Volume 5, Issue 7, page 16

of publicity latter, specific
products, candidates, fund
drives, eta that motivational research bas been used on.
The Communists are primitive.
They only wash brains. The Americans dry-clean, press and
reshape brains, and do alterations and restyling free.
more the murkier. In the U.S.,
we've a constitutional right
to believe anything we can be
talked into, so why not Saucers?
"HOOF AUDITOR -- Excellent.
He's keeping it up, and his
account agrees with our experiences here who'd been 'with
it' since July, 1950, or before. As a religious leader.
Hubbard is undeniably stupid.
but as s psychologist, I give
his much credit.
gave me some fun with the
slide rule, but there isn't
enough information, or else
too mIch, and in any case. contradictory. .. The best I can
conclude is that Zoe's 'Things'
misunderstood Burks's question
completely. toe's figures posit either a cold sun or a
fireproof loon, since during
solar eclipses, the moon would
be entirely inside the sun,
etc. So Zoe is wrong.
"Despite the teresting
material uupdredgedinby people
like Zoe Nickerson and Jacob
Apsel, I still get more good
out of incarnate entities like
myself. Two here have ganged
up on no and amy I've got to
solve the problem of ethics,
and I've got to do it inmediat