Volume 5, Issue 7, page 8

metal), and with two faces thereon. One
of these faces was of a rather genial
beneficent nature from which the jacko'-lantern and man in the moon legends
have arisen and the other was a face of
the Prince of Darkness. This device was
energized by the basic agreements of the
universe and functioned as a via to their
enforcement. It contained means for travel
from one part of the universe to another
on an instantaneous basis as well as
means f o r the creation of matter and

Physicists recently have postulated
the existence of anti-matter in certain
of the galaxies because of the receipt of
radio waves from them which are similar
to radiation from. cyclotrons and like
machines used for creating anti-matter.
They are correct in this respect, as
these galaxies were partly destroyed and
depopulated by injecting them with antimatter to prevent them from wrecking, the
physical universe game. The intensity.of
is holocaust was such that most of the
crew of the ship were destroyed along
with the galaxies in question, and due to
the overload of thetans freed from bodies,
the resettlement machinery broke down.
This required some emergency action and
an emergency detention camp for these individuals was created by taking a rather
watery third planet of a sun called Sol
and planting several substantial continents on it from a fifth planet of the
same sim which had been known as Lucifer
by its inhabitants. The planet Lucifer
was destroyed in the process and its remains are what make up the asteroid belt.

This crudely mocked-up third planet
was fitted with, the necessary equipment
to restrain and create some games for all
thetans who had experienced the destruction of these galaxies.

This planet is the Hell that can be
read about in most religious literature.
You may be going there after you die, but
it won't be for the first time (or necessarily the last). It is Hell because
Satan made it, and persons in league with
him collected your soul and delivered it
here, and you are stuck here until you
regain sufficient willingness to play the
game the way the rest of the gang in the
physical universe does.

The ancient Egyptians were the crew of
the space ship, in prior lives. Their
"Book of the Dead" is concerned almost
entirely with internal arrangements of
this ship and how to get back to the inside of it; they didn't recall that the
ship finally had broken down shortly
after the Earth was completed and fell to
its destruction in the sun.

But that was long ago, and perhaps the
makers of this game have built another,
so if you see the face in the sky again
some day, you will know great events are
coming. afi____
To deflate an ego, give it the air.
been laid
figure, bilt these calumnies only seek to
deprive Hubbard of the rights of all men --
to think their own thoughts and explore
their own avenues of reasoning, and once
the basic track of human thought processes
had been charted in Hubbard's first book,
it was inevitable that he would go along
the logical pathways that led him into
the same corridors that Jung took when
that explorer in his own turn came to the
dead-end of-Freudian psychology and realized that it had only scratched the surface of the great * le that was Man,
and challenged his . deeper thinking and
more profound studies.

Thus with Ron Hubbard, after what was
to be called "Effort Processing" opened
the "past track" on the life lines of
usands of test subjects and made the
1950 experiments of Morrie Bernstein with
"Bride; Murphy" seem to be a game of
"slap-jack" for kids, by comparison. Hubbard went where the road led.
(Continued in the December issue)
the high cost of low prices.

our idea for a cover picture to illustrate Philip Friedman's doleful forecast
of s flood was simple (we thought): A red
sun in a dark sky; in the foreground, the
last of man going beneath a huge wave that
also was battering the shattered remnants
of s tree. Not only simple -- but cheerful,
in a negative (zero) sort of way.

But Phil had ideas of his own -- and from
his sketch, John Hartman, a Cleveland, O.,
artist, turned our "simple idea" into this
symbological labyrinth on Page 1. Of it,
Phil says; "At first, Hartman didn't like
the idea of working up someone else's
ideas, but he went along because this type
of symbolic art was right up his alley. He
did a fine job, adding many little points
of his own which completed the theme of a
dying age out of which is reborn another.
"Isis and Horns, mother - son, remains
the same. It's only the Papa, Osiris. who
gets chopped up, scattered over the entire
world, and is gathered up again by Isis in
Horns, sans genitalia. The fallings dividing out into the world and the risings reintegrating back to the source go on forever. But Isis and Horns remain in the center, unperturbed. Half of the doorway in
which she is enthroned is forever cracking
up and the other half is forever coming
together. The Doric side is the masculine
that is always falling apart. The Ionic is
the rising side gathering and curling and
voluting the pieces back up."
And there it is, folk. Simple, isn't it?
Book-Auditor Looks Back
bard was first " copying " Freud's kind of
thinking, and then leapt over to the Jungian school, plagiarizing from each in turn,
usations of plagiarism have
against Hubbard almost from the
of his career as a national