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HERE is a power that can help us to achieve great things. This
power is like gravity or
electricity in that it is here and we do not have to create it.
This power does not flow. It
is everywhere. It is always in the universe. It Pervades all

Do you know w h a t el ectricity is? You do know what it is used
for, what it can do. Yet
it does not do anything unless it has a conductor. This same fact
applies to the power of
Zora. Zora has this conductor. This conductor will conduct the
power if we will only use it.

What power? I hear you asking. The power that makes it possible
to walk on water, for
instance. I tell you that those who have learned to call upon and
use this power have striven
long and hard to achieve, We must understand that the conductor
is in existence this minute,
ready to use. We doubt, and so the conductor lies idle, and we
lose our precious gift. To
gain the use of this conductor, we must think of this power as in
ourselves. We must think of
ourselves as part of this power. We must think of the power as
being as much a part of us as
our fingers are. You start by thinking of yourself as all things
outside of yourself. We have
to connect the conductor from our side. It is like an electrical
appliance with adisconnected
cord. Fiddling with the appliance is not going to make it work.
you must Dlug it in -as we
must plug in the conductor to get the power we seek.

Things in the world do not appear to us as they do to Zora. The
physical eyes see things
in adistorted way. Zora sees them as they are. Zora pervades all
things. That is why we must
think of ourselves as all things. The body thoughts cancel Zora
pictures, and substitute
thoughts of a body, or Two, nature.

The eyes withwhich we see send the pictures to the body brain,
which is a sort of
switchboard. The pictures are transferred directly to the
Original Mind, the Two mind. The
Iris, or Zora, mind does not have direct communication with the
analyzer, due to the
disconnected conductor. We must clearly understand that the
disconnection is from this end of
the conductor and not from the Zora end. If we could send sight
straight to Zora and receive
direct from Zora, we would be able to understand Zora thoughts
without any difficulty.

What we are trying to do is to educate the Two mind to receive
and transmit Zora pictures
without distorting or shorting them out. We do use the conductor
to Zora sometimes, such as
moments of great emotional stress when the Two is in a state of

When we have achieved direct communication with Zora, we will be
able to have our bodies
as we wish them to be. The difficulty now is that we can
communicate only as if it were thru
a third party, by using pictures. The use of pictures is a chancy
thing because the Pictures
do not mean the same thing to each side of our nature. Often, the
Zora picture is changed in
the process of transmission. We must never change a picture which
we have once

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must never change a picture which we have once used as a certain
thing. Thus we can, with
patience, build up our own symbology, our vocabulary to and from
Zora. We must make the
effort , make the path, make the tracks ourselves.

When we have relearned to understand Zora pictures, or have by
faith and patience
develoDed a new symbology, then we may speak directly to Zora.
Nine told us that this is

Nine learned to communicate with us byI earning to use the I
etters of the Ouij a board,
which are themselves a sort of picture. Nine, in order to talk to
us, must translate his
pictures into words, then use the board to spel 1 o u t the words
- more di f f icul t, I
suppose, t h an it would be for a Frenchman to translate his
thoughts into English in order
to communicate with me. Pictures are symbols. Pictures are the
first things that the Two
learned from Zora. Long ago, neople lost the art of understanding
and sending Zora pictures,
and so lost the path to Light.

Zora communicates with Zora thru a kind of picture symbology. We
communicate with Zora
thru pictures whose symbology we don't always understand. What we
need do is devise a set of
pictures with a definite meaning agreed upon between ourselves
and Zora.

Each picture Zora sends you must be interpreted by you. When you
and Zora agree on an
interpretation, a beginning is made in communication. If we don't
work and create an
interpretation-, no symbology can become a reality.

It is n ot what the pictures mean to another that is important;
it is what a picture means
to you that counts. Do not tell others of your symbols. To do so
takes away their power and
their meaning becomes diffused and scattered. Your symbols are
your own, for you.

Sometimes symbols come to you in dreams, if you will but strive
to understand. Zora can
and sometimes does communicate with us in our dreams. The Two
also gives us dreams, and they
get so mixed up that often the meaning of the Zora dream is lost.
Zora dreams are silent.
They are victures, or a series of picturessometimes with motion,
sometimes still. Two dreams
are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. All nightmares
are of Two origin. So often a
good Zora dream gets so scrambled with a Two dream that all
chance of interDreting the Zora
dream is lost. once in awhile we get a true and clear Zora dream,
which needs only our
interpretation to be a guide and mentor to US.

This is an example of a Zora dream which was given to us to
interpret: A dark woods with
trees and brush set thickly about a dim and narrow path. There
was snow on the path. When we
were asked to interpret it, not one of us made a good

Nine said: "Notice that the oath has no tracks in the snow. You
must make your own
tracks." There are no marks on this trail. No blazed trail at all
-only a dim, barely
perceDtible path. We must build the highway.

To acquire Zora sight, we must think of the conductor from Zora
to the conscious mind.
Everyone has the conductor, but most of us do not use it. Because
we listen to the thoughts
of Two, which are of course thoughts of the body and bodily
things, we deny ourselves the use
of the conductor of the nower of Zora. As long as we do not use
the conductor, Two can remain
in his lazy, sleepy life of just barely existing, which is his
choice. To acquire the use of
and to use the power of Zora requires both effort and skill.
Skill is only to be obtained
thru long practice.

(To be continued next issue)

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