Volume 6, Issue 8, page 15

quarter is almost unbelievable
until we consider how much
easier it is to disclaim something and shunt it aside than
it is to try and impersonally
analyze the situation. As far
as we are concerned, however ,
it matters not at all what
channel this concept of the
Divinity of Man came thru --
whether thru a man , telephone,
or speaking tube, what's the
difference? We have it -- are
aware of the nature of Real
man -- and if for some karmic
reason or otherwise t h e r e
seems to exist a state of hate
for the name Jesus, we do not
need to be concerned, for hate
is akin to love, inasmuch as
it is merely the opposite
swing of the pendulum from it.
"To be more aware of the
power in this Concept of Divinity, we merely need to observe the action of opposition
in the mentally wise, indicating perhaps a past existence,
or many such, as a high priest
or tribunal state with an immediately obvious willingness
to once more crucify this name
"Opposition, let us be
aware, is the highest form of
recognition aside from accl aim
and equal in the power utilized, for it is more enervating by far to hate than it is
to love. Therefore, when we
observe an intensified effort
of digging into the archives of
history, not to prove good but
to disprove it, we can rest
assured there must be good to
trigger off this much action
at this late date.
"Let us consider with common sense for a moment the
electric light and its recognized inventor of a few years
past . Would we be too greatly
concerned one way or the other
2,000 years from now as to who
this man was? ... And if there
was no historical record,
would we with childish resentment refuse to use the electrical appliances in our household, disclaiming them as unworkable and useless?
"Who cares then what channel an intelligent concept
comes thru -- if it is applicable... When we walk to the
switch on the wall, we are not
inviting Edison , but electricity, to work for us. Nor are
we asking Jesus the man to work
for us, but the concept he is
supposed to have portrayed --
the Divinity of Man... that man
is far more than is now apparent -- in Power and indestructible Being -- and the lines of
communication over which this
concept came in the first
pl ace is obviously unimportant .
For no matter what earthly
pensive treatment time bringing him UP to a required milder level of induction . Persons
in terror of hypnosis can often be hypnotized by a word or
two -- even by a glance. Why?
Simply because in their intense and powerful mental picture systems they see themselves in that state.
"Mr. Davis produces next
some no-less unfounded jabberwocky about a person not being
hypnotizable when he is above
the whole phenomenon, because
he realizes that one part of
'universal mind' cannot hypnotize another part of itself.
This is an arbitrary, unscientific statement. About all it
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