Volume 8, Issue 5, page 15

1~ee for



Send your question direct to LOUIS. Care The ABERREE. Box 528.
Enid. E n c I ose self-
addressed, S tamped envelope for personal r a, ply In case there
is not room for an answer In

DEAR LOUIS-- You wrote me

sometime ago and answered my questions qui te correctly.

Then, almost like a fleeting thought, you mentioned seeing a boat
as youfocused my life's pattern. Well, this had
no meaning for me, and Probably had none for you. To my sur

tri se, this summer I was on a w York quiz show, and of al I
things I won a boat . The oues

tion now is - what does one do with a boat in Tucson?--L.T.,
Tucson, Ariz.

DEAR FRIEND - -Much of what ~omes thru me has little meaning to
me. and I do not recall telling you of the
boat. I don't even recall writing you. Anyway, thank you. You
could take the boat down to Mexico and sail it. or
whatever one does with a boat. But, have no fear. By the time
this is in print. your husband will have sold the boat.

DgAR LOUIS-Would you write about color as it is apPlicable in
occult work.

Long Island, X.Y.

DEAR P.K. -- Color is one of the important studies and phases of
cosmic development

As a matter of fact, it is th~ foundation. To go into it properly
would take pages. Read the little book by Dr. N.
S.Hanoka on the"Visible Spectrum Theory". This book can be
obtained for a quarter from Bharti Assoc.
Publications, New York.

D9AR LOUIS-- My husband and I have been married 51 years, and now
I don't think I know the man I married.
How can I cope with this situation?--M. S., Paterson, N.J.

DEAR FRIEND - - Shame on you. After all these years you want to
give up what you two have built
together. You indicate the sore spot-to be the change

in your husband. Honey, don't you know we all change? That's what
makes life interesting and exciting. Now, you
two kids better kiss and make uo, or I'll have to turn you both
over my knee.

D9AR LOUIS 41 We certainly did enjoy your visit to L as Vegas.
You mentioned that you were thinking of
opening a metaphysical retreat, but you gave no details of tAere
-and tahen. Could you fi II us in on some o

~ the de tai Is, as of now?

N , Las Vegas, Nev.

DEAR FRIEND-At present my retreat plans are in the doream state,
for it will take money to build the structure
I have in mind. The retreatwill house some 12 to 18 persons, and
it will be a Place to "retread tired souls". Organic f
o o d will be served, plus much spiritual food. Such a place is
needed for oeople of metaPhysical and occult

DgAR LOUIS- Cong-ratulationsl Up to this time about 90 Percent of
your JanuaryFebruary Predictions have
come to pass. We just -read of Princess Margaret's announcement
of her forthcoming child. Can we look for
another set of Predictions for next year?H. F., San Francisco,

DEAR H.F. - I am not in the predicting business. That is, I
prefer to work with individuals rather than with
world affairs. But, if You want me to (and *Mr. Hart), I'll be
glad to take another 1 ook-see at this wonderful world
of ours. I was very pleased to see that Margaret is about to
become a mother.-She is a fine person and will make a
good mother. She has a warmth that her sister does not have - but
being a queen is a hard occupation.

(*ED. NOTE-You don't have to twist our arm. just send in the
predictions. We'll print almost anything we think our
readers appreciate.)


DgAR LOUIS-I don't see what all these eople are raving about you
teing so fabulous. Seems to me you only
use intelligence in your answers-F. IF., Long Beach, Calif.

DEAR N.T.-It is not me that the people call fabulous. but the
Father that works thru me. The intelligence I use
is not the intelligence of a person-in this case Louis-rather my
information comes from Di, vine intelligence - and
brother, this is fabulous.


Ed im i

"Noelle and I are persisting with the Subud exercises. Our Subud
center here miraculously always been able to
pay its rent in the last 2 years, no matter how tiny the
contributing membership has gotten at times. We leave it up
to God. If He wants it to continue, enough will keep being
donated to make the rent...

"Have you or your wife ever heard about moral Re-Armament? We had
never heard of it before lV2 years ago
when a special showing for a new film came to town for a one-day
apPearance. It was called 'Freedom'. It got no
announcement in the paper or on T-V (that I noticed), but the
Mayor and all other *noted' leaders of the community
were in attendance... Noelle came back raving (in a rather
ecstatic manner) about this marvelous film, acted out
entirely by Africans which gave a moral meaning to life. She
related that Moral Re-Armament 'taught' people to
live by 4 moral standards-absolute honesty, absolute
unselfishness, absolute purity, and absolute love (not just part
of the time, or in a rationalized way. but absolutely all of the

"She said the speakers (after the film), who were from many parts
of the world, said this was the answer to
Communism and materialism thruout the world, and that it h a d
proved successful in preventing Communism to
win in places.

"I thought this was very noble and agreed with it 100%, but
obviously this.is totally impractical for the kind of
world we live in now. (After all, the same things are supposed to
be part of all the world , a religions, and just look
at the worldn

"So we Procrastinated as usual for A years until after