Volume 5, Issue 7, page 15

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dream up other explanations, Dianetics, however, this operbut I am very grateful to all ated so that IF a good idea
those who have done H ma pray -- came along after some trial
ers for the quarry, plus Max and acclaim (to its proponent)
Freedom Long who has made the in the field (as Archenetics,
techniques available to us. In E-Therapy, etc.), it did not
the light of Dianetics and have a chance of central ofScientology I cannot agree flee approval. Instead, it was
with all of Mr. Long's explan- kicked out. Only the PRIVATEations of certain phenomena, Ly, carefully given to L.R.H.
but neither can I agree with ideas were developed and preall of LRH's. seated -- as a recent idea of
"This is s pretty long let- the red-head himself...
ter, but I thought you'd like "Hubbard got switched in
to hear this story -- which is a values somewhere in this busibig validation for quite a lot ness of presenting ideas. I
of things we're interested in." believe that he developed a