Volume 6, Issue 6, page 16

Temple (perfect and eternal)
of Masonic allegorical importance is built in Jerusalem,
surely some right insight regarding such would be very vital." -- Wayne Trubshaw, Marysville, Wash.
"My wife thinks she's a
whiz at raising house-plants.
Would like to get ahead of her
and maybe E/ F would do the
trick. Might be tempted to sip
a spot myself if you promise
not to inform the Amalgamated
Master Assassins...
"Had no trouble understanding my second copy of AB; guess
I'm now 'enlightened' ." -- Albert T. James, Arlington, Va.
"Hope to soon see an end to
the Lost Christ Teachings and
The Swindle of Mytholicism.
What little of value these authors have to say is lost by
their use of a peculiar semantic construction that tends to
fog the brain rather than enlighten. Vague references to
obscure writings do not make a
very good case for their views.
"Like to see more articles
of the type written by B. E.
Roessling. That is, presentations of experimental findings.
"Niram A. Cromwell seems to
want us to all go back to nature. He overlooks a fact that
any student of nature could
tell him. Nature's system is
nasty, wasteful, and destructive. Eat before you get eaten
and devil take the hindmost.
"Cromwell wants to invalidate all other 'brain washing'
but his own particular brand.
Typical advertising technique.
I am thankful that under the
much-maligned and weakened
capitalistic system of oncefree ( but not so much any
morel enterprise, that Cromwell's 'brain washing' system
won't become the dominant one ,
for where so many brain-washing systems are operating,
they tend to cancel each other... The strength of the capitalistic system comes from
the fact that it encourages
competition, conflict, waste,
destruction, and corruption.
(Just like the real 'Old Mother Nature.) God save us from
peace. Where there is peace,
it indicates that one system
has become dominant. In this
infinite universe it is impossible for one system to encompass all possibilities...
When a catastrophe comes, it is
not the stable who survive, it
is the adaptable.
"They who say there is no
room for hate love only themselves. They who say there is
no room for selfishness are
greedily grasping fo r your

soul. They who say we should
not seek after material gains
seek to destroy your will. It
is conflict, competition, and
destruction that set us free.
It is conflict, friction, and
hate that produce light, not
love. It takes solid blows
with a hammer on a chisel to
set us free from our chains.
Love for our masters will only
gain us a kick in the face.
"If there are more Christs
to crucify, let us lose no
time, for they may yet destroy
the earth. Let us feed a few
more Christians to the lions
along with some priests, college professors, politicians,
government red-tape artists,
and a random sampling of the
rest of the professional conmen. They have been sacrificing the rest of us for lo these
many years, so I figure it is
about time for the revolution.
"The man who seeks to sell
us salvation is relatively inoffensive, all we can lose to
him is our money, and who
knows, he may have a tip
straight from the horse's
mouth. But the monster who
tells us he is giving salvation free because he loves us
and what he is doing is for our
own good, he we should flee
from as the carrier of the
most hideous disease. For he
is a hungry monster, he wants
to consume our body and soul ,
to absorb our vital spark , *our
identity. He is not satisfied
until we are nothing. His is
the 'peaceful coexistence'. The
graveyards are full of peaceful co-existers.
"So, let us be nasty, hateful, and spiteful with one another so that the friction of
our words might produce a little light to guide us out of
the pit of our abysmal ignorance." -- Darrell Dailey, Driggs,
"ABERREE is new to me... I
like its witty way of presenting truths. I find many notes,
concordant with my life's experiences, and some quite challenging .
"I agree with Rev. Trubshaw's statement, 'The Brotherhood of man is the degree of
co-operation demanded.' Any
'falling short' of this demanded balance means no action. To
get proper balance for action ,
Christ's high law must be
spiritually comprehended and
obeyed." -- Aellie Grimm, Raton, Ohio.
lent tho one writing on Subud
sneered that one's mind could
not be opened in half an hour.
(He is hypnotized by time.) He
hadn't bothered to learn that
Subud does not open the mind
or emotions/but the inner essence.
"I like Thela Newcomer's
contributions, but feel she
fell a bit short in her letter
describing the light that enters the body at the Subud
latihan. This is no doubt true
but it is not all of Subud as
she states.
"Those who fancy themselves
as teachers or leaders or 'advanced souls' usually do poorly in Subud. They, so they
think, can go it alone, 'don't
need the latihan with others'.
They can't, won't surrender,
and Subud is surrender. S o m e
have this or that they are =willing to surrender -- respectability, they 'don't want to
be with the herd', or it may
be a dozen other things.
"Subud is a brotherhood. In
the latihan one gives as well
as gets. The white light Thela
saw is love manifesting and
this builds a bond between the
members, which brings joy and
peace. No tape recording can
take the place of the latihan
and one is treading on dangerous ground by accepting and
not giving. If one merely wants
a light ritual , I recommend
'The Armour of Light' by Olive
Pixley. I worked with a light
ritual for years, but in one
Subud latihan received more. I
had suffered with a solar
plexus nerve weakness fo r
years which brought on awful
attacks after any fatigue. My
health has gradually improved
and there is a subtle inner
change of personality and emotions.
"Richard Lundberg, writing
in The ABERREE, feels the Qiantum Theory of Wave Mechanics
would be more satisfying. The
intellect cannot give what Subud gives. J. G. Bennett, writer
on Subud, is a scientist and
philosopher, an intellect of
the first order, and he has
found that Subud takes him
farther faster than other methods and he has been a deep
student of esoteric truths for
many years.
'Let's have more articles
by B. E . Roessl ing, Thel a Newcomer, and the others who are
bringing us stimulation via The
ABERREE.' -- Mrs. R. M. Graham,
Ruidoso, N. Mex.
"Idella Stone deserves kudos for an extremely well-done
personal experience article on
Book 1 Dianetics. This straight
reporting, along the lines esOCTOBER, 1959
"A friend was sending me
The ABERRBJ spasmodically, but
I found I was missing too many
interesting letters on Su bud
so I had to' subscribe. Most of
these letters have been excel=