Volume 8, Issue 5, page 18

defines Mr. Katzen's theoretical terms as -

"VOID--n(6) an empty space, ie: the void of heaven

"VAC - U - UM -- n (1) a space void of matter

"MAT-TER--n(l) the substance or substances of which physical
objects consist or are composed. (2) physical or
corporeal substance in general (whether solid, liquid, or
gaseous) ie: known to be occupying space; STUFF, a less technical
word, with approximately the same meaning.

"Mr. Katzen is in a void trying to find a vacuum. There is no
such thing as a perfect vacuum, and if such a problem was
attempted the outside pressure per square inch would crush the
container, object, or VOID. What's the MATTER am I
confusing? I hope I am. Now, everyone go sit in the corner and
play jibberty-lip."--T. B. Eure, Bowrs Hill, Va.

G 0 E)

"In Mrs.Eva Woodford's letter in May issue she asks about
menstruation, pollutions, etc. which shows she must be a
new subscriber since I have wrote on this before. There is a
dietetic science of chastity already in operation on earth ,
without theorizing about Mars, and the fruits of the tree of life
are available now to enable the regeneration if anyone has
the will and knowledge to seek for it. In my teaching of this
science which we call 'Vitarianism', I and hundreds of students
have found that sex losses can be eliminated in both sexes, that
the story of the Garden, tho the oldest, is the truest and the
most practical contemporary solution to regeneration of the race.

"To eat of the tree of life is just that: partake of living fruit
and fruit juices, abundant in living water. There are two kinds
of fruits, of life and death. In Genesis 1-29, it distinguishes
the two --we are to eat those fruits that yield a seed, which
would mean fruits that don't yield their seed when eaten are the
forbidden fruit, in which case would be nuts and tree seeds
that are destroyed by chewing. Without seed substance t he male
does not produce semen and the female does not prepare
ova for fecundity which is eliminated as menstruation when there
isno fertilization. What happens is thatone simply
returns to pre-puberty status of youth. To do this live on a diet
of navel orange juice with pulp, a quart for each meal three
times a day, or apples , peaches, or some other fruit


juice with similar acid, sweet and liquid balance in its living
(fresh from tre0 state. This is atried and well tested method
without theories about life on other planets -- the earth has
life, while Mars may have what we call death, or purgatory, or s
o m e strange status we are unable to imagine--just because we
have life here doesn't mean life need exist on another planet
of our universe. In fact, there may be many elements and statuses
on different heavenly bodies that are unique for this
particular planetary system. We got enough to do here to out
things in order, without ord~ring the rest of universe by our
standards. So Eva of Lost Creek, W.Va., can be in Paradise and
eat of the tree of life immediately and stop defilement and
realize eternal

youth now ...

"I am not theorizing about heaven on another plane, space people,
etc., but tell you biological facts which may be
strange in their application in a new field, with material
results anyone can experience for themselves...

"What you say 'What One Sells He No Longer Possesses' is true; I
know from my own experience, too. Health and
spiritual teachers thus lose their most valuable possessions, for
the sake of others?'~-J. Lovewisdon, Otavalo, 9cuado-r.

(D 0 0

"Thanks for the fine job with my article in the JulyAugust
ABERREE. I had a hard time getting 'scientists' to understand
the simple facts. They prefer to deal with imaginary ideas like
'curved space', 'particles of light', 'anti-matter', $curved lines
of force' , etc. Perhaps your readers will grasp the simple
facts, especially the fact that outer space is filled with
The existence of ether in outer space is still a controversial
issue a mo ng scientists.

"Also, thanks for mentioning the white powder that can cure
cancer. I have a feeling that somebody will try to expose it
as a fraud. I only claimed that there is a white powder that can
cure cancer. It is a true statement. I originally received from
the Holy Spirit the information about the existence of a white
powder that can cure cancer, but was told that it was a secret.
It took me years to learn the secret and to understand how the
white powder can cure cancer. The Holy Spirit merely gave the
information to prove to me how ignorant


human beings can be, especially the medical profession.

"Russell P. Jones wrote a great letter. I do possess important
knowledge, but I do not want to
slaughter human beings to get buman beings to accept the truth.
The method of tyranny and
slaughter belong to the churches who preach the golden rule and
brotherly love . Mr. Jones is
right; when I went after money I got money, and when I went into
spiritual work to attain
inner peace, I attained inner peace and health. I am not
complaining about the fact that
people do not give, but I am reporting facts, and it is a fact
that I cannot get what I need
without paying money for it, nor can my teachings be spread
widely without large sums of
money. I am capable of earning a good income outside of spiritual
work. My complaint centers
around the fact that I am wasting time and money in an almost
fruitless effort to help
humanity, but that human beings do not want to do what is right
to help themselves. Mr. Jones
is not altogether right about spiritual healing. It is true that
'Healing comes from one
source only, and that is from God, Spirit, the Inner Man'. The
source is within the healer.
The healing power does not come from without thru the healer as a
channel except via the food
eaten by the healer. The degree of healing power depends on how
much light the healer has
added to his own being-theInner Man. The healing power comes from
within the healer and
within the patient. That is why a patient who dissipates the
sexual fluid cannot be healed by
any means. There are no exceptions to natural laws. Finally, the
Inner Man is God. Every body
has its own God within." --Morris Katzen, Cooks Falls, N. Y.

0 E) 0

"So you distributed 75 sample copies at the meeting (a lecture by
Arthur Burks in Oklahoma
City) and not one returned coupon? Now, what a crying shame! And
you wonder if it was the
Devil cover, or if you said something out of order.

"Couldn't it be that some don't like the 'Sexology', as Louis
called it? Could it be that
some have teenagers in the home and know they'll learn perhaps
too soon?... Or. maybe your
Hart toHeart column shows favorites. Of what use is this to
readers in Australia, England,
Canada, or points N.S.E. W.')"-- John Dobbs, S. Burnaby, B.C.,