Volume 6, Issue 6, page 9

01100 Up011 a Time, There Were Cures for Arthritis
Bernard As cheer, M. D. Distributed by Medical Facts,
136 W. 52, New York. $3.95.

I F YOU ARE one who has spent
thousands of dollars trying
all the modernmiracle drugs
only to return home to bed ,
hopeless in mind and painful in body, it will not
take many pages of reading in
this book to give you new hope
and enthusiasm. For, no matter
how long and terribly you have
suffered, here is believable,
simple information about what
causes arthritis in all its
forms, and case histories of
people as hopeless as you, who
were rapidly cured, and how.

If this is true, why don't
all doctors know it and use
them? Why did the osteopaths
who checked me, studying my
x-rays and blood and urinalysis
reports , wind up with : "We
don't know any more about arthritis and what to do about
it than doctors did 50 years
ago. I'm not going-to suggest
you try all the expensive medications available; nothing is
going to help your spine. Make
up your mind to live with it.
Take two aspirin every four
hours to ease the pain."
Today, four months later, I
an well and actively at work --
typing, gardening, doing everything without pain. The main
reason I'm well is that I tried
the whole gamut of home remedies my friends told me they
had used successfully, and
disregarded the many books.

I had not yet heard of Dr.
Aschner's book; and since I
was able to move around and
even drive, it is probable I.
would not have turned to Aschner's more drastic treatment
unless convinced there was no
easier solution. I used vinegar and honey (Dr. Jarvis's
"Folk Medicine" ), alfalfa tea,
tea from a bitter desert herb ,
diathermy at the clinic, and
chi ropractic adjustments as
severe as I could take. According to the books, these all
rate as superstitious nonsense.

The reason Dr. Aschner has
cured thousands of patients
that others have given up to
suffer and die, is because he
dug deeply into the history of
medical practices in all early
civilized races, found that all
of them used almost identical
methods and herbs, and saw no
reason not to cure people just
because these remedies were
"old - fashioned" .

Dr. Aschner got his postOCTOBER, 1959
graduate work in Vienna; be
found that while he and other
doctors were unable to cure
some diseases, laymen with folk
medicine knowledge handed down
thru generations were curing
these. He was sensible enough
to delve into the ancient writings in China, India, and
other countries, and found
that these, on up thru the
days of the Roman emperors,
knew how to cure arthritis.

On your doctor's office wall
hangs an ornately printed and
framed oath originated by the
Greek physician, Hippocrates,
"father of medicine", who
lived from 460 to 357 B.C. Had
you lived then and gone to
H i p po crates, he would have
cured your arthritis. If you
went to Galen in 2)0 A.D., or
Alexander Trallianus in the
Sixth. Century of Emperor Justinian, or to Paracelsus in
1540 A.D., you would have been
cured by these same methods,
and these go back to Chinese
writings of 3,000 B.C. Your
and my doctor scorns cures
that have worked for 5,000
years. He has been taught to
look to the ultramodern million-dollar research lab for
cures -- not backward.

The gist of the whole book
is that arthritis and many
other diseases are caused by
faulty elimination of waste
products, which leaves a residue called, in general, uric
acid -- irritant metabolic waste
products that accumulate in
joints, nerves, muscles, blood
vessels, eyes, and ears. Aside
from sex (more than two-thirds
of all arthritic patients are
women), "the general causes of
arthritis are overweight, plethora(fullness of blood), high
blood pressure, overcharged
metabolism (mainly uric acid
diatheses), chronic indigestion of the stomach, constipation, diseases of the liver
and gall bladder, insufficient
perspiration of the skin, natural (and even more so artiThe ABERRE'E
ficial l menopause, and bad
living habits such as excessive smoking or drinking ( in
younger men, gout from excessive sexual activities), or a
hectic, high pressurized dayto-day life.

The key to curing arthritis
is drastic elimination by three
methods: purging, emetics, and
skin drainage. "Vomiting from
antiquity until a hundred years
ago was considered one of the
most powerful weapons against
acute and chronic diseases. It
empties not only the stomach
but also the duodendum and bile
ducts, and has far-reaching
effects as a shock treatment,
stimulating, thru the solar
plexus, the whole nervous system."
Many cases are reported in
this book of chronic sufferers
finding relief and permanent
cures in amazingly short periods. Skin drainage caused by
ointments for blistering or
spreading a rash over a larger
area, seem to give the fastest
relief, especially of crippled
joints, while the more drastic
cauterization with subsequent
drainage is used for severe
hip and foot pain.

Countless herbs are listed
by races and countries which
used them. The use of the ancient "tamer of arthritis",
calomel , the mildest preparation of mercury, is recommended; also henbane or"holy herb"
for pain, tincture of aloes
for a laxative, while many
other remedies are discussed.

The probability of older
persons getting arthritis is
so high that it is worthwhile
for all to become familiar
with the preventive measures
suggested in the book. In addition, the book is written
from a wider range of interest
than just arthritis in its
many forms. It discusses the
curing of rheumatic fever in
children by the same principles, the need for retaining
tonsils as the watchdogs of
the body, the need to reduce
if overweight, and bow safely
to do this, the basic similarity between the causes and
treatment for arthritis and
for many other diseases due to
the accumulation of poisons or
"silt" granules that cause
gallstones, kidney stones,
hardening of the arteries, apoplexy, and the like.

Recommended for ailing doctors to use on themselves,
even if they insist em practicing theories on their paying
patients. -- Harold D. Finney.