Volume 6, Issue 7, page 9

The Swindle
of Mytholicism
PREVIOUSLY stated that the atom appears
as the Primary Unit. Below the atom are
the electrical elements of which the atom
is composed; and above the atom are the
diverse formations that are composed of
atoms. Accordingly, every organized form
above the atom, including man, is just an aggregation of atoms.

This evidence proves that atoms possess
power to do creative work , producing everything known, a fact which further proves that
atoms possess consciousness of what they are
doing, mind to guide them in their work , and
intelligence to direct their processes to constructive ends.

A. Gaskell , in "What Is Life?", described
Living Matter as "an atomic system that is organized and interpenetrated by another system
that is Life," and added:
"These two systems (functioning as a unit)
are constituted of the same kind of ultimate
elements (positive and negative electrons),
but are built on different patterns."
Of this Life System, Dr. C. S. Page, in his
work, "Ax The Life Atom", said: "Electricity
is the Nerve Force, and the Nerve System is
perfectly suited for the function of this
(electrical) force." Read all the orthodox
medical books on Earth, and not one of them
gives an intelligent description of Nerve
Force. Not a medical school in the world
teaches that Nerve Force is Electrical Force.

Sir en. Crookes, one of the world's great
scientists, said in 1895 that the atom is a
living entity, a vibrant world, possessing the
consciousness, mind, and intelligence to choose
its own path, (1) to select and (21 reject,
and possesses the properties of (3) sensation
and (4) volition.

These four properties of the atom form the
four cardinal points of the Solar Cross, invented a million years ago to symbolize the
idea of remembering past incarnations is of
little value to one in present time. We are
speaking of the average person. When you come
to that point in consciousness where the memory
of the past passes before your inner vision
automatically, then you have understanding.
But to open the reservoir of the subconscious
by the hypnotic route is, to the average person, a very unsettling experience. It is the
experience of the more advanced or experienced
persons that, when they come to the area of
the subconscious which opens to reveal the
past, they are at a place in understanding
that they can dismiss it without a moment's
notice, with the realization that it has been
a dream anyway, and the important thing is now.
So why not follow the example of the ones who
have gone on before, rather than waste time
dabbling in the maze of the mind?
There are two kinds of persons who cannot be
hypnotized by ordinary means. The first type
is the person who h as a subconscious block
against being hypnotized because of a basic
fear. The second type is impossible to be hypnotized because he has the realization of the
one mind, in all and thru all, and hence cannot accept the idea that a part of the universal mind can control or direct another
part. The first is conditioned against the experience; the latter has risen above it.

Autoconditioning, while having its advantages in that it allows one to condition the
mind more to the heart's desire, is still a
form of control, and is therefore limiting to
you as a free soul. It involves the process of
visualization and is a form of self-hypnotism.

Some have argued that meditation and affirmation are forms of autoconditioning, but
nothing could be further from the truth. Autoconditioning is a process of conditioning the
consciousness by adding new ideas and viewpoints according to personal considerations.
While it is possible for one to plan a way of
life which may be better than the present
standard by this method, the planning itself
stems from a conditioned consciousness and is
still therefore a created situation. Persons
who try to convince themselves into the belief
that they are of a certain state of consciousness, when they are really not in this state,
simply delude themselves and cannot, of course,
perform in this world as they would be able to
do if their level of consciousness were genuine.

It is better, of course, from the social
standpoint to have a consciousness conditioned
into the state of prosperity, emotional stability, health, and so on. But this is still a
humanly-planned thing, a creation of the mind,
and therefore will not last. It is just as
easy for one to be bound with golden chains as
with iron chains. No matter whether one is
conditioned to react in a positive manner or a
negative one, as long as he is compulsively
reactive, he is bound.

True contemplation, on the other hand, releases us from all conditioning so that we see
reality as it is, so that we are free from the
bonds of compulsive behavior and have a new
set of values. Self-conditioning is an active,
effort process. True contemplation is a 1 etting-go process, a listening process, as it

A person who is hypnotized along constructive lines for present-time survival behavior
is still hypnotized. And we must heed the
words of the mystics thruout time and awaken
from the sleep of duality.

Many persons are intrigued these days with
the possibility of making progress thru sleeplearning. That is, by having a tape recording
with a constructive message play during the
hours of twilight sleep, constructive suggestion can be introduced to the subconscious.
This period of twilight sleep (usually just
after one drops off) is a good time for this
because then the analytical mind is shut down.
That is the part of the mental apparatus which
monitors the inflow of sense experience and
files it according to conditioned reflexes.
Then the subconscious, which accepts anything
introduced to it as literally true, is wide

But we see the extreme necessity of suggestion in the proper way. Now, my thought is not
to work on conditioning the subconscious, but
rather work at using suggestion to decondition
the subconscious, to remove existing blocks
and patterns ; then, by suggestion, call out
the good which is within the individual to
come forth into expression in a natural and
wonderful way.