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Undoubtedly, this planet on which so many of us are goofing away
our heritage, is headed for destruction! Any
day, now, we can expect to awaken and find it unnecessary to
shave, shine our shoes, or worry about getting to
work on time at store, shop, or office.

Because, on that day, we'll be facing what has been imaged up for
the earth and the inhabitants thereof for all of
recorded history. Since Jesus' time, the world has been peopled
by four classes:

Disaster mongers, who have no limits onthe inventive genius with
which they "Prove"-usually by a
questionable history called"The Bible"--that "the end of the
world is at hand";

Impressionable persons, who believe the calamity bowlers . and
waste their productive potentials preparing for
something that never comes (for them);

Skeptics, so busy trying to get control over a big share of the
world that they "can't be bothered" by anything
that threatens their ownership; and

The innocent, who know only that today is beautiful, and the
world is wonderful. These "ignorant savages " have
not yet been exposed to the proper missionaries of doom--but
their ranks are thinning.

in a history of eternity unquestionably this planet did not
always exist - and during that existence. it has suffered
much. There is evidence of ice ages, sunken continents, stellar
collisions, floods, earthquakes, politicians. And if
man has lived an eternity. he must have survived all these
disasters - someway, somehowmaybe not"in thethick of
it". but many are still around. of course, few of us can remember
all the calamities that have happened to us, but
half of us can't remember what we were

POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infiniteness of Man
is not reduced to a"split infinity" by wars, taxes, or"experts"
who seek to sell him what be
already has in an infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change our minds from issue
to issue, or even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each Man has the inherent right to be his own and
only"Author- I ity"-with his wife's permission.

Sub-Sub-Sub-Policy: We have no objection to "educated guesses"
about Man's destiny - if there's no price tag to it. and if
theguesser has no objection to our
guessing that he's only guessing.


doing yesterday, or even a small part of the data that teachers
and parents so carefully drilled into us during
our"learning years".

In our own lifetime, we remember tales of frightened fanatics who
gave away all they possessed, and awaited the
coming of a comet that, they'd been told, signalled "the end of
the world". one of the largest agencies of delirium
drew to its ranks much of its following by such ill-omened
gibberish as "millions now living will never die".
Which proved a good slogan to mulct dollars from the
gulliblewithout putting any undertakers out of business.

Today, one can hardly pick up a magazine - especially the
so-called "psychic" type that attracts its readers with
sensational ism -without finding much of it devoted to the
disaster that is to come. On one page, we read that the
weight of ice at the South Pole is tipping the world, and only
those on choice mountain tops can survive the watery
massacre; on another page, we are told that a life-killing iceage
is approaching, for any one of a half-dozen carefully
##proven" reasons. And before we get over the shivers this
picture presents, we read that a passing comet may drive
us into the sun's magnetic attraction, burning us to cinders.

Even if any ONE of these predictions be true-and all have the
common and fateful condemnation that there isn't
much we can do about it, except buy a book or pamphlet and read
more of the gory detailswhat is to be gained by
stampeding the mentally weak and emotionally unstable? Will they,
with this manufactured panic, be able to do any
more for themselves or their neighbors than was done by the poor

misguided flocks who gathered for doomsday prayers during the
heavy Leonid showers in the early part of this

We once knew a man who was so certain God was coming soon to
destroy the world with fire and brimstone-"as
it warns in the Bible"-that he could talk of nothing else. It
must have been a great disappointment to him that he
died of pneumonia.

Since man is a creative creature, it isnot unlikely that
theseprophets of doom, at the rate they seem to be
flourishing, will create, mentally, the very condition on which
they are now waxing fat. But it seems we have
enough to do, watching to see that our hollow-headed politicians
and callous-bottomed militarists do not lead us into
a man-made disaster, without looking for an "inevitable"
catastrophe that we can blame on Nature, or on God, thru a
fostered ignorance that is more acceptable than is personal
responsibility for whatever happens, be it-good or bad.

But for the rest of us-who believe life is to be lived and not
spent mentally dying in some morbidly- conceived
mass disaster - it can be no worse drowning in a mile-high wal I
of ocean washing in across the lowlands than to
lose one's physical existence in s o me less flamboyant manner,
as millions do every year.

of course, there are those who have allowed their lives to get so
dull that they need the stimulus of disaster to
keep them interested - a sort of drug, like marijuana, or opium.
And, unfortunately, there are-if we are to believe the
aforementioned magazines-plenty of "dopepeddlers" willing to sell
it to them.

However, it's one hell of a way to make a I iving.