, $Jesus Christ is only a
mythical personification of the sexual fluid'.
This limited statement of Christ who, according to biblical
report, is in all and thru all, will incline many to turn
away from such a teaching, rather than embrace it,

"Jesus Christ is no myth

He lives and walks the eart~ today, as He has do n e ever since
He arose from the grave. Too many people have seen
Him to deny this. In January 1957 ~e met with a group of
illumined ones in Old Mexico. He frequently appears to
one who is in great physical danger, as He desires people to live
and glorify God.

"The history of Jesus' life has symbolical meanings, but to limit
Jesus Christ to a mythical Personification of
sexual fluid is an understatement to say the least. The way to
eternal life is found in


the spiritual concept of all things. The art of sex transmutation
is a vital factor in attaining complete redemption of
the human body, but there is more to it than sex control. There
is thought and emotional control without which the
art of sex transmutation cannot be attained. Divine love can be
perfected to the point where it will absorb all desire
for sex, giving a joy far beyond the physical expression of sex .
Nothing is good or bad; the right u s e or misuse of
it makes it so. For a free booklet entitled 'God's Love
Personified', readers can write me."--Martha Baker, Rt. 2,
Box 334, Little Rock, Ark.

(D 0 0

"Hubbard is always talking about overts --but I see that some of
his own coverts are, at long last, coming home
to roost. I refer to the alarm that 'pain- drug- hypnosis' is
being secretly administered in Scientology training
sessions. In the #129 issue of ABILITY, Hubbard Dublisbes a
completely phony evaluation of electropsychometric
responses to queries about pain-drug-hypnosis, and confusing EL
ttentiondiverting hokum that the surges may really
be about the drowning of a cat at midnight, July 12, 1960. A
rather odd hour to be occupied at drowning a cat. This
malarkey has nothing whatever to do with surge-meter
registrations on pain -drughypnosis.

"Any person who has ever had any surgery, or even dentistry, may
register a meter surge on 'pain-drug'. And any
person who has been covertly hypnotized, for any reason not
conducive to his own welfare, or for his victimization,
will of course register a meter surge on 'hypnosis'. And hypnosis
is covertly administered in Scientology training
sessions. Hubbard's procedures of covertly inducing hypnosis
begins in the first book, 'Dianetics, the Science of
Mental Health'. At the bottom of Page 199, we read: 'The patient
sits in a comfortable chair, with arms, or lies on a
couch in a quiet room where perceptic distractions are minimal.
The auditor tells him to look at the ceiling. The
auditor says: "When I count from one to seven, your eyes will
close " The auditor then counts fr;m one to seven and
keeps counting quietly and pleasantly until the patient closes
his eyes. A tremble of the lashes will be noticed in
optimum reverie" (i.e., hypnosis.1

"This hypnotizing technique


is not very covert; Scientology has certainly advanced a long way
from there in the administration of covert
techniques. There would be nothing at all 'bad' about this, if
the techniques were honestly labeled, if the motivation
were the enhancement of the inductee's welfare, and the
procedures Drofessionally and genuinely competent.

"The incompetency of the Scientology gimmicks seems disclosed in
" '

"How many times during the past 10years has similar hokum ~een
put out?"--Volney G.Mathison, Los Angeles,

"T 0 0 0

I disagree with Dr. Crawford when he appraises communication with
entities in the H.W. (Heaven World) as
being for the continued purpose of questioning whether they are
still there, and alive. When Dr, Crawford visits with
his friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., is that, too, for the
purpose of double-checking their existencel What's wrong
with consulting with friends?

"Dr. Crawford charges those who communicate regularly with
H.W.entities as unknowing people. He states that
to pursue this is destructive. Then he does what never should be
done by honest-minded people. Having only made
that statement, he continues from that point with that word which
is not a fact but a statement, and says, 'To
continue in this destructive pattern of mind will lead only to
hell '. Like hell it will,

"Dr. Crawford, you say in your third paragraph 7th line, 'We who
know'. I challenge you and that statement.
Who are the 'we'? and 'know' what? 'Point the way' where?

"I alsochallenge the legitimacy of the Great Brotherhood * It may
be an organization like the Elks, Masons , Odd
Fellows, but it h as no roots in life after death, and is not
linked with God. This pretension to superknowledge is
builtup by false pride, and love of appearance of
grandeur."--Jacob Apsel, Milwaukee, Wis.


"I sincerely hope the fol lowing will either clarify o; really
muddy up the water for Morris Katzen's theory of
Void, Substance, Vacuum, and Matter.

"The American College Dictionary (Random House. 19581