Volume 5, Issue 7, page 3

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Many Factors Cited to Indicate "Great Pan" Will Soon Be Dead; Sun Will
Become a Red Nova, Rainbows Will Disappear -- and Then, the Flood
virility, in the form of the symbolic
bull, be is to be hacked to pieces, as
was the Greek Pan and the Egyptian Osiris
Apia by his enemies within himself.

Then the positive red-hot sun will be
darkened to negativity. And when the positive rays of the sun cease to shine=
the moon, the moon will be seen in its
own natural light, as red. There will be
no positive rays to pale the positive
color of the moon. When this reversal of
polarity takes place, a new son, a new
age, a new rainbow, will be ushered in.

The portents of this coming can be
witnessed in the speedy succession and
inflation of events, which In effect is a
shortening of time. Thus, when we see
glass windshields falling apart before
our eyes, nonflammable metals mysteriously bursting into flame, ^any spontaneous
unexplainable fires breaking out, and the
flesh and blood and bones of our people
disintegrating by the cancerous division
of their-Cells, know that test Per,
is about to depart.

When we see our ice masses breaking up
into a record number of icebergs; and our
earth masses shaking and quaking as never
before recorded; and our atmosphere breaking up into the weirdest abnormalities of
weather conditions and unseasonable seasons; and our skies being ripped open, exposing to view hosts of unexplainable
flying objects -- brow then that our world
is losing the catalytic *gent Oath=
been holding it tooger, t
When we see our art treasures In stone
crumbling with -stone cancer, and aunt.
greatest artists reflecting the candi
tions by delineating an hypnotic art =of
unpredictable, unrecognizable, maniacal
forms, with lost horizons, lost perspectives and lost vanishing points; and when
we see the art of dancing becoming a
bodge-podge of bewildering movements with
hands waving wildly overhead; and our
sculpture becoming mobiles; and the art
of language becoming a confusion of
tongues; and our vertical integrating
music and architecture disintegrating to
flattened horizontals -- know then that our
pediments are breaking and we are losing
our heads.

When we see men's brows divided into.
furrows; and their hearts failing in fear ;
and all the nations of the world dividing
into opposing formations; and hordes of
refugees and exiles being expelled from
their fixed homes; and disenfranchised
that so long as there is a rainbow,
the earth will not be destroyed by
water. This promise is based on a
sound scientific premise. As long as there
is a rainbow, there is a division of
light that shines thru a drop of water.
As long as there is that great divider,
sunlight, drops of water will turn into
vapor. Take away the rainbow and its sunlight and this huge mass of evaporated
water will be cooled, condensed, and precipitated back to earth. This doubling of
the waters could cause the earth to be
inundated now as in the days of Noah.,
The New Testament promises that the
end of the age will come when the sun
shall be darkened at high noon and the
moon shall be turned to blood. Know then,
when this occurs, when the sun shall
cease to shine by day, that the division
of the waters shall cease and there will
be no rainbow. The receding vapors will
then return and flood the earth.

Know then, when this shall come to
pass, that " Great Pan is dead", that great
suan pan has lost its pin, that the Sun
has lost its masculine summating AllNothing, Zero-Point of light. The presence of the sun brings :everything into
being by division, In the absence thereof, everything is taken out of being by

After thoroly scorching the earth.
Great Pan himself will be scorched. Then
there will be no rainbow to signify division into life. When Great Pan turns
continent, creation ceases and that, to
the material world, is a horrible disaster. The death of an aster is a dia-aster .
The sun's lust is lost.

Since the turn of the century the increasing intensity of the sun's rays has
wrought more material division than has
ever before been recorded. That is, more
has happened in the last 50 years than in
the last 500, and morein the last 5 years
than in the last 50.

It appears that this speeding up of
events, or shortening of time, caused by
the increasing dividing whitening intensity of our sunlight, is the harbinger
of an impending explosion of our sun. The
recent record-breaking observations of
black sun spots portends that our sun is
about to become a nova. Having exploded
everything under the sun into materiality, it is now nearly ready to itself explode. At the height of the sun's masculine
NOVEMBER, 1958 The A B E R R E E