Volume 5, Issue 7, page 5

the sympathy-exciter that the
person is trying to alibi off
as being a "self-determined"
state of being is nothing but
a plain old engram in restimulation that-is amenable to a
one-shot session on Straight
Wire, purely along the lines
of Uncle Gaston, who spit on
the floor.

This friend of ours in Chicago had a classic example of
a one-shot mechanical assist,
in the realm of Scientology
and exteriorization -- of all
things that I personally have
no reality on (nor did he have
any reality on it at the time,
but he audited rather than

The pre-clear said: "I'm
getting the weird sensation
that I'm not really here at
all, but down at the foot of
the bed looking at myself."
The auditor recalled Hubbard's offhand
remark thad if a person is exteriorized,
just tell them to look the body over and
do whatever is necessary to rectify the
adverse conditions. So he did this.

The pre-clear objected, saying: "I
don't know 'Matto do, really I don't,"
but shortly thereafter began to alternately laugh and weep, protesting that " I
don't really know what'to do.m..", and all
the discharge of this pent-up emotion was
just exactly what was needed to knock out
the debilitating physical condition
which, after an existence of several
years, vanished soon afterwards.

Our conclusion was that auditors do
not have to be smart, have s College degree, or any such thing. but tleky deeperately need to be steadfast, courageous,
and taciturn. with no inner need to lord
it over someone and tell the poor "critter" what to do, or how to be, because of
some computing psychosis of their own.

Our secondary conclusion was that ill
techniques work when applied in this manner, and when properly adapted to the
pre-clear's need. Which puts us right
back where we started -- you audit the preclear, rather than demonstrate how clever
and cunning you are, or what a fantastic
good trick some latest miracle technique
can be. And above all, no advice!
If Straight Wire is needed, you use
Straight Wire. If 8-C is called for, you
use it, etc. The debacle that befell " organized " (can such an adjective be used
NOVEMBER, 1958 The A B E R R E E 5
URING a recent visit to
Chicago, the writer spent
several hours on a sunny
afternoon talking with
one of the graduates of the
Wichita Foundation school that
was operated during 1951 by
Don G. Purcell in close harmony with L. Ron Hubbard (and
without harmony in 1952 after
Hubbard broke away to found
the short-lived "Hubbard College"; and then went to Phoenix, Ariz., to initiate the
changes in his program that
became known, and today exist,
as Scientology.)
Wandering around the Museum
of Arts and Sciences, driving
thru the streets of Chicago.
and along Lake Shore Drive, we
exchanged many notes, opinions.
ideas, and speculations. Our
conclusions about L. Ron Hubbard and his first book ("Dianetics, the
Modern Science. of Mental Heath") was
that limited goals of body repair work
are easily achieved by the techniques of
plain old "Dianetic auditing", as they
used to call it -- that is to say, colloquially, Straight Wire, Bngram Running,
whatever -- so long as the auditor works
o n l y for the "pre-clear" and not to
demonstrate what a fancy half-wit he is.
or to prove some latest screwball technique.

About the only auditing command _you
need for a person who is really ready for
an " assist " -- such as a pent-up writer of
Air Force training films about to explode
and given a six months' life prognosis by
doctors unless he is willing to be made a
helpless cripple by a maiming operation --
is to simply sit down and say, "What's
cooking, Friend?" And then keep your
mouth shut.

Once they get rid of the present-time
problem, or somatic, don't regret their
going, nor seek to restrain them.

I recently read a rephrasing of the
creed of "The Infinites" about people being what was called" self-determined " in
the weird offshoots of Dianetics -- to the
effect that a really sane society would
grant everyone the right to go to hell or
destroy themselves in any way they desired.

But I really don't care for those
propositions because of adaptative connotations that accrue to them. Too often
BD. NOTI -- Dianetics is still a baby,
years wise, yet in
less than a decade, it
has stirred up a lot
of contention, picked
up many followers, and
at the smite time, made
many foes, some of
whom were "stars" in
the early days of the
movement. Why? This
series of articles is
one auditor's opinion
of what happened to
Dianetics, mostly before it became Scientology, but if anyone
wishes to add their
own views on the subject, they are invited
to do so. All we ask
is: Try to keep it as
historical and "factual" as hasan aberration will permit.