Volume 7, Issue 1, page 3

Is Poiftical Hypocrisy Hanging bg Thread?
HIS IS an idle question, since the
politicians don't give you much
choice in the matter -- a ballot with
two arbitrary possibilities for
President of these United States --
but if you were electing a national
leader, what would you require of
him? Positive will power? Good
health? A winning personality? Intelligence? Constructive ideas? And
even if you had a choice, how would you
sift the chaff from the grain in the ballyhoo of the next few months?
Actually, if you take Max Freedom
Long's words for it -- and he's written a
lot of 'em (words, that is) -- you probably
can find out more, and be more selective,
in voting for your local sheriff, or dogcatcher, or county attorney, than you can
in voting for President. Of course, you
can find out what kind of President you're
going to have, too, but politics being
what is is, that's all you can do -- ,just
find out.

In his book, "Psychometric Analysis",
Mr. Long (or Max, if you're not too for
mal) offers a way that you can, beyond
the shadow of any reasonable doubt, take
the pictures of the candidates as printed
in your newspaper, or on campaign cards
and buttons, or even on utility pole placards, and subject the owners of said
pictures to such a scrutiny that even
their psychiatrists wouldn't recognize
them. You can do this to your friends and
business associates, too, but this being
an election year, you'll find more political material. Save your friends until

after November.

Max has taken his knowledge of Huna
lore (and if you don't know about Huna,
you've been playing with peanuts in this
metaphysical business), some discoveries
of a Frenchman named M. Bovis, and the
improvements to the system by a D r.Oscar
Brunler, and made hypocrisy as passe as
a magic lantern show.

Going back into the history of Psychometric analysis, it seems that Dr. Brunler
invented an instrument, called a " BrunlerBovis Biometer", which Max and a few members of his Huna organization were able
to study first-hand. However, there was a
hitch -- a big hitch. The Biometer was not
available for purchase for fear it would
be classed with the " Radionics "machine,
used by some doctors for the diagnosis
and treatment of disease, but banned from
interstate trade by federal law because
it couldn't be explained satisfactorily
to federally-conditioned intellects. Ditto for the Biometer. It worked, but how
can you prove a "why" to a link in a
chain of bureaucrats who only accepted
motion pictures, the electric light, and
half of civilization's modern necessities
when they had been forced down his throat
by popular demand?
And there is no popular demand to know
how smart others are. This is survival,
because someone might get the idea of
testing your own intelligence, and that
could be dangerous for those accustomed
to bluster their way thru life and the
public payroll.

Psychometric analysis was adopted for
APRIL, 1960 The fIBERREE 3