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Reactant Voice of "7M
Infinite." for Earth, Mars.
Saturn. Pluto. Venus. and

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P OLIC!; Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infiniteness of Man is
sot reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, taxes. or "experts"
who offer to sell him ghat be already han.
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N~ iracles"
r Ill bare been napNOT WIC= Deming for ages
-- and they still
do. Persons given up for "dead"
bf"experts" in such utters --
primarily doctors -- can cause a
lot of consternation and alarm
among- these buzzards hanging
over their Insurance policies
when, instead of going to the
local mortuary, they take another lease on life after par
taking of something unorthodox
(from the medical standpoint,
at least). This may be a highly-touted pool of muddy water,
a litany-mouthing "oracle"
dealing in "cures" while he
himself may be at death's door
from half the diseases in the
book, or some "master" salesman with a bag of tricks and
techniques. which he dispenses
to his goggle-eyed audience at
so much per trick.

But what cures who of what?
Certainly. if the muddy pool
were a healing factor, one
would need only to dunk the
entire population into its
germ-filled depths, and t h e
hospitals of the world could
be turned into museums. If
the red-faced, fist-shaking
preacher, selling hell - fire
and damnation to a hallelujahing soiree of victims, had the
power of healing claimed for
him by himself and his paid
agents, doctors would be forced
to add evangelism to their internship to keep from losing
their sources of revenue.

But we all know that the
reason these " cures" are termed
"miracles" is because they
occur so infrequently. For
each and every person who can
walk away from the pool or the
preacher without the limp or
ailment he came with, there
are thousands who go back to
their doctors and undertakers.
A "cure" is a sensation because of its rarity.

Is there an answer? If there
is, we don't have it. We're
convinced it's not 'faith;
because we know ifersons with
so much"faith" they smell of
it and are dying of it. Also,
we know "dispensers" of "faith"
who will tell you how to get
well, or to atop it raining ,
or to have money in your purse
or bank you didn't place there.
Yet, in the same advertising
which tries to sell you this
particular brand of faith comes
an appeal for funds with which
to build more buildings to
house more personnel to sell
more faith. ^hy not solve their
financial problems with their
own faith, if this faith is so
And what of the "tricks"
and the "techniques" ? We're
all acquainted with the wonderful "cures" promised by one
of the modern - day " mental
health miracles" -- and the continual changes and adaptations
of new techniques to keep that
"miracle" miracling. Early-day
users of the current techniques
suddenly found themselves invalidated and their work impotent -- until they were willing
to spend a few hundreds more
to learn the newest of the new.
With new tricks and new data,
they were turned loose again
to perform afew more miracles,
until the time came when they
must repeat the ritual : buy
new tricks and new data to keep
themselves puissant. Apparently, this is a process that can
go on forever -- with the only
person really "getting sell"
being. the "salesman" who can
find takers for his wares.

Does all this sound a bit
negative? It's not supposed to
be -- but is intended only to
point up the fact that no one,
yet, has discovered why persons get "sick" or "well".
Doctors know that most of their
treatments are made on a "itworked-on-others - so-maybe-itwill-work-on-you " basis. Dealers in "miracles" will go to
their graves -- forgotten after
a brief bit in the drams of
Life. New therapeutic systems
will find proponents to eclipse
other " great discoveries" after
followers of these "great discoveries" have sought greener
pastures, or are reduced to a
few "last leaves" on a dying

And so it goes -- on and os..
As it has gone, on and on, for
no one knows how many years.
or centuries. U n doubtedly ,
when Cain went into the Land
of Nod, he discovered acme cult
leader who, for a price, would
show him how to gain eternal
life, as well as remove t he
terrible identifying mark from
his forehead. But such records aren't kept -- therapeutic
failures, that is. Only the
one - in-a-million "m i r acre'
which can be cited to prove
that if you do so-and-so, suchand-such SHOULD happen. And if
it doesn't, it's YOUR fault .

And that's the ONLY true
statement any of these miracle
dealers make. It IB your fault .

Maybe. some day, a REAL altruist will convince the world
that not only is "the kingdom
of heaven" within you, but so
is the cure for anything that
ails you. And giving credit to
some slick "salesman" , or to
his wares, is an invalidation
of the "POWER" within each and
every one of us to take care
of the matter at hand. We'll
have to do it, eventually. if
it's going to be done -- but
procrastinators that we are,
too many are deeply steeped in
the death-dealing policy of
"let George do it" -- or , at
least, give George credit for
our "wins" , just as we are
prone to find Georges on whom
to place the blame for our

The only war we'd like to
see would be a contest between
Gen. Eisenhower and/ or Dulles
versus Gromyko and/ or kh -
chev -- in hula hoops.