Getting the Body Back to Its Blueprint (continued)

ful. Surprisingly enough, however, it registers as pleasure on the electropsychometer. The Mathison E-Meter needle swings to the left for rising tone instead of to the right for falling tone. More important, however, is this tremendous surge of life force to various parts of the body. There is a relation between the part of the spine flexed and the area of the body to which the energy flows. The whole complex structure and fund of knowledge pertaining to what occurs as the flexing takes place is too vast to be told here. The essential point is that the body intelligence and psychic blueprint directs the healing force to that area most in need. This may be to improve organic structure and function , bring about tissue regrowth, eliminate toxins, correct posture, redistribute weight, or repair a past injury whose healing was started and never completed. During a session, a person may cry. At another time he may laugh, yawn, stretch, perspire, or re-live a traumatic experience. At the time of these periods of contact with past unhappy experiences, a person certainly does not like what he is going thru, but soon he realizes that improvement is taking place and the end results are beneficial

A large percentage of the cases at the Seattle treatment and research university were hopeless by all conventional treatment and standards of prognosis. In desperation, these people turned to this unorthodox procedure and an astonishing number regained their health.

Note that two responses are made to the spinal flexings by the organism. The life force flows to the area needing healing. Without any more directed action on the part of the person doing the flexing or the patient, the organism goes about the business of repair or healing. Also, the memories of past injuries come to consciousness and other types of conscious awareness gradually take place. These examples of increased conscious awareness may be as specific as pain and the discharge of phlegm, or as subtle as the realization after months of spinal flexing that less sleep is required, while the ability to think clearly and rapidly has increased.

One discovery of great significance should not be overlooked. That is the very great increase of contact with suppressed and occluded nemories of past traumatic experiences. By the proper utilization of this phenomenon, psychotherapy can be greatly speeded up.

It has been discovered that spinal flexing combined with Dianetic auditing produces remarkable results. These "cases" that are shut down, occluded, and highly resistant open up and respond much more rapidly than to Dianetic processing alone. Repeater techniques and other procedures of Dianetics will usually break thru in time, but for the so-called " tough case", the spinal flexing has been found to be very effective for faster results.

Emotions turn on and the engrams are ready to run which could not be contacted before. Insights come from time to time, and the subject understands himself better. Of course, these responses don't occur at each session and the organism learns to occlude and shut off during the spinal flexing, even as it has done before under stress. So, good auditing or other psychotherapy, along with the spinal flexing, are desirable for effective results.

In February of this year, a small group of active men and women in Los Angeles listened to Richard Nulsen, a graduate of the Seattle school, tell of Growth Culture. Ten normal adults of middle - age decided to set up a schedule of daily flexings. Fbrtunately, three of the men live in the Los Angeles area who are experienced in the spinal flexing technique and were willing to help. They joined with the others to form a California organization . As this is written six months later, the original group has grown to.25 and the daily flexing continues. A non-profit religious fellowship has been organized for the State of California. The fellowship will be glad to help other groups and individuals get started. (Address Wayne Dunbar, 876 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles.

Case histories tell a story best. Robert Sharp, one of the three mentioned above who is experienced in Growth Culture, was in a serious motorcycle accident in 1948,and suffered severe spinal injuries. A photograph made in 1955 showed his spine curved inward several inches. His waist was smaller than normal, and he was able to work only with the greatest difficulty, and was quickly exhausted. "Sometimes I couldn't even eat, I was so tired," he says. "I would just fall into bed so that I could get up and go back to work the next day." Taking Growth Culture flexings for approximately a year, he amazingly regrew three of the spinal discs that had degenerated. His back now looks completely normal. He is able to work a full shift and still enjoy the activities of the evening hours, with only five or six hours' sleep per night.

In the Los Angeles group, we have seen a fungus infection of many years disappear, a throat constriction leave that had followed a bus accident many years before, another very crooked spine straighten up, a tumor wither and slough off .

Some of this writer's personal experi.nces during the last few months seem pertinent. b!v hearing was never bad, but for many years I had been unable to hear the tick of my wrist watch in one ear. Now I can hear it with either ear, and louder than I could before flexings. Also I have noticed an improvement in my sense of smell. I had forgotten that there is always dust in a room! An ankylosis in my spine has been broken up, and I am aware that other internal corrections are taking place.

The name Growth Culture is significant. That is, actual bodily growth is necessary in most cases. New tissue grows. In some cases, tumors and other unhealthy tissue are sloughed off. Injuries that occurred many years ago and in which the healing was arrested for some reason best known to the psychic blueprint, often start up and continue thru the rest of the healing cycle. Black and blue spots, swellings and soreness will appear in the area of the original injury. This is followed by rapid healing and sometimes by dramatic improvement in organic functioning.

Nobody should start Growth Culture who is not willing to agree to a daily session for at least 30 days. A session of Dianetic auditing once a week also is desirable . By that time, a realistic personal understanding of what is occurring will probably have been achieved and the true value of spinal flexing accepted as essential. Many who have used the spinal flexings alone have been restimulated and felt the anxiety of past trauma without the insight and integration that could then be quickly achieved with good auditing. When Growth Culture without the benefit of Disnetics was used, periods of illness, migraine, grief, and hostility have been suffered to run their course, even tho a little processing would have brought auick relief and an overall improvement.