Volume 6, Issue 6, page 18

of God, mainly because God
doesn't have any image to be
made in the image of...
"THE LOST CHRIST -- Apparently, just as Mary Baker Eddy
tried to make Jesus a doctor,
Wayne Trubshaw tries to make
Him an electronics engineer.
The Moslem theologians make
Jesus to be a prophet, which I
think is more nearly right -- if
Jesus existed, of course.
"ANCIENT WISDOM -- Tarot pack
and pyramid. I think it's quite
established the Great Pyramid
was constructed by human hand
My new address:
c/ o Federal Electric Corp.

Montreal Airport
Dorval, Quebec, CANADA

the 8-8008 lectures on Scientology by Dr. L. R.Hubbard.
Reprint edition. While they
last. $2. The ABERREE, B ox
5 2 8. Enid, Okla.
labor and available building
machines and tools, the sane
as the other Egyptian architecture. The Pyramid's easy.
But the Sphinx -- how did they
get that head mounted? " -- Fred
Hand, Houston, Tex.
"Help -- please!
"We have been out of communication for almost 3 years
and have decided that Northern
Canada is not for us. No Aberree! Now, would you or your
kind publisher please tell us
how we can catch up?
"What happened to Mr. John
Brown and his wonderful B-Cell?
I have written to California
and get no answer. And what,
pray tell, is N-Stress and Subud? Where do I get the technique? We are se far out of
date, we feel like lost sheep.
Washington talks again of 'the
clear' and apparently is back
on the E-meter and longer and
better course.
"I 'm trying to get Fort
Worth to accept me as a Scientologist, but so far have done
better as a "beauty-figure"
consultant ... and in clinical
"Sorry to hear about Don
Purcell. I knew him when I
studied Dianetics in Wichita
in 1953." -- Valera Woker, Fort
North, Texas.
"You did a splendid job in
reviewing LANDOFLIGHT. Should
make some Christians think if
able to think. And both the
medical trust and the church
will do some thinking when
they read that red-hot article
by Niram A. Cromwell ...
"Let me tell you something:
My mother had 7 children , they
were never vaccinated nor inoculated, we never had a doctor in our house, and all those
7 children are alive today,
every one in their 70's and
80's. My father didn't drink
nor use tobacco, and my mother
was kept too busy to spend time
cooking cakes and pies and
other tasty dishes. And we
never worried about vitamins
and mineral salts. Neither did
we have to breathe air poisoned with the exhaust gas of
thousands of cars and trucks.
Our wonderful civilization!" --
George Clements, Sebring, Fla.