Volume 6, Issue 6, page 10

What Happened to a Genie
Can HaPPen to You, So....

e S ndle
ITH THE burning of the precious scrolls
and ancient libraries after the Roman
Catholic Church was founded, the Roman
Empire lost the ageless wisdom that had
been developed by the "masters" over a
period of many ages -- perhaps a million
years or so. And now, after 1&00 years of ignorance and darkness thus created, science is
just beginning to scratch the surface that
holds hidden the mystery of man, the greatest
organized entity known.

Recent discoveries have already exploded
practically every postulate of science as to
the physical world. As Professor Eddington
said: "The world of physics has become a world
of shadows."
Science recently discovered that a strange
law binds together the diverse elements of the
universe. Dr. A. V. Hill, in his "Living Machinery", stated that "Physical and chemical
processes (arel bound up with a mysterious
kind of intelligence."
Science has discovered the Law of Polarity.
It rises from the orderly, intelligent, creative action of infinitesimal particles of substance, and was known to the Masters.

There was a very ancient tradition that creation is an orderly, intelligent process that
rests on the Law of Harmonics, one aspect of
which is clearly seen in music.

The Ancient Masters discovered that organic
systems are a perfectly balanced structure,
with a perfect-working mechanism of reciprocal
maintenance. Science has also discovered what
the Masters knew -- that all organic systems are
composed of highly - charged particles of substance, imbued with electrical properties,
which the Masters called Astral Light.

A. E. Baines, in "Studies of El ectro-Physiology", wrote: "The structure of the body is
primarily electrical , and the electrical action is precedent to chemical changes".

Science begins with the atom, as it is found
to be the smallest organic system that cannot
be dissolved by chemical means. The word 'atom'
is derived from the Greek, meaning "that which
cannot be cut up".

Scientific investigation shows that most of
the atom is composed of empty space, made of
an orbit of electrons revolving at terrific
speed around the central nucleus, as the planets revolve around the sun. The nucleus is the
sun of the atom , as the sun is the center of
our solar system.. Electrons are sparks of
electricity, and the earth is a mass of condensed electric sparks. The nucleus of the
atom contains all its colossal power; and it
took the scientists more than 50 years of research to unlock the nucleus so it would release that terrific power.

And that power is electrical. Leading scientists can see at last that everything in
existence consists of electricity. They have
divided it into two distinct phases: (1) concentrated electricity in the form of electrons
and protons, and (2) Waves of electricity
classified as radiation They find that electricity is the Cosmic Force which causes all
N THE Arabian Nights , there is the tale of
the Genie and the Bottle. The finder of a
bottle imagines he sees something stirring
inside it. He removes the cork to investigate, whereupon a mysterious entity emerges,
assuming greater and greater proportions.
This horrible giant phantom frightens and
threatens him.

The finder of the bottle is beside himself,
knowing not how to escape. Finally, he tells
the Genie that before he is destroyed, he
would like to know how it is possible that
such a huge creature could have occupied such
a small bottle. The Genie shows him. Once back
in the bottle, he is quickly corked up again
and the liberator becomes the gaoler.

Everybody is such a zero-shaped bottle,
holding everything yet holding nothing -- a point
holding all the space around it. All is well
until the day comes that the owner finds his
bottle and desires to know what's inside. So
he uncorks himself.

The de-zero-ing desire fathers his many
thoughts into seeing almost anything. He is
instructed to fear not -- that these illusions
are but the products of his own allusions --
good and bad. The exteriorizing is nonetheless ex-terror-izing.

The Battle of the Bottle is to trick himself and his phantasmagoric thought forms back
into the bottle and re-zeroize them there.

The average individual, however, exteriorizes little that ex-terror-izes him too terribly. But just let him get drunk and darken his
sensitiveness into a relative state of blackout and he sees and experiences a herd of pink
elephants stampeding all over him.

There are more ways, than by drinking the
spirits of alcohol, to get drunk. Drinking in
the spiritual light in religious rites or by
drugging oneself or being a food drunk, one
can be blacked out.

The drunk also should be told to fear not --
that his elephants, like the Genie, are bound
to end their hallucinations in the jug.

The goal is the gaol, wherein all one's
positives and negatives are eventually incarcerated.
activities and convulsions in Nature -- the calm
and storms, and of all favorable and terrible
phenomena that occur on earth, in air and
ocean, and in the mineral, vegetal, and animal

Leading anthropologists now agree with the
Ancient Masters that man is an epitome of the
universe, "as above, so below", and that electricity, not chemistry as claimed by medical
" art", is the power that produces in his body
all activity called Life.

In fact, science now says that the electricity contained in a breath of air could
operate a powerful airplane for a year, continuously.

But in spite of all this, orthodox physicians and physiologists, wrote Dr. Carrel ,