Volume 6, Issue 6, page 3

Most of Us Find Sleep a Convenient Escape from Reality, but We Can
Use These Experiences, Even to Attain Conscious Immortality
Uiaiching Our Dreams from the Sidelines
THY DO WE sleep? For the most part,
sleep is a habit, something that
we have agreed upon as being necessary for survival. I wouldn't
stress the point that we should
go without sleep completely, but
rather point out the possibility
that we sleep too much. The average person finds sleep a very
convenient method of escape from
this world of reality. When the pressures
of the day push upon us, when the stress
is unbearable, or when we lose interest
in expression , we desire sleep.

During sleep, every person, subconsciously
and automatically, connects up with the great
healing and regulating currents of the universe. It is reasonable to assume that one day
this will be done consciously and at will. And
indeed it is done by some who live on a high
level of creativity. I know of examples who
live on such a high level of expression , so in
tune with Universal Mind, that they can operate
as a body for 19 or 20 hours a day and never
feel fatigue. Three or four hours of sleep
seem to be all that is necessary for them.
They live a full, yet relaxed, life. They do
not carry the burdens of mental and emotional
strain, but have long since learned how to
cast the burden into the Infinite and rest.

When you are working in tune with creative
life, there is no reason for your body to run
down. Energy can flow thru it forever, and
there will be no counter-effect unless your
attitude is contrary to the principles. If you
love life, are progressive and productive, can
relax and attune yourself with all live, then
all will be well. But if you resent your work ,
live under great stress and strain, allow
yourself to worry and fear life, then you
cause electrical short circuits, as it were,
and you get tired and the body is out of tune
and starts to malfunction.

Trying to fight obstacles won't work . But
attunement with life is wonderful. Many have
found that change of pace, or a redirection of
energy and attention during the day, keeps
them fresh and creative. When you persist at
one thing thru will power, then there is strain ,
and life should be lived without strain.

Many want to live forever, yet they sleep
one-third to one-half of their lives away.
Learn to use the hours of sleep to advantage.
When you drift off to sleep, relax and agree
within yourself that when you awaken you will
have the answer to whatever it is you desire
the answer for.

Many persons dream vividly and in full color, with every sense alive. Others dream in
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black and white, with only a few senses aware
of the dream experience. Some place great importance upon the nature of dreams and keep a
daily log of them to see if there is not some
connection between the sleeping dream and the
waking dream (commonly known as the waking
state). There is much to learn from the dream

It is true that there is a connection between the dream state and the waking state,
for the dreaming is put together from the material taken in during the waking state . Dreams
are often puns upon the subconscious memories
and need careful analysis and understanding.
Literal interpretations are of little value in
the majority of instances. I have known of
classical instances where persons of position
would place a pad and pencil at the bedside,
and then retire with the desire to have a certain question answered or a problem solved in
the dream state. The attitude of mind would be
quiet waiting and not of straining. During the
night, the answer would come in a vivid dream,
whereupon the person would awaken and write it
down, then act upon it the next day.

Here are some suggestions for exploring the
dream state and the sleep state, the overall
purpose being to show you how to awaken from
this dream of duality and sleep no more. I
feel it i s possible for one to became so enmeshed in the study of the subconscious that
it becomes an end in itself. My thought is to
awaken from the subconscious maze.

When you can dream and be conscious of the
process, then you can learn to see how this
waking state is but a dream also . Just as in
the dream state you can learn to manipulate
your environment, do anything you desire, simply by knowing that you can do it, so in this
waking dream you can do the sane -- when you
learn how. At night when you retire, accept
the fact that you are going to dream consciously. It may not happen the first night,
but eventually as you drift off to sleep with
this expectant attitude, one night it will
happen and you will be conscious of the fact
that you are dreaming. You may be playing a
role in a dream experience, or you may be a
silent witness as others enact their roles,
much in the manner as tho you were standing by
and watching people in this waking state. Then
you will learn to change your dream at will ,
change the happenings, move at will from situation to situation. You will learn to start,
stop, and go backwards, if you desire, in the
dream experience, as you learn that it is a
projection of your own mind. You can turn on
sensation , you can make the picture bright or
dim, color or black and white, as you desire.

If you want to learn to consciously move
into a dimension, do this: When you are conscious of the dream state, anchor your attention
onto some solid object in your environment.
While you do this, give a command to awaken
even more. As you anchor onto this object as a