Volume 8, Issue 5, page 12

wife called from her bedroom, "I think I hear someone
walkingoutside. Do you?" I assured her I did and went out to
investigate. I found no one and no longer heard anyone. When I
returned , I found the dog still atthe alert, pointing at the
door, all her hackles straight up like the spines ona porcupine.
She was rumbling away at a great rate -her way of telling us
she was really annoyed. And all thru these happenings, a dog in
the field was making the night hideous with mournful

Next evening, we went to see Lulu. She had phoned us shortly
before to tell us of the death of her friend. She also told us
about the experiences her neighbors to the north and

south had during the night, and we told her what had happened at
our place. She thought it strange that during all this
commotion, she and her husband had remained peacefully asleep. We
thought so too.

It seems to us that the desire to have her vacation in the valley
was so strong with Kode that even her passing couldn't
keep her from coming to the valley and manifesting as best she
could. Why she came to us and not to her friend is a
question we cannot answer, for who can say whether Kode has gone
on, or whether she is still enjoying her visit-but unable
to make her presence known.

- Ulysses G. Kretzmer, Romoland, Calif.


Santi Ptiya Ghosh. 104 P0.
$1.50 Ppd. Pub. by Aloke Kumar
Ghosh, Qr. No. GIL-41155,
Steel Twp., P. 0. Durgapur-4,
Burdwan (West Bengal) India.

Man, the author of "I Am the Wonder of Wonders" seeks to prove,
is a very wonderful being. He alone, of all the
creations surrounding his insentient body, is sentient. He alone
can say, "I am God! "_ yet be not God, but that which
declares itself to be God. And there is none to dispute him . Not
even a God.

The mountains, the moon the sun, the earth -all the so-called
"marvels" of the universe - have no power to know they
are mountains, moon, sun, earth-or even that there is such a
thing as man, who gives them labels and identities. They, like
the body in which man has his being, are fixed "truths",
established by the Me- making them relative truths and not Truths
Absolute . only Me, Ghosh says, is Truth Absolute, with the
ability to declare that this is so.

Ghosh, in sending a copy of the book to The ABERREE, wrote : "The
author (my most reverend father) tried to unveil
the mystery of the supreme reality"-and undoubtedly, reading it
will shake the reality of many readers.

For example, the author says that today's planes are mere whiffs
of a "history that repeats itself "; that King Salya of
India had a plane capable of carrying 5,000 soldiers at one time
-which is recounted in the "Bhagbat", one of the apcient
documents ofworld civilization. And journeys to the moon and
other planets were as easy as a trip from India to

England - a fact verifiable in the "Hindu - Purans". German
scholars, he says, obtained much valuabledata from a study of
the ancient Hindu Shastras, written in Sanskrit.

In summation, Ghosb asks: "is there a God?" and answers with a
definite"Yes!" Quoting the"Vedas", he concludes that
"This culprit I, this villain 1, this pandit I, this illiterate
1, this fool 1, this blind I, this lame I, this ignorant I, this
rich I,
this non-believer 1, this writer 1, this reader I, am God ... Am
I then God? No, certainly not. It is not the truth: it is the
nearest to the truth ... I fail to know what I am. I am the
miracle of miracles! I am the wonder of wonders!"

And I am Trah Nika.

THE RACE PROBLEM, by Dr. John H. Manas, Ph.D., N.D., Ms. D. 96
pp. , $1.50. Pythagorean Society, 152 W. U2, New

The present integration law between the races enforced upon our
people by the Federal Government will come down in
history as "The American Political Inquisition" of our time. The
Cosmic law is that each race is different from any other and
their blood should never mix.

At the convention of the American Association of Blood Banks in
Chicago in 1959, an important scientific paper was
read,prepared by John Scudder. M. D. , director of the blood
bank, Columbia - Presbyterian Medical Center, Newyork, and
William D. Wigle, M.D., medical director of the Canadian Red
Cross blood bank service, at Hamilton, ont. It stated: "To
obtain satisfactory and safe results from blood transfusions the
following donor categories should be followed: 1. Patient's
own blood. This is the safest, a practice which is slowly gaining
headway in large medical centers in the U. S. 2. The
second saf est transfusion is from an identical twin. 3. The
family donor .



4. Should one be unable to find a suitable donor from any one of
these three categories, one should next turn to
members of the patient 's o w n ethnic o r national group, and,
5. Blood donors from one's own
race." The report, by these prominent and expert doctors on blood
, ends as follows: "In the
selection of blood donors, the policy, 'Unto each his own', with
the family relative assuming
a far m ore important role, is the future pattern of blood

Human blood is a most mysterious substance an d our politicians
and even most of our
scientists know very littl e or nothing at al I about the
metaphysical properties, aspects,
and influence of the human blood.

only a competent metaDbysician knows this mystery of the human
blood. The blood is the
seat of the human soul and as such it carries with it the
feelings, the passions, the mental
vibrations, and th e spiritual traits of the blood donor. For
this reason, metaphysical
schools all over the world are against blood transfusions in any
shape or form, and against
mixed marriages.

Segregation is a Cosmic law in operation thruout Nature. This
great problem which faces
our nation today is going to be solved by itself gradually thru
the Cosmic law of
reincarnation, as explained in the book, " The Race Problem".

Solution of this problem is the job of scientists and
metaphysicians and not the work of
politicians, judges, or irresponsible demagogs. It is a great
crime to sacrifice our people
at the altar of ignorance. fanaticism, and political demagogy for
the selfish interests and
the political ambitions of a small minority of doubtful
patriotism in the promotion of their
foreign ideologies of integration and the equality of allmen. No
man can violate the laws of
nature and of God with impunity. - Dr. John H. Manas.