Volume 6, Issue 6, page 8


WO THOUSAND years ago, the people were more
simple and clear-minded, tho less educated. It was far easier then for an intelligent man to hold the masses to a highlyproductive system of thought. Today, man's
mind has become cluttered wi th expressions, ideas, and viewpoints of little real
value. Man has accumulated this comparative
rubbish over a period of centuries and now
this must be contended with in cleaning the
mind for the proper procedure.

The high scientific law of life is the sane
today as it was 2,000 years ago; it has never
changed, but man has changed considerably. The
problem of setting the thinking right is
slightly more difficult. The mind now, being
burdened with many strength-robbing expressions, tires more easily, and it takes greater
ffort to practice a correct and systematized
method of thought.

These lessons may seem heavy, dry, and technical, but every point in them is necessary.
Each lesson is a series of changes in the
thinking with the introduction of new concepts;
all this must be done to rearrange the mind
for a new foundation. It is the heaviness of
the mental rubbish in the consciousness that
makes the reconditioning hard. This is not the
fault of the high law, it is the faulty condition that has developed over the ages. It
is quite natural for the man of today to
say that if he had lived in the time of Jesus
he would have appreciated him and obeyed h i s
teaching. However, when one says this, does
he know what he is talking about? It took effort and application to become interested in
this law 2,000 years ago. It was, in a sense,
dry and technical even to those who had less
cluttered mentalities. Great difficulty was
experienced in getting people properly interested and many were the reproofs because the
vital import was not fully comprehended.

We have the same difficulty today. Merely
accepting what man has believed to be the
teaching is easy. Mere acceptance, however,
will not meet the requirements of the real and
true scientific law. We have the sane work before us that has not been done, and until it
is, there need be no energy wasted on expecting promised manifestations. We must change
our minds, re-educate and regulate them correctly.

The teaching must spread until we have a
"brotherhood" where many re-educated and regulated minds will release the required amount
of energy. This demanded volume of regenerative
power will "act" in producing the promised results just as surely and scientifically as the
necessary electrical volume of energy produces
its "acts" and scientific results. Only by
such scientific procedure can the Bible promises be fulfilled.

The teachings of Philo , Steven , Joshua of
Nazareth, and one other mentioned but not
named, were not accepted by enough people ; in
fact they aroused the ire of those too indolent to study and apply themselves. The life
law arouses the same opposition today; individuals who will not become properly interest
ed until an understanding is reached become
envious or critical of those who have acquired
this knowledge. The judgments of unknowing
persons are worthless, but because it is far
easier to pass idle criticism than to learn
the actual truth, a e still have the thoughtless majority passing judgment upon the wise.

We must seriously realize the fact that
serious followers of Christ were a very insignificant minority. Read: "My Neighbor, Jesus,"
by Dr. Lamas. Knowledge among the common people or peasantry was frowned upon; arguments
disagreeing with the educated authorities, revealing a startling scope of comprehension,
fanned the flames of jealousy, hate, and fear.
Even from relatives and those of his own class,
the teacher suffered narrow criticism and
jealous envy. The same mental traits are here
today and one who dissents with vested authority, stirring the people to activity and interest in something contrary to the accepted
ruts of material science and mental beliefs,
is sure of drawing to himself every kind of
censuring opposition.

We must disregard the unimportant weaknesses of man. Each of us must take up the Cross
of Christ by realizing it as a source of creative power within us, by realizing the scientific nature of this endeavor and keep going
regardless of the increasing number of b ystanders we must pass, or the rising volume of
boorish criticism emanating from the " tombs of
the dead" .
"In that day" is a frequent phrase used in
the Bible. When Thomas Edison, after working
for years, came to the time when electricity
first worked, or acted for him, this was"that
day" or finish of a long path of unproved and
apparently useless work. Edison accomplished a
great amount of experimental and preparatory
labor; the law of electricity had to be discovered and obeyed. After the law was discovered, it was but the beginning of the labor
and expense required in building power houses,
power lines, wiring homes, and other requisites so people could enjoy the benefits.

Many others had to be convinced regarding
the value of Edison's accomplishments before
this work could be performed. It was years
after the preliminary discovery was presented
by Edison that the people in general learned
that such a man existed. It took many years
added to these for them to understand the importance of the work he had done.

Great worldly benefits are not produced
over night; the wheels that grind out the big
things turn slowly. The knowledge concerning
the Life Law has been gradually worked out
over a period of some 60 years. Today we are
at the proving place, or in "that day" . We
have proved that the Life Law works or "acts"
just as Edison proved the trueness of electricity. But, comparative to Edison's first
proof of action, the action of the Life Law is
only to a minor degree; the major degree of
great volume that will aid all humanity is yet
to be expressed.

Instead of being confronted with the building of power houses, we are facing the problem
of enlightening a sufficient number of people
to the point where their combined expressior
of regenerative life energy is strong enough
to "act", or bring into being the promised
fruits of eternal life. The required amount of
regenerative bi-sexual energy, the aforementioned "brotherhood of man", is the coaaaicd
that now has to be obeyed and fulfilled. This