Volume 6, Issue 6, page 17

tablished earlier by Ellen Carder in her excellent contribution, ought to be enoouraged; the misses as well as the hits. Both El 1 en and I del 1 a should continue such reporting based on their own personal experiences and enviable reputations in the field of auditing. Hart to Heart notes that Idella has been in Salt Lake on a writing scholarship-- alas that talents in auditing such as hers and Ellen's have not been receiving scholarships end official encouragements as recognition of meritoriousauditing of the past." --Bob Irentz, Boulder, Colo.

"If I could be more specific (about the results of his training) I would be.

:'I) I felt better.

' 2) 1 saw a mental picture for the second time clearly; the first time was after a session in 1950.

ab;'3 i I was more alert and e to listen to Ron's lectures without doping off.

4 ) I got along better with everybody.

5) 1 noticed similar gains in other people. (At the end of the course, the instructors Dick, Jan (Halpern), John Galusha and Nina West got an ovation that I've never heard anyone but Ron get before). People really felt that things had gone well.

.. 6) 1 had been having my very strong dDubts about muzzled auditing working if the auditor was in poor shape. This was based on the 21st ACC which mired me in quite thoroly. It took a lot of digging on my part to get out of that in any degree but this last course just pulled me almost all the way out of it in short order. I'll have to take a 'little personal credit for it because I came to this course with slightly different attitudes than I've had for several years. But this only helped matters. Muzzled auditing with a good conscientious instructor works and it works for just about any process. Also the more muzzled the better. as far as I'm concerned.

"As for Scientklogy being in the hypnotism band I think a lot of people certainly are there and I'm willing to be included. However, I 'm still hoping to get out of it.. -Don't know if there is an auditor any more that I do trust alone with me. That's another reason I like muzzled auditing. Also, it helps keep me in line when I'm the auditor, and that's no small help." -- Bob R. Ross, 0 usgo, 1. r.

"Received your magazine - to- day. I confess to being quite elated when I saw a magazine that was not afraid to wander. So many stick to a narrow path and do not print informative material if it is slightly out of the boundaries they've set f o r themselves, I consider this somewhat of a 'sin of omission--when the world needs the 'truth that will set them free' so very much:'--R.J.Rid- ley, 9ditor 9109LSIOR, South Denver, Colo.

"Ahl More power to Dr. Dobbs (of B.C.) and his intelligence.

"What is Protestantism? How come an alcoholic Catholic priest knew more about overhauling religion than later thinkers like Emerson, or Dr. Charles W. Elliott, who was dean of Harvard? Authentic outside history doesn't record miracles by any of the crucified world savers; not even Zeus, who was written up as Jesus by the Daddy of the New Testament (Hitler oDnstantine).

"I sympathize with the flying saucer clubs. Those things are so-o-o-o elusive and shy, but at least a straw in the wind. After 1900 years without a new sign or saint, the Jesus (symbolism) is discouraging. Was inspiration all passed out in those flat world centuries?

"Life (confusion) goes on a thousand fold.

"There were many crucified fanatics. I would tell Cromwell that the churches an

dDIlar sign writers are not trying to crucify Jesus; that's not modem. Just sell him in some sly way.

"ABERREE should have a dictionary column. All thoseterms throw me, also."--A.B.Pierson, Selma, Calif,

"The September issue...

"YOU , TOO--Ah. The do-ityourself Easter kit. There is one? I thought it was just a popular story. Maybe I'm Just too pro-Buddhist, but I'm emotionally inert before the Bignificanse of a crucifix. Still a good myth, tho ; it still works, altho the Christian churches haven't really regained much power since we put in freedom of religion and stopped taking legal action against dissenters.

"SIMPLE KINESIS-- Another how-to article. Good deal. The float-moving exercises are used in PK exercises by the AMORC Rosicrucians. PK definitely not one of my best things. Did just try it with cigaret ashes and moved a few. My psychic pshove still weaker than a puff of air. Differenceis thai airp'uff is smooth and PK is jumpy.

"CROMWELL- -I've said before that if you have a worthless remedy to market , you have to induce an invented disease to cure with it. Or that the active ingredient in a patent medicine is the printing on the little folder inside the package. Cromwell, irate, has, I infer, a dietary system? (ED. NOTE -- No. I

"AUDITOR AWAKENS -- Trouble with Dianetics, from an organizational standpoint, was that it was too good for its own future. The system and tools were capable of breaking almost any irrational and pathological motives, included, as here, motives for practicing Dianetics. Jack Green, in his article, remarks thesame about peyote. It breaks habits, including any tendency to develop a habit of eating peyote. Anyway, welcome to Ackley to the ranks of the deHASIfied.

"RED HANDS --Here's an example of the people vs. the officials. Medical associations can hand Burks some degrading and ridiculous experiences, like being supervised by a registered nurse, and so on, but it doesn't stop him. And it won't. Same thing in my line. if you actually do something you purport to, nobody stops you working. Somebody sometimes stops You getting paid for it, but not always even that. Vive Burksl

"CIDUD 88 --- What a threatened person this is! I mean there's all that, but you might inhale microbes or a car runs a stoplight, or you slip in the bathtub, or you f all as] eep with the radio on and get bypnoe4i by a commercial , or -Anyway, living is hazardous for everybody, isn't it? And do fear, trepidation, and worry make you cope any better with the hazards of life? -On the other hand, In f . 20 's doomfounded warnings can be viewed as a dramatic way of pointing out you can get bruised with empathy and ESP too, which is certainly true. True for everybody but truer if you do ESP as a regular thing. Personally I favor the alarm circuit method rather than the mindshield. If you shut communication out. you have to, simultaneously, shut communication in ...

"THE SWINELE-I'm beginning to dig Kristy, the Tarot Major Arcanum and all that. But I wish he wouldn't get hung up on that 'in the image of God' formulation, which is apparently incorrect. The spirit of a man is not made in the image