Volume 6, Issue 6, page 12

The Lending Library really got a boost this last month
with gifts of bound wisdom
from three contributors. First
came a stack of books from our
fellow townsman, Electronics
Expert Johnny Jones -- who dug
into his own library on hypnotism and its related subjects,.
Then came a package of titles
from Mrs. Ed. Beers, who herself operates a lending 1 ibrary at Baker, Ore. The third
box of books came from Richard
Lundberg, of San Jose, Calif.
The Wfe., Hkpr., Sec., Librarian , ETC., hasn't yet had a
chance to catalog them all and
file them in the new shelves
put up where she once kept her
sewing machine -- but give her
time, Friends, give her time.
In the meantime, our thanks...