Volume 6, Issue 6, page 13

in the Bible? -- -M,6., Anderson,

DEAR M.H. -- j did not mean
this as -a direct quote. However, if you read thru the Bible you will find this said
again and again. The passage I
like is from Isaiah 45:7: "I
form the light and create darkness; I make peace, and create
evil; I the Lord do all these

DEAR LOUIS -- I was reading
thru a book and it said that
all is spirit. Bow about material things, are they spirit? --
T.A., i'ucson, Ariz.

DEAR FRIEnD -- Everything is
spirit, but in different form.

DEARLOOIS -- WIw stole m y Man and the material world is
watch?—S.I., Fairmount, Cal. pie, rit if you tfly crystalized.
freeze eze. waterPer, you
p you u
DEAR S. M. -- No one stole have ice; if you heat it, you
your watch. You placed it on have steam. The sane goes --
the windowsill above the sink , take a hunk of spirit and crysand, somehow, it was knocked talize it , and you have man .
into your disposal. At pres- •
ant, it is very much ground DEAR LOUIS -- Most of sy
up. I shouldn't tell you this. ifr at ends
are are going into &bad;
your views on it? I
but your husband is giving you
a much prettier one for your
like )our birthday ERREE r a in the AB
next month. Francisco,y mn rs Calif.

DEAR LOUIS—Can the aura be DEAR H.J. -- Quite frankly, I
photographed? I thought it was think that Subud is the biga spiritual vibration. -- C. L., gest farce to hit the country
Monroe, Miss. since P. T. Barnum. But maybe
DEAR FRIEND- -You are quite you need such in your life-so ,
right, the aura cannot be pho- do not let my thinking stop
tographed and therefore cannot you.
be read. There are those who •
claim to get messages that way DEAR LOUIS—Orchids to you.
but whatever they get must be My cat returned in three days
from other sources, not the lust as you said it would. Now
photograph . I've another question : inhere
• is Mother' s old-fashioned pen?
DEAR LOUIS -- In the July- We have turned the house inside
August issue of ABERREE, you and out and can't find it.—P.
quoted, "I am the God of Good I., Anderson, Ind.
and Evil". Would you please DEAR FRIEND -- I ' 11 take
tell me where I can find this brown orchids. As to the pen,
take the drawer out of the
desk , and feel around inside.
It is in a hollow place 'way
in the back.

DEAR LOUIS -- My wife says I
should write you because you
told her girl friend she was
going to get married, and, by
golly, we went to the weddingg
last Sunday. The question I
want to ask is: Will this fara
ever pay, or should I sell it?
-- B. R., Louisville, ly.

DEAR B. R.- -If I were you,
I'd get rid of the present
farm and get one that has richer soil. I'd call your present
farm worn out. I would hold
tight until next spring, then
put your farm on the market
and look for another. Hope you
enjoyed the wedding.
To die, cry; to live, love.

Crump' s article, "Whenever
anyone is placed in a position
to accept an idea without reasoning, he is hypnotized to
that extent." And when you
reason, religion -- whether in a
grove-shaded shack or milliondoll ar cathedral -- loses most
of its power, power based on a
belief in something you "fear"
because you do not know. Doctors and ministers should admit that they are making no
more than educated guesses,
inviting your co-operation instead of trying to force their
ideas of "what's good for us"
thru the medium of mass or individuar hypnosis.

This is not a condemnation
of hypnotism -- except when it's
practiced covertly and insidiously on the unwary. No matter how honest the intention,
chains are chains, irrespective of who manipulates the
lock. And anyone who gives
control over his thinking ness
to another has traded his individuation for a hard bench
in the "Praise God and Amen"

He's on his way to becoming
a zombie -- self-made.
still cling to the obsolete
and "childish physio-chemical
conceptions of human beings"
(Man , the Unknown).

And not many years after he
published that, Carrel died
suddenly, in jail, of "heart

Medical art has no choice ;
it must cling to that "childish" concept, for it is based
on that concept. No wonder it
is. so foreign to Nature an d
such a gloomy failure.
(To be concluded next issue)

Dianetics: (A noun) --
A way of remembering.

(Whoever said that what
we remembered would be
sweetness and light, good
roads and fair weather,
peaches and cream, honey
and spice?)

All the man ever said was:
You can do something about
it. The truth will set you
(Can you but recall it.)
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answer in the columns of The ABEPJiEE.

ABERREE, were "cancelled in
1954 after your trial for Communist-connected activities by
the C. E. C. S" Which was news
to us. Of course, we don't
know much about Communism, or
even about what trials go on
behind the "iron curtain', but
were a bit surprised to know
we had been tried for "Communist- connected activities BY
the C. E. C. S." We don't , and
never did, belong to the C. E.
C.S., whatever that is, and if
they want to engage in Communist-connected activities, they
have our permission. We don't
even mind being "tried" for
their "sins" -- since it took
five years for the news to
reach us, and that in a roundabout way. And it didn't hurt
a bit. We've even still got
our degrees -- altho we don't
take them very seriously ...