Volume 5, Issue 7, page 4

people becoming strangers in the land of
their birth; and mass decentralization
becoming the order of the day; and family
life falling apart; and there is no integrity anywhere, but panic and turmoil and
revolution everywhere -- know then that we
are losing our integration because o u r
environmental conditions are so positively divisional.

When we see the birth of many monster
babies being prematurely divided from
their mothers; and mental aberration and
crime becoming increasingly schizophrenic; and that there is nothing fixed but
everything fluxed; and that the splitting
of the atom started a coursing cursing
chain of more splittings; and where there
should be silence, our ears are split
with sounds; and when we see a single
sect like Christianity divided into a
thousand-and-one schisms -- know then that
religion is becoming Godless and losing
its power to religature and hold men tQgether.

When we see that no one is satisfied
to "Let there be", but their inflated
egos Morat divide, analyze, and flatten
everything out; and that we have lost
ouurrsseplves in an infinitude of ways and
aeati ; and that our knowledge is becoming
more and more complex and compounded; and
that the divisionists are vivisecting our
minds, our bodies, our animals, and our
Gods; and that there is productlQn.unlimited and no integrator to co-ordinate it,
but flung far and wide; and that monster
machines are doing the work of years in
minutes; and that any mad divider can drop
a missile and disperse it all -- know then
that the Presence is no longer present.

When we see children beget children
and the population madly dividing and
doubling itself; and unnatural acid cultivation speeding up the empty growth of
our food; and our virgin timberland being
denuded, leaving a forest to fester and a
land to corrode; and when we see giants
stalk the earth in the form of an inflated economy, inflated industry, inflated
labor unions, and inflated institutions
of all kinds; and our smallest descriptive
adjectives are "colossal "and "super -colossal"; and when we see that everything
is ballooning and dividing -- know then
that our central sun is breaking up, and
the positive likenesses of everything
therein is causing violent interior disturbances.

When we see Mother Shipton's 16th Century prophecies being fulfilled, that
"The world upside down shall be", and
that "The women shall adopt a craze, And
cut off all their locks of hair, To dress
like men and trousers wear"