Volume 2, Issue 8, page 14

WASHINGTON, Nov. 11 -- There is a
new look in Scientology. Most of us
are familiar with the many changes
of "mockups" that Dianetics and Scientology have gone through, and your
reporter has done his share of
sneering, but here is a change that
to me is for the better.

It looks as though the HASI as an
organization is definitely on the
wane, and is being replaced by the
decentralized activities I've mentioned in previous columns. You get
processed at the Guidance Center,
educated at the Academy, and communicated at by the Silver Springs Business Service.

Dr. Julia Lewis holds the whip
over the Guidance Center, and seems
to be turning out honestly satisfied
pre-clears. I would especialljr-recommend Fernando Estrada, although
most of the staff auditors are

Bob Nichols, D.D., D.Scn., is
once more the communicator, this
time for the S.S.B.S. Thoroughly
processed and very recently married,
he sees the world through shocking
pink glasses.

At the Academy, as I've already
said, its Drs.Dave Marray and
Stimpert. Here are people who loo
and act like the type to be running
a religious academy. They are also
very thorough, and have a real understanding of Scientology. Dave is
particularly well liked, although
I've heard nothing bad about Mary.

Dave has almost as much altitude
around here as Hubbard. The wondrous
thing is that LEE doesn't seem to
mind. I'm not entirely clear as to
all aspects of the situation yet,
but I'll go on record as saying that
this to me seems to be the healthiest situation I've seen in the upper echelons of Scientology.

In view of the recent rumors of a
change in the policy at Scientology
headquarters. here is a hazard at a
guess as to why the old and notquite-dead policy of chopping down
ne who stepped out of line was

It can be put in a few words.
Anger is the lowest emotion on the
tone scale that produces a motion
14 The ABERREE, December, 1955
The strongest chains that bind
humans are the things we do to
please someone else without being
aware of the reason for our action.
Many techniques.have..been.devised, to
uncover these habits and bring them
into the open for observation. Here
is one that seems to work in a number of cases.

Select a person who might logically be expected to have had or to
have some influence on you. Probably better not to select parents to
start with. Now, mock up (if you
are a Dianeticist, just imag ne) a
universe (a biosphere will do) where
that particular individual does not
exist. If possible, make one where
he never existed. Now, what es
would you make in your way of liv
if you were in this universe? Wha
would you do, how would you behave,
if you had never heard of the individual in question? How would your
future look if he or she did not
exist? How would you plan your future if he or she were not around?
Do this seriously and at some
length with the person selected. Explore possibilities and impossibilities, too. Cover all of your reactions, if you want free of this person. Make a list, mental or written.

Way Suggested to "Run Out"
Persons Yo-u T-ry- to Please
toward the environment. If a person
is apathetic or in fear or is propitiating, it is such easier to
boost him up to anger than all the
way to enthusiasm. So, Ron has produced something to be "against", in
order to get some action. For a long
time it was the medical profession,
then it became the "squ rrels"
(and still is to some extent). The
official attitude was that the medical profession wasn't worth fighting
but there is a chance that the truth
is that the medical profession is
too big an opponent.

It may seem strange;. that I speak
of the passing of this policy when
PAB No. b3 is still six i"g in some
of your mail boxes. Actually, it's
more of a prediction than a description of the present state of affairs
and I won't go into long reasons why
I think the situation is changing.
But there is hope for a policy of
live and let live -- even for a situation in which publications each as
T h e AEEEEEE may have approved correspondents at headquarters.

Rumor has it that the Issue 14 of
ABILITY is to be the last of the
"persecution" issues, but because of
the tone of PAB 63, it may be that
Ron will put out two lines -- one to
the public through ABILITY and another to the "pros" through the

There it some indignation "here
that there. is.:a "leak" to. The ABERu
BEE` her e inoD..C. i At,iaast,one stu'deutEis konvinced that the. Cammun=
iats are finanF'n cT'he'AEEBBEB and
other :!'st,Huirrel "" lbs. ,
.r7Whaticare.ina cientabogistsv; doing
these: 4eys? : Blurting families; on
Put down any reaction of yours that
comes to mind as you think of this
person and as you build a universe
without him. Now look over the list.
Examine each item individually. Is
it a behavior pattern that you want
to keep for its own intrinsic merit?
Is it one that has outlived its usefulness? What would happen if you
discarded it?
After you have temporarily exhausted the possibilities, select
another person and repeat the whole
:ranee. And so on. Go back to
tting the original person after
a few s. Lb you still feel you
would image if he didn't exist?
Why? Is there anyone so important
that you cannot imagine a universe
without him? Why? Try again. In
this case it is highly important to
persist until you can mockup your
own universe and leave out ally person at will.

When you have covered the things
to change when the selected person
is left out of ycur universe, bring
him back. Now, what changes in your
outlook? Do you find other ways
that you can change your behavior
because of that person? Why?
Here is a tool that can help you
uncover wherein you are not cam31;tely you. Try it on yourself.
it on your pre-clear.
and Judy Breeding have "succeeded"
in bringing a now Scientologist.
name of Guy Allen, upon the scene.
Fernando Estrada, one of the top
hands at the Guidance Center, and
wife Marcia are in waiting; also Ken
and Pat Barrett. Bob Nichols has a
new bride in the former Elaine Joslyn, the first wedding to be performed in the Church of Scientology
of Washington, D.C., by the Bev. Bill
Young, LLD., D.Scn. Very, very aesthetic.

Belknap is reported "getting of Scientology temporarily"
while some sort of real estate deal
calls him back to Phoenix... Jahn
Seaborne has- just completed a "Coauditors' Hand "..